Flashlight Taser Review

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chad atnip says:

I have one mine is 4.9 million volts

HZSK says:

my dont light, why ?can you ?

Laura Mize says:

do you have to make skin contact for the taser to work or will it shock thru clothes??

John Canlas says:

what if? I have also this flashlight. but when I charge it, it has a ground. how its gonna be safe to charge it?

rooseveltnut says:

Don’t let them over charge.  3 hours should do it.

Jose Castillo says:

I shock my grandma ass when I was super drunk

ty b says:

how long does it take to fully charge? i had mine plugged in for a few hours and the light is still red

rich ricosam says:

no laser? ??

Alvin Hasal says:

You have been ripped-off, I bought that recently in Lazada for $4 (Philippines)

Johnathon Vincent says:

output voltage of or above1000 kv

Lonnie Longino says:

these 1101 have one of the best beams on the flashlight made. the tazer is fairly strong also.

Joel Bishop says:

4.9 million volts

Abdul Rahman Shah says:

where can I buy just the charger.help?

Hasibul Alam says:

For how long should i charge this ?

Bryan Godfrey Melo says:

In what input must it be charged? 110V or 220V?

Mayra Cardona says:

I was walking my dogs this afternoon and a woman pointed at me one and my dogs..I got really scared because it was loud and intense light and sounded just like that.  I cant believe she got away with it if that is really a taser> I wonder is that is the same it looked like that from far. I wonder if doing that is the same as pointing a gun on ,e for no reason

Kobe walker says:

can you sale that


my friend have this one and in Kosovo the price is 7€

Loltroll Gaming says:

How long does a full charge take

Daniela Micaela Perez says:

Is it legal to carry one of these around?

Damon Humphreys says:

I’m in Australia and I saw one today.

Fuck me it was loud and VERY intimidating! I certainly wasn’t going to test it out!

Muttley Gonemad says:

Plane package and no hint of taser function is so it can be delivered to countries that ban ownership. ie Im in Australia, tasers are completely illegal. The offence is judged as if you had an illegal firearm. I’m not going to test mine on myself. I’ve watched the youtube vids of other idiots testing it LOL


I ready mine but saying for police on it eBay even loom I said I don’t that volts 9 mill volt and has u blind guy so able stun them. every teaser need find how long teaser get guy down. I work us Marshall I didn’t know about this till show me we text tease guy got him down 3 mins we blind light and reset I use today his great I pay 13 no not store has there but police store but need show bag buy says 9 mill don’t that voits want but also got kid in car or car in water break car glass u have that but mine police but numer wondering and come teach our use. Police we need be tease understand can’t reset guy 6 min kill person heat problem people will kill them you find out do to buddy see. how long he goes down

itz me Jacob says:

i have that one but the flashlight cords came away so the flash dont work but the taser works

Ronel Cabrera says:

is it safe if the flashlight gets wet? what about if it was totally submerged at one point, is it still safe to use it?

aaron kearns says:

I’ve been hit by one of these bastards, they’re not a toy. it dropped me on my ass in a second.

Brittany Cannon says:

I have two of these. it says police on the side with 1000 volts

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