G700 Flashlight Review

Review of the Military G700 flashlight


robert blackwellsr says:

I ordered the “Atomic Beam” after talking or should i say trying to understand costumer service rep.( clearly not from the US), anyway after over a month, i canceled.

jim Stafford says:

paid 5 bucks amazon.

Ricardo Quinn says:

Delivery wouldn’t take that long if one were to order via ebay from a U.S. distributor….

Uncle Tom says:

hi,guys, you can get a better led flashlight from the next link, it provide high quality and best customer service for you, also the price is reasonable and affordable, and most important thing is that it supplies all things you need, please have a check, thank you!

kristof van royen says:

review sucks

beggindogs says:

These lights are knockoffs of knockoff pieces of crap

Les Garten says:

I got this same Flashlight for $4.95. That included shipping! It was barely worth that. I gave it away within 24 hours of receiving it. WHAT A POS!

Ohhh, and the light ain’t white, it’s freakin’ Blue. This is a useless light to anyone who has ever had any decent light made in the last 10 years.

Hector Bonfires says:

how many watts is the led? AAA cells are too feeble for a high power bulb, why don’t they use AA’s?

SolidGaming says:

lmao there actually is a  18650 battery

jkjed1 says:

A usable flashlight for those who are tired of plain-old Maglights. But, for the most part, these ‘G-700’ flashlights are over-rated junk. Nice review though, Thanks for YT to allow review-vids.

Brian Tunzi says:

says on my laser more than 3 min’s at a time .

Jeff Black says:

I just bought 5 G700’s because of the crap video. 2 of 3 broke? And thats still a good deal to you? Thats like saying 2 out of 3 wives screwed you over but the other is so great it was worth it all. Are you a liberal? Brain damaged or what? I’ll let you know if the real G700 is worth it. 2 will be sent to family in the Philippines, I bet they will work in the mountains catching wild bore to eat.

hello yous says:

lol whats tactical about a torch

Glenn Snedeker says:

do not by G700 reactor used it my be 12 times worked great had new batteries put them in flashlight . did not work at all just want to tell you people not to by the flashlight very unreliable.

Ayman Shenouda says:

Surefire is the best brand name out there, and it is made in USA. Anyone wants to buy a nice flashlight, should go with Surefire (Made in USA) and good brand name.

Jim Conlon says:

I hate to have him as a sales man ! Babbling on about this lamp without as much as a display of what this lamp reallys like !!… some demonstration alright ….OMG. . Get off the stage .?lol.

Pallai Peter says:

Sorry, thats too slow and boring…

Bob Miller says:

Great review. Thank you.

Mark Cook says:

So you never bought the G700. You bought the cheap ones. Test what you say, buy the G700 and see if they have the same results. That is like buying from a name brand store and going to the dollar store and thinking you get the same product. I know it is not the same product. Please retest and spend the money, I am going to buy the G700 and see for myself.

Fizzy express says:

I bought one for 56$ and after a week the led stopped working and I changed the battery’s but I don’t know what is wrong with it

jordanjcm jordan says:

Hey, did he just call me Youtube!? Anyway the whole world buys these flashlights for around 10 bucks. When they target Americans, They use words like, “tactical” lol and “military grade” lol, as though the military ONLY uses material and products that are just so far above anything you or I could buy. I mean I could say my keyboard im using is military grade. Plus a flashlight just sits there and will never move, just like a rock, so its not in any way “tactical”. Americans and there fly by night marketing and actually on at night infomercials are bizarre. If he is not American then I am simply a moron but I’m stickin to my assumption

Betty Boggs says:

Nice review. Appreciate this post.  Sarge Mac

David Minford says:

Cheap crap.

Stephanie Mailhot says:

I have the flashlight g700 lumitact and it works awesome always turns on and has 3 settings and I had mine in 3 days so where ever u order ur from is junk and mine I lifetime guaranteed

Steven Horton says:

get the same on for 8 bucks on wish.com

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