Harbor Freight’s Best Flashlight Ever!, Quantum QFL-534 Review

This is a review of Harbor Freights new 3D cell Flash light. This is a large lens fixed Focus flashlight and really is the best Harbor Freight has ever had. 63933


myshots101 says:

I still have an old Maglite sitting here which I stopped using because it uses d cells. I do like one feature on this flashlight. The end cap that looks like a nut. That is a great idea to keep the flashlight from rolling on you. I wish my slyde king had that. I know I could upgrade it to led but it’s just too big.

Mike Finto says:

I’ve had and seen other flashlights with higher lumens but this one has lower lumens and is way way brighter. I shine across a field that’s about 300 yards or more

Bear2die4 says:

I never clicked on a video so fast hahaha.. Thanks for reviewing it.. I gotta admit, I broke down and got the flashlight when the wife wasnt around.. It is really the best flashlight for the price that Ive ever had. My only complaint is that I cant get the head off, and dont want to break it :/

I work at a geothermal plant and hydroblast inside vessels, so any flashlight I use has to be super durable. This is just that. The problem is that water pretty much pours on me for hours at a time, this flashlight gets humidity inside where the lens is, and I cant figure out how to dry it up. Its been days now and its still wet. On my 2D Maglites, it was pretty easy to just remove the lens and wipe it… On this, not so easy.

Thats pretty much the ONLY down side… This flashlight really does last the 24h it advertises.. Im working 12h a day every day… It went 3 days on the 3 Ds. The Maglite ive always used dims down after about 10h. So im saving 3x the batteries… I get them free from work, but still… I need a flashlight that wont let me down when inside a vessel, and this is it.

As for the knurling vs rubber… I prefer the Quantum. The rubber on the Lux Pro (ive also had and used at work) starts getting swollen because of the chemicals in the geothermal scale… That makes it irritating to have a rubber piece that slides back and forth all night. Also if it was deeply knurled, it would be kinda annoying to have to hold it for hours at a time. I think this Quantum is at a good middle ground.

As for the beam, its amazing. Super bright. Theres nothing else like it for the price.

The BEST PART is the warranty. It has a 90 day warranty… But you can buy a 2y warranty for $10 more. They told me its their standard ANYTHING goes warranty… I told them what I needed it for, and that many flashlights have failed me in the past… They said no prob.. If ANYTHING happens, i just have to walk in and then walk out with a new one.

In 5y at my job, Ive been through 6 Maglites and 2 Lux Pro… Im glad to know this is the last flashlight ill buy for a good 2y at least.

Now if I could find something this good for my hard hat, id be all set.

James Hall says:

it looks like a great skull cracker. it needs a neodymium magnet in the end cap

DJ Ghost says:

To help protect side-switches on flashlights, you can just get a piece of heatshrink and use it as a full wrap around it. That way the heatshrink is the first thing to take any physical hits/scrapes instead of the actual button. Plasti-dip or Flex-seal could be used also, just messier if not done carefully.

Dwight robinett says:

I like the new LED lights, they really throw a lot more light than the old incandisant light bulbs did. Looks like I left the first comment for a change, the icon breaker bar you mentioned looked like the 3/8″ version of their 1/2″ Pittsburgh pro breaker bar wonder why sudden price increase on what appears to be the same tool with a new name and higher price point.

Pete Ciallella says:

I was looking at this flashlight the last time I was at HF. I was wondering how well it worked, I think I’m going to pick one up, thanks for reviewing it.

45asunder1 says:

Orange peel texture.

opensage01 says:

This is the first time I am seeing this flashlight. I love the Quantum brand of flashlights. Thanks for posting and cheers.

Juan Lopez says:

I’ll have to pick one up for that price, and performance!!! Thanks for the review

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