HIGHEST RATED Tactical Flashlight on Amazon – J5 V1 Pro Review


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Daniel Glover says:

Do a short click or half click on the button to switch modes.

Kenneth Meyers says:

Nice light

Rob Jackson says:

Worst flashlight on Amazon. Simply can’t figure out how it still gets these reviews…? Absolutely abhorrently poor ‘lumen’ output. Not designed for ‘shotgun’ carry attachment either as some recommended for. This flashlight was a $12.95 scam. Think there are 10 more flashlights on a gas station counter for cheaper and brighter capabilities.

Jakson1936 says:

I have this light but found it didn’t want to stay on the “high” setting. It has been relegated to my bug out bag.

Steve Gwilt says:

I have a bunch of these very same lights. I don’t carry one in my pocket but I have one in each BOB and EDC pack. Functional reliability gets a little sketchy sometimes but like you said, can’t beat the price. I’m sure mine was one of those Amazon reviews, ha. I know Olight gets a lot of reviewing but I just can’t get past the super high price. Thanks for the review, Chad.

Logan Branchfield says:

I rode my bike with the J5 V1 clipped inside one of my pockets. They are not big pants either, regular fit for me. It was actually fairly unnoticeable. So it works for every day carry. Also I bought 2 14500 batteries from Olight to use since that is how to get the rated lumens. Otherwise you are getting much less. Its a great light. Has 10 seconds back to high so you dont have to keep cycling. And also just a small depress without turning it on/off changes modes. I would recommend this light to anyone. Even with just AA brightness for 12 bucks.

peter muchko says:

me as a security guard I would have to go for the bigger one

1083Media says:

I edc this same light, I have 3 of them! Definitely saved my ass a few times! Nice video as usual sir.

weedXD38 says:

cool thanks!!!

Vincent Anthony Matriano says:

what are you?

peter muchko says:


Nick Miller says:

I’ve been carrying a Surefire 6px pro for more than 2 years as my everyday light and I love it….and I just detail cars I don’t do anything crazy….some of u might think I’m crazy for carrying that big of a light around, I would love to try something else but I don’t know wat

esiagent1 says:

Nice affordable light for one working as a Guard or Watchman. A torch is such an important tool one should always have a primary and a secondary torch. With the defensive besal this could come handy for defensive purposes.

dvsdnaa says:

J5 V1 seems like a great light.
Everyday Carry doesn’t just mean pockets.
I carry a similar sized light in my tactical sling bag.
I’ll be switching to the J5 since it takes easier to replace “AA” batteries.

SouthJerseySol says:

Hey Chad, I bought one of these for my nightly dog walks, and it lasted less than a year. Tried to replace the batteries, but that wasn’t the problem. Checked the bulb and contact switch, and those weren’t a problem either. It just seemed to give up the ghost, although for 13 bucks, I guess that if you have to buy one every year, it’s not so bad.


Excellent review, glad you figured out how to focus it! Thanks for sharing a very insightful video. If you would like to purchase more I am happy to give you a good discount so you can give more away!!

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