HydraLight Review: Water-Powered Flashlight?

HydraLight is an As Seen on TV flashlight advertised to “run on water.” Today I put this to the test and compare it to several other flashlights.

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650-lumen flashlight: http://amzn.to/2C5J3N8
Hydralight: http://amzn.to/2DRQNmC
Bell+Howell Light Bar: http://amzn.to/2DQmcG0
Atomic Beam Headlight: http://amzn.to/2DeAP50

Here are my reviews for some of the other products featured in this video:

Bell+Howell Light Bar: https://youtu.be/GnKT1HImfmY
Atomic Beam Lantern: https://youtu.be/SDOnWj0ma34
Atomic Beam Headlight: https://youtu.be/GfltT4450tI

Written review: http://bit.ly/2C7fuuP

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nonquintessentialone says:

What will happen once you take those hydracell batteries though, and LINK them for an ELECTRIC SURFBOARD HYDRA CELL SHREDDING MOTHA-MOTHA

Shockwave Shockwave says:

0:51 that’s the least vigorous shaking i have ever seen

stab_doggie 1 says:

I have a 720 lumens flashlight that cost $30 with 9 AA

crimp creep says:

Hope you have water to use Hydralight in emergency. Although in Arizona Desert, water would be better used for Human injestion, in emergency. A light that can be hooked to car battery would be better deal, cheap one from Harbor Freight.

金3 A.M. says:

put salt water in it to give more conductivity

Adventures with Frodo says:

3 charges pos.

Paulpro PP says:

In an emergency situation I’d rather drink the water than use it for a flashlight

madmax2069 says:

Those hand pump flash lights have a rechargeable button cell in them, I have one that has a on and off switch, you turn it off, pump it for a few minutes which charges the button cell then turn it on. I bought mine from the dollar tree.

MinerSheep says:

Great review, I’m definitely going to get this flashlight as I don’t mind range too much, that battery power doe, and considering how easy it is to charge, I think it’s a great deal at $30

crimp creep says:

I would trust light from one of those crank style batt./ radio deals used to hype on old Art Bell shows in emergency, you can at least hear some chem trail stories…

draggy76 says:

Answer. No I’d just use my cellphone or the $25 one. EzPz.

chatomairi says:

Hydro light is an amazing emergency light source. It’s not going to beat other flashlights but when you don’t have batteries, this will be your go to.

Explicit Tech says:

Does pee work?

Chuck Berrington says:

Your using the hand crank flashlight wrong dude…

spafro101 says:

Gimmicky trash

Cliff Adams says:

It would be a good emergency flashlight. I can think of a few times where I needed a flash light but didn’t have any batteries.

Potato Tot says:

Still like the hydrolight

loony loony says:

thats all still pretty dam impressive, you didnt mention what the light source was? Leds were a novelty 10 years ago and 100 dollars for a torch is dam exxy. I had a wind up radio that needed to be recharged every 2 mins, not even one song lol.

solarsynapse says:

The brighter it is assuming the same light source technology (bulb/lamp) the more power it will use. The 650 lumen light will certainly not run 100 hours. That would use several batteries that you may not have or can not obtain. It is always a trade-off that should be considered. It is nice to have low, med, hi settings so you can choose for the situation.

Casey m says:

This guy roasting the hydra light so bad It fucking runs on water lol what do you expect

Danielmeir says:

If you want a cheap strong well build tactical flashlight search amazon gyman tactical flashlight i bought them recently its crazy goos for the price. But this review the flashlight isnt great but it also runs of water which means can last forver id assume or during a power outage or wilderness

Lee Mauser says:

the problem with the hydralight is that once you activate the cell then it has a limited shelf life. also you only get so many refills out of it b4 the chemicals used in the cell are kaput, and then you got a nice paperweight. the light i built uses a small circuit that i built and designed to use regular tap water for hours of light. the water battery on it uses a graphite cathode and magnesium anode.

Richard Best says:

Its based on the stubble field coil just a simpler version. was wondering about the lasting effect of the coil would like to know how long it would last if left submerged.

Brainsmachine.bc says:

my flashlight runs 5 days in candle mode

Review Guy says:

i think whats important about the hydro light is not really the brightness. but rather the ability to have light as long as there is some form of water incase of a survival situation.

However for my daily flash lights i use.. i only purchase and own rechargeable flashlights. i hate having to purchase battery’s every time they get dim or completely die.

I purchased a 22 dollar flashlight that uses three 3.7v rechargeable batteries and i never have to buy new batteries. just plug it in wait till its done and it will last a good while.

Spider Mcgavenport says:

See when I first thought of a hydrolight would be by using a dynamo using a physical pump, to use water pressure. In a back and forth motion too generate voltage. But meh this way.

GiggleSigh TwinkieBJ says:

You didn’t shake it vigorously

Martin Lefebvre says:

Maybe you should test with demineralized water, i think it will increase you hydro cell performance, let me know if you try , happy testing 🙂

cyberi4a says:

I’ll stick with my ‘shake’ flashlights, light when ever you need it. It’s not the brightest light, but just shake it and it works. Great for emergencies since no batteries to go dead.

Dustan Denton says:

End of world emergency light. Out of batteries for all other light sources.

Dave's Skillet says:

Thanks for the demo now I know not to bother with the hydro light.

Richard Downer says:

Yes, But the HydraLight requires NO BATTERY’S!!!! So in the end the HydraLight will win all the time! = just add water… Sorry I will take the HydraLight over any (Need to replace all the time) Battery Flash Lights. this is a great bug out Item “HydraLight” And no Have no Affiliation with “HydraLight” Hell I don’t Even Own one. But after this video, I gotta get one. Thank you for the 0great Camping/bug out Light….

John sarab says:

You could call an automotive battery water and acid activated.

TheBigb1973 says:

whats the block wall for?

Jeramithehuman says:

My girlfriends mom bought us the atomic lantern for Xmas and I thought I’ll never use that. Low and behold we got hit directly with a hurricane here in Florida. And that thing saved us compared to a bunch of other flash lights we had. Would recommend unless you’re working on a project you need a beam of light on then stay away.

Noober Filmz says:

5:36 Neighbors: what is that sound?!? Quick to the basement!!

Brad Stidem says:

I mean it’s powered by water. What do you expect

Josh Jewer says:

Is the flashlight waterproof?

Jaymz knight says:

Are you sure you were using the supposed hand-crank when properly because I own one of the hand crank ones and I believe the hand crank just charges the battery and there should be a switch that turns a light on and off itself trust me I had the exact same one compared to how it looks there should be an on and off switch for the light and the crank itself is just to charge the battery like to shake flashlights

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