Imalent DT70 Review Flashlight Review and Comparison to Acebeam X45 and Olight X7

What is the brightest flashlight of 2017 so far? Right now the Imalent DT70 and the Acebeam X45 are the 2 top torches. The Olight X7 isn’t too far behind, and in this review I compare all those lights to a few other big lumen flashlights like the Noctigon Meteor, the Thrunite TN36 2017 edition, and more. You’ll see several runtime tests on the Imalent, and output tests. Along with my detailed comparisons, beamshot section, and User Interface Operation demonstration you should have a good idea of it’s capabilities.

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Paul George says:

I was looking for the fireworks going off in the video. I like Imalents way thinking especially the DDT40, but they always seem to miss with important things too.

ThisSpotRules! says:

If I have deep pockets ($$$) does that make the DT70 edc?

40belowful says:

you can do 1-3 battery’s up 1000 lumens ..that’s it only and run times will vary

Old Ben says:

Thanks for the great review again. That’s a big yard you have there!

Steve Kluver says:

Another Great Review!
Battery Voltage Sag Meter/Flashlight. A Bonus for our money. Thanks Bro!
A very tempting flashlight. Tempting me for a few months now.

Again. A perfect shot at 04:56 !

The current Flood Flashlight Leader board looks like this at the moment:

1 – Acebeam X45 – 16,500* Lumens
2 – Imalent DT70 – 16,000* Lumens
3 – Thrunite TN36 – 2017 10,000* Lumens
4 – Olight X7 – 9,000* Lumens

When you say that the USB charged it up to 4.15V, and we know the screen voltage reading is a little off. Is that what the screen told you? Or, you metered the batteries, to find that 4.15V?

Jason Huddy says:

Did I catch a “DTF70” in there? I’m dying over here. hahaha

40belowful says:

I only paid 130 for mine and well worth it with the battery’s. mine has ‘test’ on the label and I charged my battery’s on thunite charger. took 3 hours

CTROCK says:

Cool video! How do u charge the battery? The flashlight come with a USB cable one end will plug into the flashlight what about the other end of the USB cable where do that end plug into to charge?

alittleolder says:

Fantastic review. Although I’ll save my money. I am never going to need even close to that amount of light.

g3tech says:

Great video.

Republic Thunderstreak says:

4 dislikes. People crying that their DT70 is actually 13K lumens and not 16K.

james palmer says:

Yea, im familiar with government helicoptor black

Republic Thunderstreak says:

The Imalent DT70 seems to be pretty average. The X7 is much better for flood, cheaper and smaller. If I wanted pure lumens I would probably go for the X45. I really don’t like lights that are Jack of all trades.

Ben Galvin says:

Evil trash reaping Isis trained raccoons will quake at its tacticoolity. We sleep a little safer tonight Bro.

N English says:

the magic 8-ball reference was excellent

tnprime says:

interesting blur effect from this light when used outside.

Gary Dioquino says:

Im very happy with my new ace beam x45. just curious which batteries should i buy for my backup,can anybody recommend me one?

Kari Kuosa says:

to make this kind of flashlight test more catching you should go to nearest airpor and drop few planes down…

exoendo says:

shouldn’t you call yourself advanced flashlight bro instead?

Fitz Mouse says:

Why am I getting a Lynchian vibe from this video?

jt bass gambler says:

Doesn’t look bright

Philip Christian says:

Hey Flashlight bro, big fan of your videos. When do you thank you will receive your imalent dx80 sample? I am pre ordering it. I bought the Acebeam x45 neutral white because of you and love it. If the dx80 proves a worthy opponent in the overall package I may sell the x45 though.

Daffa Wiratama says:

10:06 Advanced Parkour Bro !

Thetinebroken says:

I really like your back yard Bro where on this globe do u b?

Robsva96 says:

So would anyone recommend this flashlight for $150? I’ve also looked at AceBeam X45, but DT70 is alot cheeper as of now.
Thanks for a great review!

Sample Textᴴᴰ says:

That’s one big photon emitting tube of aluminium if I’ve ever seen one!

liljack8421 says:

I’m not evening going to talk about my drunk level right now. I thought the best parts of your video was when you are holding your kid and probably telling her about how bright these awesome lights you review are. She has to be on an all time high with her dad being so awesome. Loved this vid as always!

Hendrik says:

I’M also in position of both flood lights.My measurements with exactly the same lux meter:X45 (CW): 71800 cd (536m) 15500 lumensDT70 (CW): 105000 cd (648m)and 14500 lumensThe DT70 is much further thrower and X45 the better flood light. The color temperature of the DT70 is also better for me. My X45 has got this greenish tint.My choice will be my Imalent DT70.

Rugby League GBU says:

If you took the reflector off the DT70 it’d be as big as a Noctigon Meteor, 13,500 lumens from shaved domes in that size is immense.

shojus says:

“Did I say BIG load”….. lmao Always love your reviews man!

romantashev says:

Acebeam X45 is twice the price of IMALENT DT70 :)..just saing

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