Imalent DX80 Worlds Brightest Flashlight

Imalent DX80
32,000 lumens
806 meters throw beam shot
The beam has to be witnessed in person
Would light a football field up


Edward Hsia says:

LED’s are really for flood and Cree XHP70.2 is the fulfillment of this ideal. Imalent has created the handheld torch from the ground up that harnesses this perfection with the DX80.

Otis Cobblepot says:


Vito Diamico says:

Do you know what kind of warranty this comes with from factory?

The Shy Bird says:

Man this flashlight ia brighter then my future xD ;_;

Daniel Daniels says:

haha nice Intro i like it 😉 well done

Steven Robertson says:

One word: INSANE !

Smith Piano Servicing says:

The music made this video so much better. Haha!

FeelingTheVibe 93 says:

Order mine two days ago I can’t wait!! Thanks for the review

autigers2010nc says:

That light was so bright it made a star fall at 6:54? That was cool!!!

Ants Garcia says:

The end of horror movies

Ants Garcia says:

Why don’t people in horror movies use this

Paul George says:

It’s like a stadium light! That thing is very impressive. Also great video man.

hardus van der hoven says:

Great great vid. Thanks for that distance throw testing. This is a real flood monster torch. I ordered two of them. Will most properly have my first DX80 this coming week and the other Dx80 the week after. Once again thanks for this brilliant vid.

phoenixcatapult Jr says:

unreal,that’s unreal

Purpl_Wolfz says:

ive heard that the imalent dx80 has been known to overheat and sometimes explode. i just wanted to confirm if that was ture, because i know that it is a good torch, but just wanting to know if these are true.

DOOZ says:

Another great video! Your hard work is very much appreciated. And in case it hasn’t been mentioned…you have set the benchmark for flashlight videos. Great stuff!

Terin Bergeron says:

Why need daylight when you have this

Mike Torre says:

Awesome video, i might order one tonight (new years eve) does it have a mount for a tri pod? how wide of an angle do you think it projects?

Wayne Bolton says:

Just found your video on this light. Well done!

qaching says:


markman090 says:

if you were to stare into the 32000 lumins for 1 second at arm length, would there be perminate eye damage?

Ismail Khan says:

Just got the imalent DX80 but to me the acebeamx80 is brighter

Vlogs From The 6 says:

Thanks for this review! Best work on flashlight reviews 1000% !!! Great hard work put in with VERY EXCELLENT quality subscribed! I’ll watch the adds for ya

American Patriot Adventures says:

Can you set this light up for one button push for 32000 lumens?

Elijah Price says:

what about the Giga thrower

codetwohigh says:

Jesse Ventura??

Glaucio Modolo says:

manda o.linke p mim conprar

Idk My Name. says:

Why don’t people use this in abandon buildings

Commie Killer says:

“Well, as a matter of fact, that *is* a ballpark light tower in my pocket. And yes, I actually *am* happy to see you.”

Mustang Furious says:

that was insane flashlight, if you use this flashlight to go hunting i guess you don’t have to bring any gun or weapon you just pointing out right infront of the animal eyes maybe they could simply blind for temporary then you can just drag them back to home.

Phil Powell says:

You need to get rid of that cable tie. It looks so much better without it in my opinion. I’ve got the same torch and I love it.But to be honest imalent needs to work on their reflectors a bit more. I say that because have another olight torch and it’s 4800 lumens its a pure flood torch And the dx80 on 5000 lumens doesn’t look as bright as my olight. The olight obviously has better reflectors. Oh by the way the DX80 Burns paper quite easily

elcid silva says:

U all ways make the best videos so far out of anybody have a good camera I’ve never owned the one of those the highest one I have is 10000 Looms

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