Klarus XT11S 1100 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

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Aaron Galindo says:

How much does charge last on a full night use ??

Mike Benjamin says:

what is the price?????

slim bakl says:

btw, always check in here for the best info. dude, your the best promo man in the biz

Majestic says:

Would have purchased this flash light only clicking the link and entering the code it takes me to where i have to log on through Face Book or with my Google account. Sorry but I’m not in the mode to sell my information just to but a flash light. Nice review and flash light though. I’ll just go to Amazon or Ebay.

raven d says:

Hello can you make a review of the mecarmy spx10

Umut A. says:

can i use for bike light ?

SpectreOZ says:

I can attest to Klarus’s build quality having used the XT11 continually since 2011 🙂

Monawar Rajayki says:

Thank you Ben

Justin Cote says:

Great review 🙂 I have made my choice based on this video. Thanks for that. One question though. I would purchase additional batteries. I was looking at getting 3000mah batteries. Would this be ok seeing how the one that comes with the flashlight is only 2600mah? Thanks

احمد عسيري says:

all the good review it’s between 12:00 to 16:00 minutes just

Thanos Pitsas says:

Hello, I would like a BETWEEN videos Klarus ΧΤ12GT and MH 27 … thanks

Chriscom28 says:

I saw a tactical flashlight online that takes 3 AAA batteries. I’m guessing it’s not as good as they claim it to be.

Carlos Diaz says:

really nice flash light. got mines. thanks

Anthony Adams says:

Pretty sure the wide bottom button is for preforming code.

Yung Architec says:

Let there be light

yogsothoth2099 says:

This tactical light can stop an attacker? I mean, will it leave him temporarily blind?

Jacob Lynn says:

Can you buy a pressure switch for this flashlight?

marvin marvin says:

One of the finest lights i have.

Cristina Esguerra says:

awesome review bro. wish I could have that here in the phils.


i bought two of these and two extra batteries and a charging station for the extras, this is the best light I have found and i have a dozen of the others that have failed, this is the light you have been looking for.

Ben Zamarripa says:

Great info! Can you send the code to an email address?

Tt Ss says:

Sigh how times can one over us the word tactical. its a flash light its not a tactical flashlight, there is no tactical mode or super tactical mode come on dude we know your the type wearing the big tacticool watch with the tacticool cargo pant type but over using the word is ridiculous. its not more special if it was just named the black flashlight verse tacticool flash light

Cody Patton says:


Platinum Home Inspections says:

Looks like a great light. I have the kKlarus XT11 looking for a little more power. Great video.

Cristina Esguerra says:

top notch review as always bro.

احمد عسيري says:

to much talking

J DF says:

hi..great review! thanks! on gearbest they say the code expired…any other code we can use? cheers

Glockerations says:

This flash light just screams nitecore to me. I don’t know why.

slim bakl says:

both have the xpl hi e3… xt11s vs jetbeam 3m pro

slim bakl says:

klarus xt11s is top top shelf. I’m getting myself one but what keeps me from putting that money on the jetbeam 3m pro ? both 1100 lumies, both look exactly alike. the controls dept imo goes to klarus. JB is a bit unconventional. a bit weird. unscrew the head, then screw it tight, then click and loosen head … … I’m not fond of that.
so it comes down to which has a tighter ,farther beam to spot?

David Kates says:

I love this video :D!!

pkfrisko29 says:

authur garcia there are so many better light manufacturers out there that you dont have to pay the stream light and surefire lrices anymore for great quality. I have used the MF Tactical Pro Tango U2 5Mode for quite a few years now as a NY State Corrections Officer and its fantastic. Only down side no usb charging port. its 1100 lumens and is built like a brick shit house. I am going to try this light here for my bug out bag since its usb chargeable.

slim bakl says:

seems to me someone should put these lights up against each other. maybe I will. must buy them both first. rather see the experts do ut.
klarus XT11S 1100 LUMENS _ VS _ JETBEAM 3M PRO 1100 LUMENS

Kevin Gee says:

thank you so much for your clear and concise review, I was shopping for a new high end flashlight and had bought into the hype of the x800 until a little research dissuaded me.so glad I came across your channel.thanks again

احمد عسيري says:

pla pla pla pla…

Mark Hall says:

Great review!! Looking to buy , do you have a code for me ?

Betty Mccain says:

so who is making money selling Klarus XT11S claiming that it’s worth $80.00 and of course you can get special deal on it, just like all of the other scammers on tv and the internet selling these same type flashlights and claiming they are always worth much more than you pay.

Arthur Garcia says:

is this flashlight better than the Strion made by Streamlite?

William Palmer says:

Awesome review bud! Thanks! 😀

Bear Knight says:

Nice review, code is out of date, and i already agreed for google to share my age, language data :O. I was looking for a 1000-3000 Lumen flashlight for $30-60. I was not impressed with the appearance of build quality, variety of modes, and the fact they were not meant to be on a weapon. I am convinced that for the money, this is a best buy. I am 1-2 days from a purchase, any chance of getting an up to date code?

Dave Reid - Daly says:

Where did you say I can buy one?

Synned Aborro says:

Great review mate! Just one question: is the USB charging port waterproof even when the cover is off? I can’t find any info about it. I know the Fenix UC35 has a waterproof charging port even without the cover. Thanks for reading, I hope you make more awesome reviews.

Stephen C says:

Does anyone know the difference between the klarus xt11gt – ( xhp35 hi e4 ) and the xhp35 hi d4?

Mike Johnson says:

a high intensity light is NOT turbo. Turbo is a high pressure propeller to ram air into an engine….I am bring peevish….& I do think “turbo ” for light intensity is just stupid.

Tasha Marie Montelongo says:

I’m looking to buy my son a high powered flashlight (he’s a forest ranger) and would love one of these! Which one would you recommend for him. You’ve reviewed a few, and now I’m confused! Thank you for your review!!

Arre B says:

could you be kind and make a review on the new klarus xt11gt?

Gazmend Qukovci says:

Help me decide please.
I am currently looking at the fenix pd35 tac, nitecore p12gt and klarus xt11s. I want a tough and reliable flashlight for outdoor use. I like the smaller fenix and nitecore models and not into rechargable since its easier for dust and water to come through and i think its a weakness. fenix and nitecore are known names for quality but im not so sure about klarus and its quality. Help is appreciated.

Jc Lazaro says:

2 words… best review

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