Klarus XT12 930 Lumen Rechargeable LED Flashlight Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents:Klarus XT12 Rechargeable LED Flashlight Review 930 lumens. Klarus makes excellent lights and adding recharging capabilities makes it even better. Comparing the XT12 with my personal Favorite, the XT11 and RS11, we get into the details.

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miletello1 says:

How well does the hard button tail cap hold up? I’ve seen some issues with the V2 switch.

Alan Gastler says:

Sootch, please review the Klarus XT20 

Jeremy Yoder says:

Hello sir, do you still recommend this model? I’d like to use it as a weapon accessorie as well as a general flashlight too. Also where or what model mount and pressure switch would you recommend for the light for my AR10?


Gevork Katrandzhyan says:

fun stuff !!! great job.

William says:

Mate, my MagLite will rival that any day.

Its got 2 lumens!

MaZEEZaM says:

Great review, is it possible to tell me if the strobe can be left on without having to hold the button down? I need in an emergency situation to be able to press the strobe on and to be able to leave it to run on its own. Is this possible with these torches? Also, can the charging cable attach to the cradle its self so you can just slot the torch in at night without having to fiddle with the cable?

bob moran says:

Just ordered one because of you 😛

George Clipner says:

YEOW, out of my budget but thanks anyway Sootch.  no hating here.

Michael Jorrge says:

pretty cool video

The Lalilulelo says:

Is there any of this for kriss vector?

Zwordsman says:

Maybe I missed it but..
Does this remember your last setting? Or does it start at firefly and you have to level it up every timee?

Rock&Roll says:

Nice review these goes great with my gun. Xt12 for main and Xt11 for a backup.

Karsliyu says:

I hope they’ll eventually also give the XT2C an update with strike-bezel and charger.
The XT12 is great, but the larger reflector makes it fairly uncomfortable to carry in your pocket compared to the XT2C that stays close to the the same diameter from head to switch.

Pry Vacy says:

Love your show, your site is my first stop for the low down on new gear,but could you include an MSRP on the stuff you review, preferably, in the beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna watch, but it’s a little disappointing to invest fifteen minutes of my day only to find out the item I’ve just got all revved up about might as well be a cruise missile as far as my budget is concerned.  Thanks!

Brad Smith says:

What is magnetized the light or cord Iwould not want things sticking to it in my pocket?

flamengishta says:

I’ve had the XT11 for a year or so now and it’s my favorite and most used light.  I live (estern MT) where there’s no street lights and where I have miles of pasture surrounding my home full of skunks, coyotes, racoons, foxes, and other critters so this light on an AR or AK has been perfect as it lets me ID well beyond 100 yards.  I have taken lots of 18650 (unprotected) cells from laptop batteries and keep them charged for frequent changing so this light is always fed with a topped off battery.  The build, fit, finish are superb..the buttons are great – although I’d like to upgrade to that slanted mode/strobe button.  Wish I didn’t lose the part that sticks out around the end by the cap because it’s hard to do a cigar style operation without it.  This light handled 1000s of rounds of 5.56 or x39 without getting beat up.  Sootch, as always, a fantastic, thorough, and fair review!

Restricted But Armed says:

Just got the XT11. I love it

Jaydies Leath says:

Thank you for turning me to Klaurs. My new fav is the Klaurs RS-20

David K says:

I’ve been wanting a decent tach flashlight that will always be ready. Thanks for the great review. I love the camera mount option as I also like to shoot with a camera. 🙂  I just placed an order for one at goinggear using the discount you’ve provided. 

jik1988 says:

Still does not compare to trunite, They must be giving you this stuff. because I am yet to get you too respond on something else , even went to your face book page….. There’s only one thing my father taught me integrity is the most important thing in life nothing else matters other than life itself

Mike G says:

These “tactical” lights with an impact rating of only 1.5 meters is a joke. Chinese junk. Potted electronics or GTFO.


Just got mine in the mail yesterday, only one word for the folks at “going gear”……….Awesome.
Got my 10% discount using “sootch00” in the coupon code and I was good to go, $80 and free shipping.
You’re the man Sootch00, another great video and awesome product.
Too bad I can’t recharge my old CR123 batteries……..but this is definitely the way to go bro.

David Robart says:

great review. great flashlight. its got everything i need and want.

Tombstone says:

The XT-12 is for me I’m getting one. 

Earl Simmons says:

Always informative and interesting. I watch your channel every chance I get. I’m not far from Myrtle Beach and try to look for better options for the money at Bass Pro when I can.

The Backyard Pioneer says:

Great review as usual! Thanks.

BOB MAC says:

Ok whats the poor mans version. I just spent my retirement on m 855 so I’m broke.

xtremearmor says:

Dang, I knew I should not have watched this video. Now I want the Klarus XT12 and have to find money the old budget. I must say that GoingGear does a fine on shipping in a very timely manner. Great video!

M85FSLUVR says:

This is made right here in our fine republic, right?

jacob manalang says:

marshall and going gear are highly recommended! 

that xt12 has me rethinking the olight s10r i was going to get but i need the magnetic tailcap. i REALLY like the usb charging cable. thats even easier to carry than the dock the olights offer. 

the most appealing thing about these klarus lights is that runtime on max!

for an edc/task light this is a great option. olight s10r if you want a little guy, but the xt12 looks great for its class. 

i usually carry a backup 18650 in the pocket. i highly recommend the nitecore intellicharger i2 and i4 to have at home and panasonic ncr18650 3400mah 10a batteries for your task light. 

i have a thrunite tn12 which is similarly sized to the xt11 and its around 50 bucks for the 2014 model and around 1000 lumens but xt11 beats it on runtime. 

sometimes i find a cr123a/18650 light is a little fat to me to carry and i like the commonality of aa’s. especially lights that are a little long and take 2 aa batteries. they wont have the same amount of power but fenix ld22 and the thrunite archer are great edc in this category. pair it up with panasonic eneloops (costco should have the 10pack with charger for under 30 bucks) and thats whats usually in my pocket for work. over 200 lumens and i keep spare aa’s on me.

i recommend fenix, olight, thrunite, and zebralight if you want a good task/edc light. serious use then i say you have to pay the cost to be the boss and get a surefire. 

lastly i just got this olight m2x javelot and it throws like a muther! yellowish 5-6k tint which is actually pleasant on the eyes. usually i like a white light but im very happy with it. the head is HUGE. it comes with a cigar hold ring, lanyard, cool box, 1020 lumens, they make an extension tube for it now to run 2 18650s or 4 cr123a’s. throws 810m!

anyways great vid sootch, hope someone may find this novel i wrote useful lol

mongothedestroyer88 says:

I’m guessing the XT-12 has the best button options for a weapons mounted light.  Which would you prefer?

TheSublime78 says:

I’ve been looking for a good light in what seems forever, thanks for putting an end to the journey.

Keron Kai says:

there isnt any advancement in the LEDs, its just the tech differences, XT11 is planted with XM-L2 T6, with XT12 on XM-L2 U2, cree T6 emitter is a little bit more powersaving but unlike U2 which is better at putting out more light.

Richard Wallace says:

Great video,as usual, brother. Thanks for keeping us up on the newest & brightest.

Tristan Maguire says:

I don’t remember the brand of flashlight that it is but mine has a lens on the front that will adjust the focus of the beam when i slide the end cap up or down. its pretty much the most awesome thing ever. I think this flashlight needs one of those and it would be perfect. 

Kelse says:

I like simple. On or off with momentary on by not depressing the switch all the way. Still this looks like a nice piece of gear.

Coyote Wisconsin says:

Think I’m going to get one!  Thanks for the review.

Jaydies Leath says:

My fav light was survivable laser’s tactical light. 1000 lumen for one hour on the 18650. Yet this looks to be much better with not to much of a loss. I mean 3 hours for 930 lumen cant really be beat. Guess I will be getting a new flash light. Thanks my pocket book hates you lol   .. As always great vid

Jaydies Leath says:

does the xt 12 come with the holster?

telekinetic13 says:

Sootch, Have you by any chance tried to char an Olight i7r using the XT12’s charging cable? I wonder if it would work. The cable looks a little more convenient.

everyday survival gear says:

hey mate check out the jetbeam jet 3m pro i think you will like it similar to these lights just a bit brighter its also tactical

Jamie Lyons says:

I just bought this Flashlight, can 3AAA batteries work too ?


That is a very cool light!

Plamya Nazad says:

I have a 2012 model XT-11 and I love it! Dropped it on asphalt countless times, still works like a champ. Stacked its 620 lumens against a light that was supposedly 930 lumens and the 620 is still a scorcher. Will be a Klarus person from now on.

Andy Palm says:

interesting. very logical in a panic condition.

richard kuhn says:

I got one of these, Shining it into the dark seemed bad for it as it forked like 10 minutes and died the recharger does not work.

pigpaul says:

Sootch great video dude!! Just ordered it on amazon!! I’m convinced!

TangyAftertaste says:

How do you like Surefire lights?

Ray Tsang says:

I also bought the same one as long as a $9.99 in Getone APP, and work well

Caleb Lacy says:

I got an xt12 a few months ago and I absolutely love it!

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