Lance of Ra Flashlight Review. 2.5 million candela- longest beam distance ever?

The Lance of Ra from Silent Thunder Ordnance is probably the longest throwing flashlight ever made. Even at half a mile Objects are clearly illuminated. Using the Night Piercer LED light engine, this aspheric thrower produces 2.5 million candela (not to be confused with candle power) and can concentrate light into a thin beam capable of traveling farther than any other flashlight. Check out Silent Thunder Ordnance’s website here for more info.


Lance of Ra:

The Lance of Ra is currently out of stock, but the light can be built to order if you contact them via their website.


Justin V says:

Cant you just up the casting distance by taping some extra mana cards to the batteries and/or getting an enchantment placed on your flashlight’s normal reflector? That big 3D printed bongo must really ding your stealth, speed and agility stats.

Old Ben says:

Awesome throw!! I wonder what it feels like to be the target of the light a mile away.

Daffa Wiratama says:

i feel something’s missing from this video

Bookhugger says:

Do you do any film production aside from this channel? I ask because I feel a black magic mini and a f/.95 lens is a bit overkill for this content.

HunterKiller says:

Uniquefire? LOL!

Fitz Mouse says:

So is this the “this one goes to 11” of flashlights currently?

northwales1000 says:

So pretty useless as a flashlight. But would be great for long exposure photography.

Dinner-fork tongue says:

The throw is outstanding. The form factor is hilarious.

You plannin’ on reviewing the Giggles (BLF GT) too?

Y.S. says:

First one!

Otis Cobblepot says:

I had to do a lot of sweet talking for my wife to let me get the Thrunite TN36 10,000 2017, now what am I going to do to get this one


Looks so naff lol

Pangolin14 says:

It would most certainly be bad ass if you test it in fog. Love your vids!

polarweis says:

Waiting for this:)

100eyes says:

One of the issues I’ve found with throwers is that the beam bouncing back from street signs and other reflective objects is quite annoying. If it’s close enough, it can blind you like having someone else shine a flashlight towards you.

tnprime says:

so, it’s a laser.

Martin Rathmanner says:

great, entertaining video again!


Chris Brooks says:

What’s a lowe…….??? I don’t know this word….lol

Eric Boss says:

Maybe your most watchable light review to date. Weird coincidence that user interface is “Low, Medium, High, Off”…

Ryan Born says:

I don’t know if you could do a water bottle slash cut with a flashlight but if there was one that could do it it would have been this one.

Thulfiqar Ali says:

Thanks for making the video 🙂

supernova1976 says:

This is one crazy thrower I want to add to my collection it looks great. Some say it has been spotted on the moon

jonathan davis says:

Can they make it with a lanyard? (Jokes, just jokes)

waffles says:

wow. my archer 1a3v is totally antiquate…. need more power!

liljack8421 says:

Sooo this thing is really weird. What kind of real world use would this have? Serious question. Enjoyed this video as always but what a fucking crazy looking and weird light.

Fat Fat says:

So strobe is not important but this much thin throw is interesting, then buy a laser.

Otis Cobblepot says:

So, Thrunite is coming out with a farther thrower than the Thrunite TN42?

Steve Kluver says:

Nice! Thank you. The Lance of Ra is looking serious. Too bad the moon wasn’t darker that night. You may have been able to put a spot on it, and showed us a glint from the retroreflector (, or spotted some of the 413,100 lbs of junk we’ve left on the Moon (

I know that after seeing his. The coyotes in the desert, will be feeling a bit more nervous at night.

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