LED Flashlight Review – Cool baseball bat design!


This product was purchased at Home Depot. I have not seen products from the brand ‘Defiant’ anywhere else than at this store, so I am assuming this brand is associated with them.



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Kelly KitKat says:

One is three, does not mean three is one. Nor does three is one, imply that one is three. This flashlight takes three batteries. To say “holy trinity is” implies you are saying “this one is”. See, 1 john 5:7, kjv. Algebraic logic : a is b, implies if not b, then not a.

Ben The Electronic Doll says:

i have this and the light is amazing, i bought it in Home Depot 😉

Kelly KitKat says:

Defiant – a rebellious attitude towards authority. “I have no king”? Assume two kingdoms. Does that not mean you will have to be defiant towards one of them? “The world” – they follow, mammon? Words such as defiant, brave, courage, and coward, do not appear in the bible, kjv. .. Government, whether by man, or the Angelic One, is inescapable… the only anarchy possible is a rejection of government by man, which leaves… the spirits? … You will obey the one you fear. Fear God (which is love) and keep his commandments. You fear the one you love, do you not? “She’s here? Already?” An angel. A devil. What if they each tell you to do different things, and they are both wrong?
“My little voice was telling me..” An angel once told a prophet to do something which he then proceeded to do but should not have done, and so God sent a lion to “tear him to pieces”. Know that story?

B B says:

Excellent review Sir!
I bought 2 of these tonight at home depo for $12 each. I am very impressed. I plan on buying 5 more tomorrow for Christmas gifts.

Universal Balance says:

Would you use this type of flashlight? Personally, I think they knocked it out of the park with this model ! (see what I did there..? :-D)

Justin Time says:

Dam that music is fire

Andy & Adrian Movie Challenge says:

How do I use it to assist with an arm hold?

XLpug says:

Great review! Do you think hitting with it would break the middle section? Any guesses on how much force it would take to do that?

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