Lumintop BLF GT Flashlight Review. A buttload of throw with over 1 Million candela

While the Lumintop BLF GT isn’t quite the king of throw, it’s pretty powerful with over 1 million candela of beam intensity. It’s a beast of a flashlight that takes 8 18650 lithium ion cells, has excellent machining, and a simple, intuitive user interface. This video tests the throw rating, the lumen values, runtimes, and demonstrated how to operate it. It is about a complete review as you’ll find anywhere on Youtube. Also there is a smaller less expensive version of this called the BLF GT Mini, which is a different light. Please don’t confuse the two.
There is a thread devoted to the light, and all the people who made it happen over on Budget Light Forum:
Correction: Batteries seen in the video are Samsung 35E batteries (I called them 30q). However, Samsung 30Qs work too- both are acceptable. Only use button tops though.
You can buy it at Massdrop:
Or on Banggood where I got mine:
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Charger (make sure you specify plug type US or EU):
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alittleolder says:

Man what a fantastic Thrower. I still have to do my Video for the Sofirn C8F. Where nothing in the manual corresponds with actual use. Which sucks for those of us that use the given stats. I loved your Video though. You managed to make this Video interesting about a light I am hmm just not into that much. I am sorry I can’t think of any jokes. So just great review, really well done and funny as always.
Kindest regards,

Ben Galvin says:

I think this sort of review needs a new metric;
Jolt Factor – how much you jump when you look into the lens and turn on full beam.
Blind Time – how long it takes to get some semblance of vision after you test Jolt Factor.

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

I can use this as my back up dild…………I mean, I can….er nevermind.

Chris Allison says:

I have this and it’s great for pissing people off a mile away. It’s not very good at batoning but it is good at baton. Plus I like saying “Giga-Thrower”.

Albert Reade says:

I’ve missed you

Stuart Dorfman says:

My new EDC light!!!

B. Smithhammer says:


D4md Cykey says:

Interestingly, here in the future you are now on the West Coast {spooky music}

This light seems much more user-friendly and straight forward than many in this size range. Definitely going to check this one out…after I find me some of that bloody Miracle Whip for…science.

MrZlooze says:

Can the beam cook meat at 12 inches?

Ordinary everyday guy says:

You said “orientated” and “oriented.” You wanted to cover your ass…just in case.
I know you knew that I know you know that I’m still listening. But I like that, Homes, I like that.

Kevin cleary says:

Is this practical for use during the Zombie Apocalypse? Also can I use it to baton my folder?

Bob Keller says:

Surefire sucks

EinVolk EinReich says:

Recently purchased the Lance Of Ja. If you shine it in the sky Ja Rulz every thug needs a lady starts playing. And Ja’s attorney calls comishiner gordon for a royalty’s check.

That Fellow There says:

“You’re not as bright as turbo”

AdventureSportFlashlights says:

Like new location 🙂

Jerome Jakubiec says:

do you think i should outfit every member of my family with one of these? including my cats? yes?

The Imperial Beach Bum HeavyLifter says:

Mmmmmm I like flashlight’s

Cameron Lewis says:

16 hours in and not a single thumbs down? Hurm…

ThatCrazyFlashaholic 67 says:

Good vid..theres a shoulder strap with the its easy to cary..well sorts easy.

Stutterin` Bob says:

Whoa…that’s as bright as a … um … hmm… as bright as a really really bright thing!

Jorgen Sandstrom says:

What a coincidence… I got my Lumintop in the mail just today, Tool 1x AAA .So i guess i wouldn’t challenge you for a shoot out any time soon. ..

BigMan LittleFlowers says:

Even with a butt-load of throw, it does not look Prison-Wallet friendly.

Mark Stevens says:

Give it a pocket clip, holster and lanyard and I’ll make it my edc.

failure2flinch says:

Please chop some wood with this flashlight!

Chris Brooks says:

What’s this manual thingy you mentioned? And, reading?? Hahahaha. No.

don0giorgio says:

They should have named it “Not compensating anything at all”

ToyKeeper says:

There’s no way I could justify buying a light like this… but that’s okay, since Neal sent me one for development purposes. So now I have a cartoonishly large flashlight. And while “Giggles” may not be very practical, at least it’s entertaining to bring out for some lulz at social events. And if I ever have the urge to buy a thrower, all I have to do is glance at Giggles to eliminate that urge. So it does serve a purpose… even if that purpose is unrelated to actually illuminating things.

Extra stuff says:

Like I’ve often said about my Olight thrower (M3XS-UT Javelot) a great tool to check on that tree 150 meters away to make sure it didn’t run away in the middle of the night.
I enjoy taking it with me on long evening walks, but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had a truly practical situation where I needed it. It did came in handy once to inspect the roof of my parents late in the evening after a storm, checking for potential loose tiles… but that was because I had the Olight M3XS-UT with me. If I had my at the time sc62w or sc600w mk 2 with me? they’d probably be more than fine for the job too.

If anything a larger hotspot would’ve been useful there, the only benefit of the tight hotspot was that it could work as a “pointer” sort of after finding two that did get dislodged.

This one seems well designed, the reflectors are always going to be comically large. But at least the combined it with a tube that isn’t tiny resulting in good runtimes, a better UI too and more LED choices. I think if this product was out there at the time I didn’t have a thrower in my “I don’t really need this” part of the collection I could’ve been interested in it.

mrstormuk says:

Will ya do something on a manual brush cutter

John Bowers says:

Get two lights and wave them over your head. People will think your some kinda event! Like the Oscars but only sharper.

Silent Thunder Ordnance says:

Salt and spice definitely are the best seasonings.

Even years later your videos still make me laugh. 🙂

Dan2024 says:

Perfect pistol light. Thanks man!

In all seriousness OH MY FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK never buying that monstrosity!!

Tyler Durden says:

I like this sort of video. I gave up hookers for my New Years resolution, see I watched the whole video..

Scott Sandora says:

Back to your tube roots.

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