Manker E11 Flashlight Review-800 Lumens on a AA size Battery!

In this video I review the Maker E11 AA flashlight. This light takes AA batteries or a 14500 Li-on rechargeable. With the 14500 you get 800 lumens out of this little light! Thanks for watching.

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stelios hristofi says:


Станислав Горгаз says:

AA battery dies for about 25min on highest mode

Markus Fünfrocken says:

Hi, thanks for the video, which clip are you using for the Klarus MI7? Thanks!

Austin B. says:

great review, very interestin picking this up.

Gary Dioquino says:

you still recommend using the rayvoc battery show in this video?

Tyrone Walker says:

Is anyone having a problem with this unit? The switch on mine went nuts and I’m having to send it back.

sharpdad33 says:

Looks great. Just got in a nichia lumintop pen light. Perfect pen light for the price. This is crazy for a AA.

William Kenimer says:

I just wish the 14500 flashlight market was more stable…it’s just Realy aggravating trying to find the (right) 14500 battery for the flashlight your going to purchase…companies just need to try to find a standardized method for making the 14500 batteries to be more universal or in my opinion it may just be a power cell choice for the flashlight industry that just slowly dies off.

singh dogg says:

what would be a better overall edc, manker e11 or thrunite archer v3?

Adam Bock says:

i like this bro

Tony Clifton says:

what battery works with this thing????? which 14500


100% BS! 800 lumens my ass. Running it side by side with my Olight S1A at 600 lumen & there’s absolutely no contest, S1A is quite a bit brighter & it throws further. Also the 600 lumen from the S1A is really 540 lumen because you lose 10% light transmission with the TIR lens it uses. Massive exaggeration by Manker, & it won’t run my Olight 14500’s or keeppower 14500’s in fact most 14500’s are too big for it. Even running a standard AA the Olight at 220 lumen is just as bright as the Mankers supposed 400 lumen output. The beam & spill are much cleaner & cover more area on the Olight & it’s smaller than the Manker. & were I am the Olight is £2 cheaper. The Manker is a good little light, it’s just not even close to Mankers BS claims, considering the Olight S1A stomps it like a harvest grape. Also tested it against the klarus Mi7 700 lumen & yet again it couldn’t cut the mustard. The S1A also beat the Mi7, so Manker aren’t the only company exaggerating the output level.

Lamo2a5za says:

This one has the same pro mode as the Manker T01.
it has 3 brightness levels that you can assign for each mode.
though they don’t mention this in the manual.

William Kenimer says:

I just bought it for my son for Christmasi did a test run to make sure it was in working order…alkaline aa works fine however…olight 14500 and jetbeam 14500 failed and did not work…I’m waiting on some thorfire 14500 batteries to come in…I hood they work in it.

RJN says:

Do you think their claim of 400lm on AA is true? Even on 14500, 800lm is nearly doubled what most other flashlights are. Compared to your thrunite 1000lm, it looks barely half as bright on 14500.

Alex L says:

Purchased this light from amazon a few days ago. Impressive would be an understatement. I added one of the glow bands that came with my lumintop worm 4.0 in that empty space right behind the battery indicator, Its almost as if it was made for it. Great light & Review.

Sn95mustang says:

Does anyone know if the olight protected 14500 battery will fit in this light?

John Cats says:

hey everyone
what 14500 brand batties are you all using? if olight-14500 dosent work???

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