Manker Quinlan T01 and U11 Double Feature Flashlight Review

Manker Quinlan lights available at the links below:

Manker T01:
Discount Code = WRJT01CM (Reduces price to $40.99)

Manker U11:
Discount Code = WRJU11CM (Reduces price to $29.99)

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Aruan Bertelli says:

Hey mate, if u have to chose betwin the olight s2 or the manker u11 to be your everyday carry flashlight, wich one is the best for u and why? Consider tha olight have the s2r that is rechargeble to. i’m from brazil and i will buy one of these two for everyday carry.

Kevin Rosales says:

Awesome flashlights I like the manker T01.

Craig Seman says:

Any chance of a Zanflare F1 review?

noname1022 says:

Did you ever review the great Manker Boney? My fav name of an led light….Manker Boooooney.

yong yong says:

which one do you have a cool white or neutral?

Sovereign Knight says:

The T01 seems like a great light. Using your video, it helped me to make a decision.

I however bought the new T01 II.

Can you do a video of the newer updated version? I’d like to see what improvements are made to this version vs the old one.

Robert Kubrick says:

I like them. Small wonder that, I live in SE Asia and we have blackouts frequently. I wouldn’t give up my NiteNumen X1 though. 850 lumens with no downshifting and it only weighs 55 grams. For comparison, the 3500 mAh battery I use weighs 50 grams. These have better hot spot. I like the breathing illuminated switch, but if you have a moonlight level that lasts for hundreds of hours, you can leave it in that mode if you anticipate the lights going out. Nice review.

Andrew Kincade says:

Wow WAJK&L – How Many Flashlights do you have? 🙂

benjamin felland says:

Could you use two rcr123a in the U11?

Gobbo McFalls says:

34.99 USD for the U11 it appears. Will wait to see, but Fenix and Nitecore better step to the plate, price wise, if Manker is as good as they seem. Will wait to see the verdict, but am hoping Manker is the sleeper of 2016.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Double feature review of two compact lights from newcomer Manker Quinlan. The T01 uses a 14500 battery, providing up to 900 Lumens and has excellent throw. The U11 uses a 18650 battery, provides up to 1050 Lumens, and is USB rechargeable.

40belowful says:

I received the u11 today and love it:) great light:)

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

Nice lights!

Seahawk.Customs.Pc says:

Awesome Edc lights, Great review my friend as always. You find some amazing flashlights AA batteries and 18650/CR123A lights great job buddy…

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