MecArmy PT16 1000 Lumen EDC Flashlight

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Wakky Wabbit says:

Sir, the upgraded version is not “easy.” It might be ‘easier’ but it’s still too much. Thanks for the warning, I will not be purchasing that light. Takes a degree in Clicking.

Kammery Tagat says:

Pls review nitecore mt21a..tq sir

valveman12 says:

Many LED flashlights are over rated for their lumen capability. Has anyone actually tested the lumens of this flashlight with a meter?

CreGam says:

hi, what is the pro and cons to have got more than 1 led in the same flashlight? have you preferences? thank you in advance and congrats for your video.

Talkin Bout Nawlins says:

Just ordered mine.My edc is a Surefire Defender so this little jewel will be my backup.Cant wait!

todd zy says:

Thinking to buy one

acme511 says:

does it have a lock so it doesn’t come on by itself?

Fabrizio Ferrannini says:

Will it out throw a Maxabeam ou a Helios PH50?

Chayavat Mokarakorn says:

The side button with no lockout means it can get turned on accidentally in your pocket. This keeps me from EDCing it.

The RoYeeS says:


Sea Bass says:

If this is only $60, that just goes to show pistol/picatinny mount lights are ridiculously over priced… just because they’re for a firearm.

benedikt richter says:

Implementation stem advantage fit important desert lamp

Luís Antônio Marrega says:

Boa lanterna, muito potente! Rio RJ Brasil

Cody & Brooke Hanson says:

sorry but ipx8 is not the best waterproof eating you can get in a flashlight. check out armytek brand lights.

Agga Viriyo says:

i really do prefer olight s1r tho…

G Greier says:

All those modes. Who needs them? I never use them once yet. As a maintenance technician/tradesman who uses flashlights throughout every shift, single mode is the only way to go. They do make them. Believe me. They are the best for practicability. I like the size of this flashlight and how bright it gets, but instant on and off single mode would sell me before anything else.

jaymeez says:

Does it come with a belt holster?

leaveamessage9111 leaveamessage9111 says:

when they changed the programming for the modes, did they change the model number too? If not how can one tell which model is which when shopping online? The link you provided shows this as discontinued. thanks


@ 40 grams; drones could hump-pack it.

Justin Arney says:

If anyone is on Facebook check out the group Flashlight Trader. It’s for lumen addicts like us!


Siema ile $

Fidel Sabchez says:

Hi. Where can I buy that amazing flashlight?

Elizabeth A says:

How much is it

Golden Eagle says:

no difference between modes but yes nice lumens for size

mr. debusy says:

Thanks, great review, got yo the point

RIPPER334 says:

This light is over priced Chinese shit…

I bought one from gearbest… It did NOT include a battery… Which cost me another 20 bucks… 5 days of carrying this thing in my pocket it was dead. Surprisingly, no one wants to offer any type of replacement. The retailer wants me to deal with China, and China wants me to deal with the retailer.

I would have been better off buying from AliExpress… Or just paying someone to punch me in the eye.

This video is over 2 years old… I’d love to hear how long your mecharmy chicom flashlight worked… Or see an honest review where the product was actually paid for…

Raven Bravo says:

Hello thank you very much for your review, I tried to buy it in GearBest but it show is out of stock…

FreeSoftware says:

Good review – very well explained.

Paul Hughes says:

For $60 it’s a steal.

sanky jain says:


Todd B says:

Shouldn’t it be an ENC(night) flashlight? No need for one in the day.

Fabrizio Ferrannini says:

Runtime is 10 seconds on a good day. Just get an Olight SR1.

Clint Sumalpong says:

Isn’t this the same programming they use in the Olight S series?

Mike Studmuffin says:

I seriously doubt that’s 1000 lumens. I’ve got a 3M lightbulb rated 750 lumens 8 watts and after may be ten minutes there’s no way I can touch the bulb due to the heat. This light bulb has a massive heatsink for a body, too.

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