Milwaukee vs Coast: Flashlight Review

I decided to compare this milwaukee LED flashlight to this Coast LED flashlight. I purchased both of these from Home Depot and they were both pretty cheap. I actually really like both of them.


Drews Auto says:

Thanks for the vid im gonna go out get one…leaning towards the Milwaukee one

chris jones says:

Milwaukee is my daily carry. Just goes in pocket next to my fast back knife

abraham saldierna says:

I just put some electrical tape on the end of my lights

Andrew D says:

Milewaukee ftw lol

alan j Hornung says:

Great Vid ! The Coast Well Work With Lithium L91 Primary . CandlePowerForums .com (forum)   Some Info !

JERM C says:

Are you kidding me. As a heavy equipment mechanic I always have my flashlight in my mouth when i am under machines. Those both look like great lights. I have a small streamlight I currently use

tek413 says:

I use a 5 dollar 1 watt cree lion batt eBay deal for my good light. I love rechargeable batteries. Good God bud

Kevin Youngblut says:

You should get an electrician with a meter to test the miliamps on a battery for comparison.

Emery says:

Appreciate this comparison and certainly like them, seem a little pricey for little flashlights.

vegasdavetv says:

there both nice, I still like my astro I did a review on, yes I know it’s much bigger, but still I use it. lol

Mason Gennardo says:

I use the Milwaukee penlight everyday. It staying in the pen slot in my shirts left pocket. The rubber bite area is such a great feature. You really start to appreciate that small feature very quickly.

Jon Snider says:

Get a thrunite and thank me later

cardsfanbj says:

I really like that Milwaukee. I bought a Streamlight pen light off of Amazon earlier this year that looks about the same size for like $2 cheaper and I keep having to put it in my mouth when I’m using both my hands and I really wish it had that larger rubberized boot. I’ve had it on me every single day since I bought it. It’s practically nothing in the pocket, especially when it’s clipped in place. I might have to go out and get the Milwaukee, though…
one thing I’ve done, though, is wrapped a piece of orange electrical tape around the mid part of the light and it’s helped me out several times of dropping it either someplace dark or in the grass and helps it stick out more than just being a plain black stick.

Josh -JustAnotherOne says:

doubt it’s just a lower kelvin light, there’s something called cri (color rendering index). CRI represents how close the color produced is to actual light per different colors (100 is real light and most good leds are in the 80-90 zone, poor quality leds are less than 80 and look horrible for the most part).

karzygijose says:

I wonder which takes more mA and for battery consumption although the Milwaukee may beat it cause it’s 30+ lumens

fuzzy wuzzy says:

I don’t like that Focus feature. if you keep it in your pocket the focus never stay there

Big Picture Thinking says:

I will admit that I have a well developed flashlight obsession. Both of these are good little lights.

Manolis Papadimitropoulos says:

Nice video!
The idea for the rubber to bite is great.
I think the special rechargeable battery is not that special. You can find 3.7V AA size batteries elsewhere. An alkaline AA battery is 1.5 V and ranges from 2000 to 2500 mAh. So I guess that with the rechargeable battery you have more lumens but will last way less time. Will you test it?

Thomas Morris says:

Another great video Mike, like that little mikwaukee, hate putting a metal torch in my mouth, shame they’re not available in the UK though.

Tyler English says:

Its dumb but at the same time so awesome to see a bite on feature I’m probably gonna swing by and pick one up I worry about little lights in my teeth so I only carry my big schummacher which you should definitely check out mike its a micro usb powered cordless work light awesome for shut downs its got magnets including a magnetic swiveling base

802 Diesel Crew says:

I really like both of these hmm. I do like the dual clip on the coast. I guess go big or go home. Cool video BROTHER.

David Howard says:

for aprils fools should make another video about the other flashlight

karzygijose says:

14500 is a double battery x3 so it’s nice but a 18650 woulda been nicer 3400mah ftw

upside downdog says:

I like both for all their positives. For the price I would buy both. The harsher light of the Coast would be better for inspecting for cracks in airframes and engines.

kyle kast says:

You fucking awesome super helpful

tighe143 says:

I’ve been using the coast one for about a year or so and its been a great light. The button is finally going out. I might go get it it replaced, or try out that Milwaukee one to see the difference.

EzE says:

I have reviewed a ton of pain lights because I’m always in the search for the brightest pin light that I can throw in my shirt pocket during the day for inspection. I’m an automotive technician so I’m constantly needing a light for inspecting I have found in my experience the best penlight on the market is a pelican 1920 I haven’t found anything that is as bright or as focused being as the pelican just thought I’d throw that out there in case you were looking at doing additional flashlight reviews

adamaj says:

Good vid. The Milwaukee’s just a pen light so it won’t be as powerful or have adjustments, etc. But I do like that it renders colors true. I’m an industrial maintenance electrician and usually only need a light for dark panels, so the Milwaukee would be more to my liking. I don’t wear hats and I usually just hold flashlights in my mouth so I don’t care about the hat clip, lol. If I needed a light and both hands often, I’d go with their Trueview headlamp:

H&H country says:

cool lights

American Street says:

Sweet Mike

Brian South says:

Feet not yards, great video

Richard Olsen says:

I’ve heard from many sources to specifically not buy the $3 lith ion batteries because they are cheap Chinese knockoffs and were the ones exploding in peoples faces in the vape machines. Find a decent $7-10 one and it will last and not melt your face

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