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Following up the Top 5 Knives videos, We switch over to the Top 5 EDC Flashlights…all of which have something about them the sets them apart.







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BigBearHuskyMusher says:

I tried using your website for the a tactical but it does not work

MIKE_AL P says:

No EDC lights!!!

jim williams says:

thrunite lights are amazing lights.

karatepro97 says:

where is your thrunite tc12 v2? Could’ve bet it was on this list?

Cheap Finds says:

Check this out Flash SALE Sunwayman C13R
Cree XM – L2 U3 380Lm Micro USB Charging Port Standard Tripod Mount

Riccardo C says:

Very useful tx

Big B Big B says:

Anker has flashlights… Hope you try to review one of them…

Carlos de la Cruz says:

Hey Chris are you going to make a video on prepping devices (other than flashlights) that run on 18650?

James Moorer says:

i have one, put a flat rubber band to cover the port..

shawn obarker says:

What no streamlights? Some of the best lights ever and made in Pennsylvania! Lifetime guaranteed also!

robert ramos says:

Real video, really like the way you show those lights, thanks.

bRad 1967 says:

another great video!

shawn shipstad says:

great review. thank you. love the options you have shown.I do not want to spend 100 when I can get away with 30.00

syed hassan says:

Can you please release a rap song since you look like Eminem and have a bunch of knives and stuff

Bill Johnson says:

Chris, I know that this is an old video but if you get the chance could you pick up some of the thorfire flashlights and test them out. I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of them for the money. I have a few of the C8s floating around and a VG15s that I use in my EDC, both are single 18650 and include the battery and charger. Great budget lights IMO, i’d like to know your opinion. Thanks, Bill

Jesse Wolfe says:

Please review a Nebo Flashlight. Ace has got them.

raphael beinhauer says:

The very simple zoom is why I love Led Lenser lights, specifically the p5.2
If it had a pocket clip it would be absolutly perfect, but even without it is excellent.

14kg Writer says:

You talk to much just show the flashlights!!! no one cares how you blow your dad in the morning.

Egghead says:

Thrunites’s brand motto should be: who needs day when you have a thrunite

P-O Andersson says:

Niteye EC-R26. Micro-usb chargeable with one 18650 or two CR123A batteries, 1080 lm hands down my most used light.

Armando Rosales says:

Sounds like thrunite is not paying you anymore

X-ray Yankee says:

Thank you for your Top Five. I was going to order the ThorFire VG15S but, i’m impressed by the ATACTICAL A1S.

Escalope says:

Looking for a flashight for my ar15. A nitecore srt5 or 6 is a good choice ?
Thank you

Outdoor Quik Reviews says:

What do you think of the Fenix PD35TAC?

Michael Hodges says:

My three favorite EDC lights are the Surefire Defender plus, Surefire Titan plus, and Fenix LD-12. Great lights!!!

Rattlesnake Zack says:

I’m looking for a flashlight for night hiking purposes that will light up the ground like day time. I’ll pay up to 80 dollars. Does anyone have a recommendation? I’d like a small package, not a spotlight

ABYSS says:

Dear your videos are awesome and so helpfull. Thank you so much.

Professionalk907 says:

So are you not a fan of the Streamlight ProTac line?

Regular Sean says:


xin Lan says:

This is a fantastic torch that is incredibly bright, perfect for walking outdoor at night. The 5 modes are good and the ability to focus the beam is a real plus, as is the rechargeable battery and the option to use 3 standard AAA batteries. It including kinds of accessories, I strongly recommend purchasing the torch kit which sold in Amazon. Link below:

eva2k0 says:

I’d just like to add a couple of things. 1. Zebralight sc63w is amazing. 2. The AA sized light would make a good light to leave in your car. You could throw some non rechargeable lithium batteries in it since they hold their charge longer, and don’t leak when compared with alkaline. It’s not a great idea to leave expensive Lithium 18650 rechargeables in your car unless it’s always 60-70 deg F where you live.

K Campbell says:

those baby flashlight will not do the job, buy a 30-40 amp 18650 and a 18V CREE, stop buying the names they sold out yrs ago. you got ripped off!!

Michael Oliver says:

Late to the game, but what is your take on the MagLite lineup now? XL50/MagTac, etc

Nelxon M. says:

Broke two of those nitecore keychain lights. They r not good.

Ceja2011 says:

I am addicted to buying flashlights it’s a good feeling lol

War Planner says:

Appreciate the effort but your reviews fall short in terms of relating battery life. Fucking magnificent that one can amp the output with lithium v. NiCad and so on, but how about a good old plain Jane light that runs off of disposable AAs or AAAs? What is a reasonable battery life for them? Does the light have any of those silly-assed gimmicks that drain the batteries even when the light is off. What?
Great that folks are collectors but how about we proles who just want a goddam light that sits in a drawer for months and is only use when the shit hits the fan?

Preston Gladd Overland says:

ThruNites keep failing on me, and they do not honor warranty, they just tell you to get with the vendor, then the vendor sends you a poorly referbed one that doesn’t work. I went back and fourth with them only a few months after I bought the TC12 V2, and its been a waste of time. Going back to Fenix.

FloridaRaider says:

I got that Atactical flashlight a year ago.. I use it several times a week and it’s been flawless. Thanks for the review.

Michael Hodges says:

My EDC #1’s are the Surefire E2D Ultra Defender and Surefire Titan Plus. But, I think I will get the Thrunite Archer 1A V3.

Cameron Dawson says:

Really thought that there would be a olight m1x striker in the top five?

SED71 says:

i am a flashlight addict. My favourite is LED lenser 😀 i think that their lumen ratings are VERY conservative, my L7 is rated for 100 lumens and looks about as half as bright as my friends 500 lumen olight

SuperFlojoGuy says:

Please review Anker flashlights

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