New for 2017 Thrunite Neutron 2C v3 Flashlight Review- USB Charging, Infinite Dimming Solutions

In 2017 Thrunite has updated their popular EDC flashlight the Neutron 2C V3 with several new features. This review demonstrates the new User interface, the upgraded brightness, and more. Thrunite has added these features to the newest version of the Neutron:

• infinity dimming
• USB charging
• Multi color battery Capacity Indicator
• A 18650 battery is now included
• Added strobe mode, and brighter LED

This review tests output modes, compares the Neutron to other Every Day Carry flashlights like the Olight S2, the Zebralight SC600, the Olight R50 seeker, the Convoy C8, and the Astrolux K01.

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DirtRoadRider # says:

Nice review, hope they send you TN36 2017 edition to review. I got mine yesterday and it is a beast at 10,000 lumens. Lol also bought a MK35 after seeing your vid.

Fitz Mouse says:

This is a nice light, but I’m not sure if will suit my mallninja lifestyle. Is there an attachment to make it a karambit?

Bushcraft412 says:

looks like I’m no longer an advanced flashlight bro. thrunite must have cut me off the reviewer list. it must have been the lack of fancy plaid shorts on my channel.

JasonWW2000 says:

Here’s a few miscellaneous notes for you.

If you want to find out the usb charging rate of a light you can buy a cheap usb power monitor. I got one for less than 10 bucks and it shows voltage and amperage of whatever device is plugged in.

Anyone using 2 rechargable batteries in this light, like 2×18350 or 2×16340, should only use a matched set. Same size, brand, age and number of charges. I would not recommend this as it can be dangerous.
So I’m guessing this ability to use 2×16340 or 2×18350 is just a side effect of making it able to use 2xCR123A.

With no mechanical on/off switch, I wonder what the parasitic drain is? If it’s high it could run the batteries down just sitting there. Maybe the rear cap has anodized threads so we can give it a half turn and break the electrical connection?

Keep up the good work.

Daffa Wiratama says:

Your voice makes me fall asleep, mate

Republic Thunderstreak says:

Bro, I love your reviews, but honestly, the first 60 seconds is just horrendous. Your humour is usually great, have you been a little sleep deprived today?

MinikuiOtoko says:

I think you need a faster lens. 0.95 nokton? 😀

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

I’ve been waiting for you to review this one. I’m guessing this won’t replace your Zebralight. I’m planning on getting the Zebralight but those one is tempting.

Spon Rilker says:

You ever get around to time testing the “high” mode, and maybe something in the approximate middle? Longer than I would generally carry, but there are times where having a high’ish output that can actually be maintained for a bit would be useful.

Elvay says:

How is the overall fit and finish of the Thrunite vs. some of it’s higher end Chinese competitors say like Fenix?

Orrin Moose says:

I bought it just received it today. Couldn’t wait til it got dark. Thank you for the review.

Ian Castillo says:

I prefer the 18650, longer run times, scrub.

MrZlooze says:

Clearly, flashlight reviewing has been forged in the smithy of your soul. Well done. So I must ask, …is the lack of creaminess adequately offset by the Lan-Yard and Sparrow Rings?

thechugdude says:

I love how you gave perspective by running in your test background during the day. I had no idea the area was so huge.

40belowful says:

any light above 50 lumens keeps me from stepping in dog poop:) excellent review 🙂

Lee Sams says:

I HATE YOUR REVIEWS…. because i always end up buying the light…

Joking aside, another great review!

Wild Time says:

Man I almost died with the intro. Love your chill/sarcastic humour. Also the great production value and un-biased reviews are highly appreciated 🙂

tnprime says:

must have a wide array of strobes. thrunite should have an entire hidden strobe bank in the UI, tactical fast and slow, party strobe, sos, slow strobe, beacon, swell strobe.

Stephen Martin says:

As always. Entertaining and informative review. Nice job!

Keen Beams says:

I’m actually kind of impressed. This may finally replace my BLF A6 in 18350 mode.

ThisSpotRules! says:

If Thrunite included in the accessories a silicon mouth holster I would definitely buy one!

Derek of Gont says:

how will Knife Bro ever recover from these interweb comments

Tactical Center says:

what about nichia leds?

Sn says:

Nice review Advanced Bro! This light is really nice and would seem a perfect gifting light to someone who isnt that much into flashlights. Also, as mentioned already in the comments, good thing you showed us the backyard with you running back and forth. Even though it says 120 feet(i use metric, and havent bothered doing the maths), i never realised it was THAT big! This changes everything.

And regarding the bad comments, remember that “haters gonna hate”, as a famous person once said. I believe it was Stalin during the 30`s and 40`s.

Lefty Hook says:

Some viewers really are particular about the lights they prefer… Kicking people in the face over a flashlight seems reasonable though.   Cool vid as always, comedic and entertaining as ever!

marshalllaw123 says:


Chris Sproles says:

you light up my day

Dinner-fork tongue says:

So would this be a good “first light” for those uninitiated? The UI is not the simplest ever, but press-and-hold is pretty easy to figure out, and everything else is so bloody convenient.

Still sticking to Convoy though. No other brand sells their lights in beautiful 7A warm white.

lowwkey91 says:

Not bad for 50 bucks. Looks as though the pocket clip is deep carry also, which is a plus. Thanks for the review Knife Bro!

Christopher H says:

I hit the thumbs up because of what you said about people not liking and commenting on flashlight videos.
More flashlight videos please!

waffles says:

as much as i love my 1a3v, i have been thinking about up-sizing to this one. thanks for the review.

Chris Sproles says:

also I only watch these to support you and get more knife videos, that and some voice in my head said “watch all of them!”

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