NEW Surefire ‘Tactician’ Review

Reviewing the new Surefire ‘Tactician’ hand-held Flashlight review

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Dreaming Music says:

Yay for the unboxing! That was the best one I’ve ever seen.

Matthew Turner says:

Yay for that.

Greg Wright says:

Nice light.

ghost55 says:

I’m not a fan of James because I don’t like loud blowhards. I’m surprised you get along with him given that you seem to have opposite personalities.

RCFlyBoy314 says:

Sweet! The discontinued the model James recommend a while ago… Ebay and amazon barely has ’em but, well… problem solved!

XSourStarX says:

If it doesn’t have 1,000 lumens I don’t want it

ScooterTrash Tactical says:

Sub James even if you don’t like him.

KillJoy9c says:

Thumbs up just for the unboxing.

themighty9mm says:

Loved the unboxing

The Outdoor Dude says:

I really like the light but for a name like tactician I’m surprised it doesn’t have a strobe which is a requirement for me. Unless I missed something. Great video as always.

billy alen says:

That had to have been the most comically awesome intro and to the point review I’ve ever seen. I like it, 5 stars

Michael A Loberg says:

Best unboxing video in the history of unboxing videos! Well done Mr Lovell!

Jon S says:

Bet you could do a real number on a fella in a wheelchair…oh my god I can’t stop laughing.

Jack Miller says:

Not a flashlight guy, don’t really like James Y, but you sir… are awesome!!!

evey0259 says:

I’ll stick with my Olight M2R Warrior, thanks. 1 lumen all the way to 1500 with a fantastic streamlight-like clip. Rechargeable, and all for 100 bucks. Hate to say it, but Surefire is no longer innovating and surviving off their name alone.

Tyler Reis says:

Yay for that intro

John Wilburn says:

Best unboxing ever. I wouldn’t waste my audience’s time with a dramatic unboxing.

billy Thompson says:

Did you ever make Yeager cry lol

AndrewK87 says:

I got my father-in-law a Surefire P3X-Fury dual output light for Christmas. Its a really nice light, I thought about keeping it for myself.

Harry Splendor says:

Excellent intro; excellent light; excellent/ concise review. Well done, John. As always.

Issac Blank says:

I loved the unboxing.

M O'Brien says:

John, your awesome, please don’t change, ever.

OC Outdoors says:

Great I just got a stream light protac. Now I need a new light

AF-O6 says:

I like Yeager, and couldn’t care less what other people think.

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