Nitecore MH12 1000 Lumen USB Flashlight

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Anonymous Bastard says:

I got the nitecore PG12 recently. Almost picked up this MH12 but I saw some negative comments about the usb port cover coming open and exposing the port. Can still charge the PG12 from usb, just indirectly with an external charger.

I really like this nitecore light. The build quality seems excellent and the features and controls are perfect.

Arjen511 says:

Too bad the MH12 only supports button top 18650’s and my complete collection consists out of flat top 18650’s.

TheFatRat says:

can you buy this in australia???

Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes says:


SnippetyGold 167 says:

speak english omg a flashlight nerd wtf

Oyster Bread says:

The 18650 is not your brightest option. 2 x CR123’s = 6.4 volts, 1 x 18650 = 4.2 volts

ExpeditionMarc says:

LED lights have come a long way in the past 5 years. It amazes me how powerful they have become. But I find I’m using more and more headlamps in my outings however I can see in tackical use they are the right tool. Thanks for sharing.

Steve Olto says:

Do you like the MH12 better than the P12GT?

Logan says:

Do you specialize in lights or some shit

Dutch 3000 says:

Another Great Job, Ben. That’s the way to do it. Respect. Looking forward to your MH12GT Review. Greetings from Germany.

Bushcraft & Banjos says:

Nitecore keeps getting it! A back momentary “clicky” switch! Killer light. Great reviews!

Jason McDaniel says:

Great flashlight! I like the memory it has even in momentary. Definitely will help when in a dire situation.

M H says:

Ordered one, also because of your recommendation. Greeting from Switzerland.

Buildin_N_Preppin says:

nice review man. have you put it through a test on a firearm yet? curious if it holds up to recoil or if it turns off from losing connection? thanks

Lalit S says:

Good video. Whts your opinion on the MH20? I’ve seen the detailed specs of both but, just to know wht would be your take ? Thks.

Nitsan Simantov says:

Thanks for the review!
Is this the torch you would recommend for this size?
I love my Olight S30RII but the side button often takes a second to find, and only has one switch so overall a bit slower to use.

Survival On Purpose says:

Very nice light. I like the fact that it is weapons capable too.

Ilikenikes16 says:

I meant MH12

GoStepOnALego 69 says:

that’s a lot of lumens

Michael A says:

Nice Job on the video. Very informative and I now have a better understanding of the Nitecore operation. I was looking at quality flashlights and Nitecore appears to be the best. The video explains the operation very well and helped in my decision. Thanks.

Ilikenikes16 says:

So besides the charging capabilities is the MH20 the same as the 2015 edition P12? They look identical but i can’t tell if the size of the MH20 is the same as the P12.

Agga Viriyo says:

nice review man. what’s the best flashlight with this similar size?

Roland Stein says:

They say on their website that the MH12 offers direct access to ultra low output, but it doesn’t say how in the manual. Can anyone confirm? Because that would make it pretty much perfect.

Josh Tannert says:

Now I do have a question. I know you can recharge it but do you have to unplug it like as soon as it is done charging so it doesn’t over charge the battery or does it have a cut off function.

Muchau70 says:

Hey Ben, I need your help please? Just got this light, and I think mine may have an issue. When I turn it on in any mode lower than Turbo, it’s momentarily in Turbo, then jumps down. It’s only an instant or flash or turbo before it goes to the mode I have it saved in, but I find that odd. None of my other multi mode lights do that. And it only does it if it has been off for 10 seconds or longer. Quick on and off use it acts normal… have you had this problem?

largo303 says:

Is it waterproof without the rubber cover?

nicolas desilets says:

Less brighter then my Nitecore EA4 600lm (4x AA cell) that weird …

the brighter spot are the EA4..
nitecore EA4 are bigger… exactly same size of a empty toilet paper roll.
maybe the bigger reflector give more power effect to the LED…

BUT yes.. MH12 are real POCKET size, EA4 not really…

Other point I want talk is about USB charging port !..
Why is there !?! the worst place possible are there !! and IS THERE !!
Each time you need to look your flashlight for know if is ”mode” or usb port..
And Im afraid about performance of water protection of the usb rubber ”caps” because just in my pocket it turn open… i tink I will put a elastic on him ! lol..

Graham Sakey says:

Hi! great info about the Nitecore MH12.  All the QC/QA surveyor’s are using this flashlight now , when we are working offshore and inspecting construction work. Keep up the good work, always interesting.

Jonathan Aditya says:

have u heard that nitecore is about to release MH12GT?? where do u think that i can get information about release date (i tried to send them an email but no reply till now)? coz i found it in their newest catalogue, but cant find any reviews out there.. regards

The SGT FU Channel says:

Great video !
What happens if you charge it with it off, or turn it off while it is charging ?

William Candra says:

Nice review! How about the usb flap? Does it pop up frequently?

Rumput Bergoyang says:

Waterproof? Can zooming?

Ger Mestrum says:

Great review, thnx, helped a lot, I am looking for a good flashlight, and this one is on the list together with the MH20GT. Since you have reviewed them both, which would you advise ? Here in The Netherlands the MH20GT is about $40 more expensive than the MH12GT, is it worth it you think ? Thank you for your time and info.

Tim Chevrette says:

I clicked on this just to roast this guy feiri lookin motherfucker

Kanglar says:

Good review man, thanks. I think I’ll pick this light up, thanks for the amazon link.

Deep South Experience says:

Not a bad price at all.  That is a lot of bang for the buck.

AdventureSportFlashlights says:

Nice job explaining the user interface. That is why I come here. If there is a light I don’t have and need to know how it works I can count on seeing it. Thanks

dankxdank says:

kinda whack there’s no bezel u can buy. I juat grabbed this cuz of your review. think they’ll get around it?

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