NiteCore MT10C Flashlight Review

Nitecore MT10C Flashlight available here! Low Price (Gearbest):

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Steve Kushman says:

I got in early on the 40% off discount originally offered and my order was accepted. Gearbest shows it in stock but they tell me they cannot deliver on the 40% offer. They only offer a refund on another item or a credit in your “wallet” on their site. Not sure what it is all about.

Larry Banks says:

why no review of one of the best edc lights out there, the nitecore mh-20???????

UNIDEN2211 says:

Superb review of an excellent, top of the line product. ?pay more to get more> prob?

Andrew Brenton says:

My favorite flashlight, spent months looking before I chose this. Dropped it in the pool and stayed lit entire time.

yadjekim says:

so, it says it costs $59.95.  I don’t see where to put in the code. Do you get a prompt for it after you give all the appropriate information?

sisyphus-wins says:

Just got mine delivered today along with the little Keychain light. Thanks for the review & for helping me justify yet another (un)necessary purchase!

dtmpowerboss says:

hay can I use tactical preassure switch?

Dylan Castle says:

Is the light stable enough to tail stand with no problem ?
I had just ordered the EC11 when I saw this video, now I’m wondering if I should send it back and get MT10c ..
Please don’t feed my flashlight addiction anymore 😉

Tim T says:

I honestly like my mt1c better. I compared this “920” lumens to my other nitecore/thrunite lights and it is very over stated.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I like the interface and the memory function. The strobe for me only makes sense for self defense if you can activate it instantly with one click so will the memory function remind it if you turn off while it is on strobe?

scott santanni says:

nice video I liked it when you put the two flashlights together at the end

Tim T says:

how long did it take for your order to show up in your mailbox? gearbest customer service is ugh, well there is no customer service. my order is still “processing”. and I paid for a baton s30 for 23$ and they refunded it with no notice!

Ilikenikes16 says:

Can you tell me if the tail switch from the MT10C will work on the EC11? I have a couple EC11’s but when i EDC them i have to keep the light on lockout mode because it always activates in my pocket.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The MT10C from Nitecore gives you 920 Max Lumens in a 3.6 inch package. Exploiting an IMR 18350 Li-Ion Battery to the utmost, it is similar to the EC11, but adds a tail switch for better interface control.

Bernie Duggan says:

Thanks for the code.Just ordered one.

venomT says:

but ec11 battery is safer then mt10c li-ion battery

Supertekkel says:

Wow this light has everything! Nice EDC option!

Mark Gomez says:

On the mt10c is there an option to buy it in neutral white or cool white?

imsuckingwind says:

im liking that light alot

Steve Kushman says:

Nice review. Very thorough explaining the functions of this light and differences between the EC11. Your accuracy is always dead on. Used your discount code, it worked, and I grabbed one. This will be my first Nitecore flashlight to try out. Should be good.

Wavester64 says:

You’re killing me man! Making it too easy to quench my new light addiction! 🙂 Just picked one up…thanks man!

marshalllaw123 says:

Thanks for the code, deal was just too good to pass up!!

Greenmachine305 says:

Can the glass be replaced? I managed to crack mine.

Ben Romney says:

What an awesome light! I want one.

Macho Deth says:

random flashlight question for you bro, whats the best bargain for a USB rechargeable flashlight in your opinion? looking for one for my go bag only have cheapo flashlights right now. hit me up

Tim T says:

jesus christ …I seriously have a problem. Just ordered the baton s30 but it’s back ordered, thrunite 2a v2, 4 pack of eneloop pros and now you show me this coupon? !! I better get to the mailbox before the old lady does…

Bernie Duggan says:

BTW-The tail cap switch is a Forward clicky with momentary function for tactical use.

raven d says:

Hello! Can you please make a review of the mecarmy spx10? Im torn between the nitecore p12gt and this mecarmy spx10, i like their clicky buttons

VeganMentalHealth says:

I love the idea of using this as a weapon XD So inventive!

diablohellfire666 says:

Now that is a discount code! I wish it were for the mt10a 🙁 great video man!

martinz1001 says:

Excellent light! I bought if from my local hunting shop in Europe. Cost 78€.

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