Nitecore SRT9 Flashlight Review. UV, Red, Green, Blue, & White Tactical Torch

The Nitecore SRT Flashlight is a bright Tactcal Torch with Red Green Blue and U/V modes, all are easily operated off a control ring. This review covers output levels, tests runtimes, and shows you how it operates fully. I compare the SRT9 to the Nitecore MH20GT, the Zebralight SC600, the Astrolux SS, the Olight R50 Seeker. My reviews feature real world use, testing like no one else on Youtube does, and bea,shot comparisons. You can buy this light at Gear Best to support my channel!

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liljack8421 says:

Sorry, I’m having a flea problem in my home created by my neighbors who don’t like to mow their lawn for 5 FUCKING weeks… Can you help me?

Thomas Milligan says:

I’m pretty new to fancy torches…. What makes this “Tactical”? Is it the lanyard?

Andrew van Leeuwen says:

Nitecore not the best in firefly mode? I think it’s pretty okay don’t you?

MrZlooze says:

As always, an interesting and entertaining review. What do you reccomend for a hard use light? Looking for 3 levels of output- low-med-hi with a max of about 300-500 lumens. Hard use and simplicity are key. Thanks Bro!

thechugdude says:

I swear I’m going to get a decent flashlight and a multi tool next time I get paid.

David Vanderstelt says:


marshalllaw123 says:

Erotic strobe doesn’t blink, it throbs.

Jimmy SawFinger says:

ty for thw wu-tang reference

Keen Beams says:

Great review, as always! Not a knife guy but I love your flashlight vids. You should really check out the Emisar D4 and D1. Two of the best compact semi-budget flood/throw combos out right now. The D4 with XP-L HI 6500K (yeah, I know) is as bright on a full charge as my M1vn with XHP70.2 @ ~4k lm. Also best UI in the biz right now imo with the new ZL and DQG Tiny 26650 coming in close 2nd and 3rd with maybe the SRT series/V11R/Acebeam mag ring coming in 4th. Subjective obviously.

knives save lives says:

Dear advanced knife bro, I love you. I like flashlights but not like you do. Your knife vids are awesome though. If I gave a damn about flashlights I’d say you are the best. Don’t ever get so popular as to ignore my comments, I am an advanced knife bro junkie. P.s. I’ve been drinking. Peace brother.

James Min says:

Advanced Knife Ho makes better flashlight review videos than his pimp Marshall @ Going Gear.

nobeltnium says:

i’m expecting your review on Astrolux MF01
btw,nice review as always

Patrick Richard says:

Words you should say in all your reviews: aluminum, urinal mint, erratic, forty six. Nice review as always.

liljack8421 says:

Enjoy your videos as always but I have a flea allergy and I’m currently dying. No one else is getting bit but me FML!!! Love you dude.

Matt Kandel says:

Can you baton with it?

Alex F says:

do i hate mars bars

Blake Grendel says:

No idea anything about flashlights what would you recommend to learn the basics and shit. Besides a quick Google

Mitchell Delmar says:

I will always “like” your videos, even if I don’t give a damn about the item being reviewed. Like here, for instance.

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