Nitecore TM03 2800 Lumen Flashlight Extended Review



dillaboo16 says:

do they make a pressure switch for this light?

judy mariano says:

There is a big diference between TM03 and the mh27uv?? The UV mode is usefull to me, but im thinking to buy this one.

MrSbionage says:

I just got my TM03 from you and sometimes when I double press the mode switch to get to turbo it goes into lower modes is something wrong with my light?

Sunny Wu says:

I think some forums say it is just a voltage boosting circuit.

Charger8921 says:

I named mine Anna.

Peizxcv says:

For the size it should be a 26650. And put the controls on the side so length can be reduced

ghostcell030 says:

Can this be mounted on a rifle or is it too big? Thanks

bRad 1967 says:

Do you know if Nitecore makes a pocket clip for this light?

xcfan says:

can you get a warmer color temp for this?

Hayfire2 Joe says:

What are the other levels of output??

Sergio Gomez says:

I’m on your page right now.I love your videos and most important I love flashlights. Right now I have 2 good flashlights I have the Revtronic F30B 800 Lumens and olight R50 Pro Seeker which always gets everybody’s attention. Christmas is coming and I want an even better one. I want one with the different color Leds and. I want to have the best flashlight of all my friends…

Mrs. Libra says:

is it waterproof?

david seychell says:

thx bro…..

david seychell says:

this light work with tis battery or with ather 18650??

Paul Hause says:

Try an LG HG2 brownie…..see if that’ll work.

Michael Peters says:

how do you charge it. do you have to buy a separate charger??

Leumas D says:

Recently had my Nitecore MH25GT stolen out of my truck, im looking to replace it. The TM03 looks amazing at the price. I think a thrower is too much for what i need for home security. If you were to recommend another light comparable to the TM03 what would it be, and/or a flashlight with a slight upgrade in throw

Opsenforcer says:

I believe 4sevens have a similar style battery that may work

Tobias R. says:

I really got a question…but R.I.P 🙁

Moon Buggy says:

Hi Marshall
Looking at 2 of your videos one after the other I noticed in my opinion that the MH20GT shows up your trees at 130 yards better than this light and also your second scary creature at 100 yards lol.

A G says:

can you also compare tm03 vs xt11gt / p03 vs xt12gt ?

Lisandro Benegas says:

will it work with standard 18650 batteries?

Bruce Wayne says:

Do a review on the new 2018 Fenix TK35 UE 3200 Lm.

Brad Johnson says:

What’s your favorite 1 batt EDC light?

BBBYpsi says:

Need to do a review on the new Nitecore MH23 1800 lumens & really small flashlight.

Phillip Kramer says:

I have a Manker mk34 8000lumen light I was given a yr or so ago and it just stopped working a week or two ago. They said they bought it from you so I thought I would get your advice on getting it repaired. Currently I can’t seem to locate it but I am sure it will show up soon since last time it was used was inside the garage which is a mess and will be getting cleaned (and likely that will be when the light shows up). Thanks

Leon P says:

I think it uses a high amperage 18650 like a 60 amps draw

Magneticitist says:

proprietary battery is probably an IMR so for protection they make the light only run the highest modes when it can be sure the battery can handle the current which unfortunately is only when the battery being used is their battery with the exposed ground contacts on top.

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