Niwalker BK FA30S Super Thrower Flashlight Review!

Here is a super thrower from Niwalker with their BK-FA30S flashlight! This has 1600 meters of throwing power! Its a large flashlight, which can be used as a searching light too! This has programmable features too to customize the light outputs you want most easy access to. This is one of the better throwers I have tested which I have tested many. This light is unique in both style and design. Please use my special discount in the link below to to get this shipped fast in the USA:

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Ali aga says:

bu resmen ThriniteTN42 taklit edilmis, fenerin sekli lumen vs hepsi ayni…

Strength Addiction says:

Hi, great review. I tried your discount code and it doesn’t seem to be working. We enter it in the promotion code right?

ted tedsen says:

perhaps the longest thrower but i think i’m keeping my Nitecore TM38 im not ditching my tm38 before the lights exceeds 2 km throw my tm38 does 1.4km or else im ending up having 10 lights and onley use the longest thrower

Yaxez says:

Any noteable advantages/disadvantages compared to the Thrunite TN42?

Francisco Chagas says:

Great Review Charles like always, fantastic!!! I did order this lite today , from Andrew-Amanda. Please tell me, I do have a box of that class of batteries: INR 18650 – 25R SAMSUNG SDI
6 2G11 UNPROTECTED FLAT TOP – (Can those batteries be used in this flashlight?) I can see the ones I have are similar to those you’re using in the video. Thaks a lot.

J Dunk says:

This or the Astrolux MF02 . Your thoughts ?

DomWil_ says:

Does I throw as good as the tn42 or k70?

MannyScoot says:

How does this compare to the Acebeam K70 ? Thanks for the video….

Charles BridgTec says:

Here is the discount code (aa4BridgTec) which is also in the video as well! Good while it lasts! Enjoy!

juliebellebean says:

Which one in your opinion is the one to purchase, this light – Niwalker BKFA30S or Thrunight TN42?

Brian Wood says:


Georg Mateja says:


hardus van der hoven says:

Get the BLF GT for test.

Ben Braceletspurple says:

Great price for the trow

william johnson says:

Nice discount! THANKS!

bruno says:

quanto tempo a bateria dura ligada direto em 2200lm ?

John smith says:

Does it come with batteries im planning to buy it

LegacyVision says:

This beats the Thrunite TN42 in price and throw but nobody is talking about it.

Boonie Boy says:

Nice review Charles. Niwalker brings out another fine flashlight, and it comes in almost under the TN42 sale price without the need of a code. Charles, now a side by side BK-FA30S & TN42 would be nice. 😉 I have both already.


Ive had mine about 4 weeks now..omg..its blown me away.

hack2637 says:

Great Review Charles! That’s definitely one nice thrower especially for the price I was truly truly Amazed by those beam shots
Keep up the good work!

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