Nutnfancy Review on Olight S20R flashlight: Favorite EDC Light

You’ve probably lost or broken some of the excellent EDC flashlights I’ve reviewed for you over the years. Time for an upgrade! I went on a hunting expedition for the most compact, powerful, and capable EDC light being made right now. I came up with the Olight S20R. They are many excellent EDC lights but this is a current TNP favorite: easy to use non-complicated UI, super bright, perfect beam pattern, waterproof, 5 yr warranty, deep carry pocket clip, powerful 186450 rechargeable power cell (included, easy to buy more, link below), durable, and very affordable. Unlike many AA or AAA powered lights, this Olight S20R will have longer burn times, especially in the useful Moonlight mode. Brief POU discussion included. If you used the link below you’ll also get the cool light cones, USB night light, and USB adaptor. You’ll see me carry this S20R lots now.///////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10

Olight S20R Baton CREE XM-L2 with cool and useful add ons:
Extra OLIGHT brand 18650 batteries:
iWalk Extreme Series Universal Backup Battery:
Rec’d also: AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank – 10,000 mAh:


Themrfreebody stupidchanges says:

great video! just ordered one after this review. can you use 4000 mah battery on this? i want to buy a bunch of spare batteries for this, as i will be using this for work alot, and they are cheep to buy.

Eric K says:

I just lost my EDC light,.. a LED lenser P5R, I had for 4 years ,..interfaced just like the Olight,.. That was the best light I ever had,. very carry-able and easily recharged like the Olight only it ran a 14500 batt. so it was slimmer….looks like Ill try the olight S15R next as I cant afford the LED agai.

Brandon Lau says:

just ordered mine! Thanks!


olight s2 baton seems like a good choice too. same size and brighter, you can buy rechargeables for it

B Curzon says:

You need to review the S2 Baton. Same diameter, but very slightly shorter and 950 lumens.

timewave02012 says:

I’ve been carrying the S10 for a while now (years?). Back when I bought it I couldn’t believe you were still recommending lights without pocket clips, easy-to-access moonlight mode, and that took inferior AA(A) batteries, had inconvenient UIs (head twist, tail buttons), etc. The only times I wish I had double the battery energy (S20 vs. S10) are when I run on high power for extended periods of time, but most of the time when I do that it’s to show off the light and if I ran at medium mode it would last as long as I need.

andythecoderman says:

I’ve been real happy with Nitecore’s the P12’s are skinny light, and put out 1000 lumens. Can usually find for less than $50

Ethan Bergland says:

For any of you discounting what nutnfancy is saying about a light saving your life- you’re wrong.
My light played a VERY big part in saving my life. I was run over by a drunk (I was riding home on my motorcycle), and I was stuck laying in the road at night with a broken leg. I would have been run over again, no doubt, if I wouldn’t have had my Olight ST25baton with me to signal with.

Ookami Kage says:

New to your channel, have you tried the ThruNite brands?

Thomas Bowen says:

No idea why I wasn’t subbed already. Confusing. Fixed.

EpicEverything3 says:

Whats better S2 baton or S20R?? cheers.

Antany Berry says:

I want a edc flashlight like in the last of us

k9merle says:

The R series of Batons are having tail cap issues that causes charging problems, flickers, and powering on. At least my experience, mine (the 10 and 20) have been back and forth in the mail with OLight more than in
my pocket. I bought mine in Feb of 2015, well before this review. Maybe they fixed the issues with new production, but I have spent more money in postage sending the lights back than I bought them for. Follow up video would be interesting.

Olympic Outdoors Dad says:

The on off switch fell apart on this olight after a month of use 🙁

Marvin Brock says:

I bought one of these lights after watching your video, which I greatly appreciate. The light started acting weird about one week ago, not coming on, functioning incorrectly, etc. It is now completely dead. Non-functioning. I will update the status and quality of customer care while working through the warranty process.

EVO604 says:

nitecore products have my heart, iv looked at all the other brands but my head lamp my keychain light and my main light are all nitecores. the hc50 i bought 2 of. one for edc one for work

kevin McMahon says:

nutnfancy, does the Olight have memory or do you have to cycle though every time?

Max Sangster says:

If you stick that light in your pocket it will turn on, and when you come to need it the batteries will be flat. Used to happen to me all the time so I sold it, hate lights with buttons on the side.

m3style1 says:

have you done a review of the olight valkarye?if so do you have a holster recomendation for off duty glock 23?

Dakattack98 says:

I just ordered mine it will be here Friday! thanks for the review Nutnfancy!

Todd S says:

By theway, when I was gear checked by Nutnfancy, I was coming from work.

bigchunk1 says:

I would get it but I don’t know if I like the position of the power button.

daniel sachs says:

Fenix pd22UE seems like a more compact option then this olight, it’s a few inches shorter length wise with nearly all the features and roughly same lumens but more compact

jason12085 says:

has any one had issues with this light? mine isn’t 100% reliable.

Triggin says:

I think Olight S1 Baton has overtaken this EDC light. its amazing and much smaller. SAWC!

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