Olight H2R Nova Flashlight Review

Olight H2R Nova Flashlight Review

The H2R Nova is Olights first 18650 battery headlamp/pocketlight with a groundbreaking 2300 ANSI rated lumens. The highly efficient CREE XHP50 LED in combination with our signature TIR bead lens delivers a perfectly balanced and even beam for maximum usable light when you need it.

The H2R Nova is held in place on the head strap with a magnetic mount that wraps over the body of the light for a secure fit every time its attached.

The light is easily removable from the head strap and comes with a dual sided pocket clip to use either bezel up or down to meet your needs specifically. The included custom 3000mAh 18650 battery is charged with Olights’ signature magnetic USB charging cable directly through the tailcap. There is no need to remove the battery from the light allowing you to charge on the go with ease.

Olight official eBay store:http://ebay.to/2rCOuAS

Olight official store:https://www.olightstore.com/led-flashlights/headlamps/olight-h2r-nova

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Roland Lowhorn says:

What do you think about the modern batteries are they safe and hot weather like a hundred fifty degrees left in the car

Justin's Outdoor Adventures says:

I think that would be great to clip on a backpack strap when you are Hunting and it gets dark, that 90° light is pretty useful. thanks for sharing the great video!

SolidSnakeFPV says:

last deer season, last day of rifle..a hunter walks across the field im covering, he has no orange on.. as he reaches the treeline he turns around i wave…He aimes his rifle at me…. i strobed him w my headlamp and clipped it on my pack facing him. he saw me and left. the deer still came out 10 min later.. long story short..I believe in strobes now

M. Myrick says:

What is your take on Chris Tanner and Schrade screwing Him and the Jess-x design? Will you review the new Jess-X?

Ellis Holcomb says:

thanks for sharing your thoughts on this light it is a nice little light I appreciate you for taking your time to bring this to us enjoyed watching your review wish you all the very best my friend

Bruce McConnell says:

Agree completely on the strobe/SOS modes. Give me something I can use. Love O lights

sarge27271 says:

@John Wingman 115: Great insight. I have to agree/disagree with the S.O.S. mode. SOS mode is useless because NOBODY (outside LEO, Military Rescue etc) has a freaking clue what 3 fast 3 slow and 3 fast blinks mean!!! How ever, I think a blink mode is a very useful option. Something that blinks at 1 blink per three seconds…if you are lost or hurt or need help, having a blinking mode (that blinks at maximum intensity) will help with power management, having more blinks for a longer period of time. Example, in a bad snow storm, rescue might be stuck waiting for a clearing for a day or two. What if you use your light to signal and run out of juice before the two days? Having a blink option is good for that. Great vid, keep them coming!! BTW, that toupee is awesome!!!! LMAO good for you if that’s your hair!! Cheers

The Urban Camper says:

Thanks for another great review. I’m going to disagree with you on the utility of SOS mode. Even though it’s very unlikely I will ever need it, having such a mode on a flashlight is a ‘plus’ for me.



Junkyard Fox says:

Looks like an interesting light, never tried an Olight before. Great stuff, Jon!

willy p00 says:

Agree with the strobe mode. That’s just plain useless unless you are surprising a meth head, in a building, with your weapon drawn, in the dark. Glad they didn’t include it.
The SOS may be useful on rare occasions (actually like SOS mode to an extent).
2k+ lumen for a headlamp? Are we on Pluto? 500 lumen for a headlamp is the practical limit. Hand held is a different matter, and should be a different light (thrower).
Have the H1r Nova, and love it. Also got the WowTac A2 recently. It’s awesome for the price. A headlamp is one tool, a search light is totally different.
This light wastes battery on crazy unfocused output max levels and costs too much for what it gives. jmho.

The MMA Otaku says:

heard this style of light was also called an L light or is that internet bullshit?

Roberto Mora says:

Nice I’ve been looking for a new light and I found it thanks for your videos brotha

mark lane says:

what was the price?

Kevin Kelly says:


ToreDL87 says:

I have a similar lamp and it just zaps the hell out of engine bays at night!
Excellent review!
Oh, it`s been 3 months, how`s the Yong Heng holding up? 🙂

DoctorDelts says:

Is that your Real HAIR!!!??

SolidSnakeFPV says:

2300 lumens…i need one

777 says:

хули в камеру светишь пидорок…………

Prepared 2 Thrive says:

GET READY! Prepare for chaos, social unrest, and disruptions to the supply chain. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive


it’s a outdoor light. sos is a great idea for to the hikers/campers/explorers will be most likely using it. great video

BlackRifle Survival says:

That boar got a little bit spooky at SOS mode. Lol. Cool lights

WarGrrl3 says:

the Skilhunt h03 1,200 lumens will still be my fav for versitility n quality. also its $60 you can always find it for $30. great vid though.

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