Olight M2R Warrior-Ish Flashlight Review

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Marcus Cullins says:

Just got this light for EDC this is the best i have gotten hands down.

Brad Michaud says:

Nice. A bit big for edc tho. I love my olight baton d2r

The Art of Prepping says:

I prefer the rubber tail switch too. I think the name “warrior” is overdone.

Tony Patey says:

Great review I like it a lot ,thanks foe explaining. Tony

Cole Constantinoff says:

Great review!


I noticed the same thing re: a lot more Olights showing up on YouTube. Which is going to put the cynics in a tough spot, given that was their big proof that Thrunite was actually terrible (which made no sense, lol). Olight has always been regarded as a good brand. But that’s why I didn’t bother reviewing the H2R…I was seeing reviews of it everywhere.

I think the only real complaint in this light is that it’s kinda branded as “Tactical”, and aside from the name, there’s nothing about this light that feels or functions as tactical outside of the tailcap switch. I don’t look at it as a Tactical light. If that’s what I was judging it on, I’d have some complaints.


Very nice brother great review I want to get a good EDC flashlight I just can’t afford it right now and I totally agree with you when you are camping you don’t need one of them high powered lights actually I just said that in one of my YouTube videos it’s kind of funny LOL

Floesh - says:

Wouldn’t buy it

Madman6505 says:

Very nice video! You summed it up perfectly. Expensive and great general purpose light, but maybe not the best for”tactical” operations. I love mine and prefer it over the S2R baton, which is also a great flashlight.

cdawson198600 says:

I’m really considering this light I just wish in tactical mode it would be momentary turbo and on off strobe not momentary strobe. I could fix the lack of grip on the rear button with a blast of flex seal.

Jason Carr says:

Great review. Could you check and see if you can get an arc if you short the two metal surfaces on the tail cap? Obviously concerned with lithium ion and potential failures

Chris Zietz says:

Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the money. I was bummed to see they didn’t make the m1r.

God :-O says:

3:31 Ben likes the rubber.

Cris282 says:

Have you tested the klarus xt2cr? Debating between these 2 lights.

jacob manalang says:

the tailswitch, pocket clip, ui, and using 18650s make this a very ideal edc light or task light for me.

the “tactical” light i carry daily is a surefire fury pro. its so tactical i was able to take my coworkers tire off, plug it, and put it back on after the bar closed. THAT SHIT WAS TACTICAL

PinGorilla says:

Thinking that you are going to use a flashlight for self defense is ridiculous. “Tactical” flashlights is a marketing gimmick. Come on man. Use your pointy things or strobe on your flashlight to blind and punchy punch said no self-defense instructor ever.

The Art of Prepping says:

Nice looking light!


Where’s the lamb source tho

yogidaherfman says:

I have been going back and forth on this light. It looks kinda large for an 18650. And I think the output could be better. So I am still on the fence about buying this light at 99$.

DedRok says:

After the support olight showed Marshall from GoingGear they created a lifetime customer of their brand. Awesome light.

WeRunGuns - WRG says:

Looks badass! I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one

Mr Murdoch yessss says:

Will it take two CR123’s instead of an 18650? Sorry if I missed it.

Leslie Kovacs says:

After seeing other reviews, I think that the Tail Cap Switch might not be…. “set up” to work well with Gloved Hands, which a LOT of Cops and Military are using on a Daily Basis. And when Winter hits us up here on the Great Lakes States, we ALL are going to be Gloved Up. I know my “Budget” Wowtacs give me no problems with Gloves, and I get all the light I can realistically use in my Suburban Environment for a lot less money. But the Olight is very pretty! Thanks Ben.

Survival Mindset says:

Excellent review but that tail cap i just can not stand. Maybe in the summer its all right but in the winter it is a fail with the bulky glooves. Ben was that big foot at that fire pit haha that strobe will take care of him LMAO have a good night

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