Olight M2R Warrior LED Torch/Flashlight: Review & Test

I take a detailed look at the latest “tactical style” torch from Olight; The M2R features a dual press base switch plus side switch. Magnetic base and charging with all 18650 cells.

This is the first model released in the new Warrior series. I find out how it stacks up and where it could be improved.
Available in CW/NW versions (CW reviewed here)

Sample supplied via Olight for unbiased review

Details from the maker:
Olight M2R Warrior LED Tactical Flashlight

The M2R is our brand new rechargeable dual switch LED tactical flashlight. This light is equipped with the latest XHP35 HD LED powered by a single high discharge rate 18650 battery with an output range of 1 to 1,500 lumens. The M2R features a quiet tail switch with minimal noise when being turned on for maximum concealability.
The light can magnetically charge directly through the tail switch making this the most innovative tail switch design since the birth of the tactical flashlight.
The side switch has a similar operation as the OLIGHT S series flashlights, while the tail switch can be switched between standard and enhanced tactical operation mode, allowing the user to access turbo or strobe mode with a single click. Also with its comfortable grip, durable stainless steel tail switch, and dual direction pocket clip, the M2R is the perfect tactical light to carry with you on any adventure.

Light Source * Cree XHP35 HD CW

* Length: 5.12 in/130.0mm
* Diameter(Head): 1.00 in/25.4mm
* Diameter(Body): 0.96 in/24.4mm
* Weight: 5.47 oz/155g (including battery)

Body Material
* 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy (main body)

Battery Source
* 3500mAh 18650 (included)

* Double Direction Stainless Steel Pocket Clip
* 10A HDC 3500mAh 18650 Battery
* USB Magnetic Charging Cable
* Lanyard
* Holster

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL CONVENTIAL 18650 BATTERIES: The m2r compatible with any 18650 battery and can be charged with either the included MCC USB cable or the OLIGHT Micro-dok ( II or above )

VARIABLE-OUTPUT/POWERFUL: Max 1500 lumens. High voltage 3500mAh 18650 lithium ion battery included
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Comfortable and firm grip with ergonomic knurling; easy to operate; barrier-less tail cap
ONE CLICK TO STROBE: Good for self defense. Enhanced tactical mode for one click instant access to strobe. Momentary and constant turbo function included
CONVENIENT DESIGN: Stainless steel tail cap. Extremely quiet and durable to use. Slim head design, detachable pocket clip for both carry directions, and lanyard hole for an enhanced and comfortable user experience


Heber Clement III says:

How would you compare the Armytek Partner c2 pro to this light? And which would you go with ?

nopey noperson says:

Thanks for what you do! I do have a question regarding tailcap operation. If the light is on via the side switch, does the tailcap get “turned off”? Some lights do not allow swapping between switches after it’s on. What I would really like in the interface would be swapping between a lower output from the side switch and the max output from the momentary half press then return to the lower output when released. Next question I have is. The tailcap strobe is also momentary when you make a deep press? It looks like the strobe turns off when you release the button. Will the strobe stay constant if held in deep press? Last question. Were you using the NW or CW? I really like the colors of the M2R vs the XT12S. I know it’s HD vs HI, but they are pretty drastically different in the lower outputs. Apologize for long post, but wanted to be as clear as possible. Greatly appreciate your efforts!

Y.S. says:

dont know why but never liked olight

Edison Siew says:

Olight has made a very nice light! Just ordered one!

Craig Parker says:

Great review, thank you! I have been waiting for this light for a while. Charging non-proprietary cells and a great looking light – I’m sold. I’ve seen some people complaining about 18650’s tripping in high performance lights. If you going to buy a high output, quality light, buy a high drain cell – you won’t put low grade fuel in a high performance car..

chad respicio says:

Does this light fit in the surefire v70 holster by any chance? Great review

Николай Шумайлов says:

Very cool video, beautiful!!!

MELEGO351 says:

Ordered mine yesterday in cool white. Is yours the warm white? It is a very nice tint, especially next to the Klarus.
I guess there is no way of putting a Smooth reflector in there. Looks very sealed up (and a specific size)… Maybe they will make a “Javelot” variant for throw?

Y.S. says:

dont know why but never liked olight

MercuryGlide says:

just a note, the side switch will blink once every second under 25% remaining power, then remain on under 10%

Joona Knuutinen says:

looks nice. is there a way to lock the side button only? is there any torch that allows it?

Mr Baz Reviews says:

Amazon links: UK – http://amzn.to/2fVVy7s, USA – http://amzn.to/2xZ0uNH
CW and NW available

Graham Blackall says:

Hi Mr Baz,
I’ve asked this question in a few places but not really had any answers
How tough is the pocket clip?
Is it robust enough not to work loose?
My only experience with these 2 way clips was on a Surefire E1B, the clip became sloppy very quickly and despite tightening it with pliers, I ended up losing the light on a train journey due to the slack clip
Can you swap it for other Olight clips?
I love the look of the M2R, but the clip worries me!

lowwkey91 says:

Been waiting for a review on this one and it looks like Olight hit a home run with this light. Thanks for the review!

nathan rubio says:

Does this unit use the same battery as the H2R, can it use the same battery?

Madman6505 says:

Looks like an awesome torch but I still don’t understand how the tail switch works after watching the video several times.

Marshall Customs says:

Mine should be in the mail tomorrow! woot woot

smolkafilip says:

Who the hell gave flashlight manufacturers the idea that strobe is somehow “tactical” and that the thing tactical people want is to have their light start flashing just because they moved their thumb a milimeter more than they wanted? Was going to buy this light but if they wont let you use it at its full power without that stupid strobe setting that is a dealbreaker. The standard mode is more tactical than their “tacical mode” which should have been just the standard with the side switch disabled so that there are absolutely no other modes to worry about. And I am really concerned about that lockout feature. If you dont want to drain your battery while your light is in your luggage just unscrew it a bit so it cant turn on. I dont want to pull my light out of my pocket because I found a junkie breaking into my car and find that it has locked itself because I sat on it and the button got pressed.

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