Olight M2R Warrior Tactical LED Flashlight Review (& Unboxing)

A full-test review of the Olight M2R Warrior Tactical LED Flashlight.
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Sean Butler says:

the strobe is great for self defence if you ever need it

peter walsh says:

Tried ure code didn’t work

Nina The Ambulance Camper & Other Stories says:

Nice torch and nice review Rick 🙂

Scudo Camper - Variety Channel says:

Olight torches are great mate. 🙂 great bit of kit for the van. 🙂

Talbot Express "Herb" Adventures says:

What does the term Tactical mean when relating to a Torch….

Malcolm Rowe says:

It’s “lumens” not “lumins” lol

Jurgen Kobierczynski says:

Don’t forget your astrophotography equipment when you are packing for camping.

Ray's Astrophotography says:

Great product review. Thanks

Tracy Vernon says:

Good video as always Rick,nice torch,bit om the expensive side for me tho.when are you signing up for Telly? lol

Shelley Anthony says:

Hey uncle( Rickvanman ) Rick Clarke ASMR nice haircut. Cool looking led flashlight.

kaos inourtime says:

Can we please have another astronomy video rick.

Shaun The tin basher says:

Bit pricey for me but good review

Jonophilous says:

Good review! I will buy for 50% off 🙂

Jack Saieva says:

Great looking torch man! I’ve been looking at getting me a new one for the past few months… I think my mind has been made up now! I’d mainly be using it for looking in the understairs cupboard.

LambySRI says:

The serrated edge is for exactly that Rick…. Wacking someone over the head lol. I bet it’d bloody hurt.

J.G. Conumdrum says:

It would look great mounted under a Gun barrel. With all the illegal aliens in Europe they should sell out in no time at all.

MandyOf Marymac says:

I am a gadget geek 🙂

avlisk says:

Thanks for the review. Yes, “WOW” is the reaction when one first encounters one of these. The one I got has a magnet so I can stick it to the walls of my van. The jagged end can be used for self-defense, if you are up to hand-to-hand combat. If not, it does a great job on mosquito bites. Olight is top quality stuff.

Silverlicious says:

Hope to see more Astronomy. Those were good videos.

Andy Cap says:

Nice video Rickster.. Andy in Upper Stratton 🙂

waine dodd says:

one high end high quality torch. a good one to have in the kit. wish my EDC kit had one.

Andrew Lloyd says:

sorry rick its ok for portability but too expensive i will stick to my sl1 clulite lamp that is brill

Tom Sykes says:

Whata the recharge time from flat please?

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