Olight M2T Warrior Flashlight Review

This is a review of the Olight M2T Warrior Tactical flashlight that works with either 2 CR123A’s or 1 18650 capable of up to 1,200 Lumens. Link Below


CarsGuns&Freedom says:

I want that table mat lol do giveaway

Mark Molter says:

I have a few Olights. Good lights. I’m trying to get away from Chinese lights.

jawsfederation says:

Chinese lumens do not compare to American sure fire lumens.

Flex Tango says:

Where do you get the mat with all the bullet and casings on it?

A S says:

I carry the m2r and I like it 1500 lumens

mixflip says:

I love olight

Jarhead6 says:

I got one here, like it so far.

Google It says:

A 2018 ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN has been introduced to Congress. Spread the word. This is real people: https://tinyurl.com/ydcl9uv3

shawn shipstad says:

Nice report. thank you. Price point is important. I want a garuntee for the $$

Rubicon V says:

The Blue ring bothers be because when I go on my special forces Delta operator missions to Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m afraid it will reflect and give my position away to ISIS. Lol 😉

ricfly52 says:

My one and only Olight was on my night stand. It came on by its self and burnt a black spot in a lamp there. I was at work and that light could have burned my house down. Sent it back to Olight got a new one that would not turn on. Used it as a target that following weekend. I am a surefire guy now.

Scott F. says:

Nice light as good review and info….Good stuff…

Google It says:

I’m interested in the Olight product line, however a ton of their reviews on Amazon say they are junk. Tons of people say the lights simply fail to work after time, or don’t work at all for numbers reasons. I like their small Olight models which are chargeable with the magnetic chargers but can’t justify the cash if they are junk. Still on the fence. Might just give one a shot one day to see for myself.

Nathan Graves says:


Wiz Tahlifa says:

Thanks gonna buy one now love it

Ben Magee says:

Been using a streamlight portal 2l-x. Love it.

Kyle Sinclair says:

Is it pricy

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