Olight PL-MINI Valkyrie – Ultimate High Intensity LED Flashlight Review

I absolutely love this mini pistol light. With an output of 400 lumens, built-in lithium polymer battery, magnetic charging system, and quick attach makes this the ultimate compact weapon light. Check out the Olight website here: https://www.olightstore.com/


Northern Monkey says:

Great vid. At such a low weight, seems like a great option to add.

Martina Dejaquiz says:

i’ve never had one, but i see from video it would provide a superior advantage in a night confrontation especially on a home defense gun it looks like to me. thumbed up – thx!

georgejohnsmith says:

I assume, as a guard you always worked in a well lit environment.

Gabe Hooker says:

I’m here early tonight! Thanks for the video, always fun to watch.

Warrior Mindset says:

I’m pretty partial to Inforce myself but have been looking at olight as another option as well….. great review

TC'S Corner says:

Great review man now I have to check them out

357magster says:

Excellent review.  That’s a bright sucker!  (Cute puppy, by the way.)

aziz Sadat says:

Good to see you again my friend!

Bumble Bee says:

Great review! Video on the storm?

Apple Stump Bushcraft Stuff and Things says:

Day-yammmm. 400 lumens in that little package. Back in the day, I thought the Streamlight SL20 was badass. Nice review. Cheers.

M 6706 says:

Great review. I was interested in this light until I heard how quickly the light dims.

el hidalguense says:

I will never buy a glock, there just to ugly. Will the light work on a 1911.

Dan C says:

Excellent review. Would like to see more video reviews like this.

TC'S Corner says:

At the end of video where you taking a bath lol

Randy She says:

Looks good. too bad they don’t offer a model for lefties

CrazyCanuck says:

Great review Mixup, but I don’t understand why they designed the light to gradually dim on its own after several minutes. If someone could clarify that would be great.

Keith B 444 says:


John Ganshow says:

And they make a holster to accommodate the light?

Rus ridge says:

Great little light. So far they seem to be a decent company w/ quality products. And their prices are great compared to rip off Streamlight. Is the beam adjustable from spot to flood? I also love Monster Flashlight products and service.

Brandon Hudson says:

Another awesome video my friend

Jerry Johnson II says:

Cool weapons light and thanks for showing it. Mixup98 for life

Last Clear Stratum says:

Sounded like you might coming down with a cold? Anyhow, cool review, really good seeing how well the light illuminated various rooms in your house. Great idea, and solid video….as always!

Marc Howard says:

Love my Olights.

Mr. Cool says:

Awesome video! Please check out my channel if you get the opportunity. Thanks!

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