Olight S1A and S2A Baton Flashlight Review



19 olights and still counting, just love em

john smith says:

Tailswitch and ability to reverse the clip! Side buttons are stupid on edc lights as is having the bezel up clip. I want my glass down in my pocket where it’s protected and not being hit. This carry also makes for proper direction when drawn when using a tailswitch if you had to draw quickly to identify a threat while using a gun.

12GaugeTommy says:

Great lights my friend

James N/A says:

Doing any give sways on it shooter?

Zach Donaldson says:

Turn the belt clip over the button if you want it to stay off in your pocket, and obviously you would have to move it when taking it out. I lost an S1, then with the next one used the lanyard and was disappointed when I reached for it and the lanyard was broken and it was gone again, but found it later, and unfortunately just keep it in the truck now.

Rogue Preparedness says:

The more I see of the Olight, the more I like ’em. I see what you mean about the buttons, though. Is it that big of an issue? Like, do they randomly get hit and turn on? Thanks for the review!!

M9A1 MAN says:

I love Olight. I have an M22 Warrior for the house and a M1X Striker for EDC.

zetapal says:

Something to protect the button to prevent accidental activation ? Oh you mean like rotating the clip around so the button is underneath it …ok !

Little Jenny says:

Love my Olights.

Calogic says:

nice vid

Jarhead6 says:

I like them!

BIG BEN says:

(4:15) The S2A Baton will reach a max output of 550 lumens (turbo mode or strobe) using two AA lithium batteries, 2 Alkaline or 2 NiMH batteries. You can NOT use two high voltage 14500 batteries with the S2A Baton otherwise you will fry the single-die LED. However, a single rechargeable 14500 battery can be use with the S1A Baton in order to access the light’s peak brightness of 600 lumens strobe or turbo mode so, the use of 14500 batteries is NOT similar and does NOT apply to both flashlights, only to the S1A Baton.

Albert Pelletier says:

How durable are the rubber buttons of both of these in a very oily environment for a prolonged period of time?  And how durable is the rubber cover on the S2A in a very oily environment for a prolonged period of time?  I’m wondering about these while working on machines that are hydraulic, and having my hands all oily while needing a flashlight.

Scott F. says:

Good review vid…

alan j Hornung says:

Great Review !! TIR optic lens with Lithium battery very good no more Alkleaks  , Move the clip over switch .

Jukka Jamukka says:

I have them both and loved them, though recently I found myself carrying the S1A more! More power guys!

northwales1000 says:

yay more fake reviews, olight are getting as bad as thrunite

DJJAW11 says:

Did you mention the S2A silicon grip bit, will actually glow?.

Six Lug Chris says:

I love Olight I just got an S2 from Amazon but found out about there huge sale so I’m sending mine back and me and my uncles bought a bunch of S2s at the discount

Todd Benson says:

I had an S1 (lost it and very sad). Now I have an S2. The button is an issue for turning on in your pocket but if you rotate the pocket clip it over the button it works well to protect the button from turning on.

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