Olight S1R II Baton 1,000 Lumen Micro EDC Flashlight Review

Olight is having a 1 day flash sale (link: https://bit.ly/2QWjFAD) on their new 1,000 lumen S1R II Baton rechargeable EDC light. Mine came in late due to the storm but I threw one in the freezer about 6 hours ago and made this video as fast as I could when I got home from work. I go over the features of the light, abuse it a bit, and do a beam comparison with some other lights on the market 🔥🔦

Link to the sale (order over $99 and get a free headlamnp): https://bit.ly/2QWjFAD

Link for the views in the United Kingdom: https://bit.ly/2OQu9jF

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Duece1975 says:

I own 2 different models olight of Olight. They work great. I personally don’t like the power button location. I would rather have a button on the rear than a magnetic charger. I realized this after i purchased the 2nd one.

Slytiger says:

The Olight and Thrunite fairies arrived

tubatuba says:

Getting kinda tired of the many channels getting paid at the same time by torch companies. All the time by the same channels advertising the same damn flashlight…

Xandrosi says:

I’ve been thinking about getting one of the smaller Olights. With this deal, bought two. Seem to make a great product.

James Dees says:

They do these damn sales every time I don’t have the money for it…..

Mohammad lawafieh says:


BLD Lightpainting says:

Irresponsible pet owners who fail to control their animals like dogs barking/biting which destroys the peace of countless neighborhoods should be arrested! These criminals apparently have no idea just how irritating the noise pollution of their animals is.

Ryan Butler says:

One day is not long enough to get the word out.

Lars says:

Good review, but I’m not a fan of the 90 seconds run time for the 1000.

BadCow says:

Had my Olight S1R Baton now for more than a year, absolutely, hands down, THE BEST small flashlight money can buy. I’m sure the S1R-II is even better. Mine older one has been used and abused and it’s like brand new. Great product.

Jeremy Rhodes says:

Water is gone . 🙂

Reid Bronson Harris says:


Gunner 249 says:

I love my original and it has been my daily carry for almost 8 months now. I also use it daily in my work and recharge it in my car between job locations. At night it sits magnetically stuck to the top of my Glock beside the bed.

EK 47 RK 75 says:

I’ve been using one for at least 4 weeks now. Dropped it approximately 14 foot today on a concrete floor. Works great. Pocket clips right to your hat for use. Great light

jpbaney says:

Bought 4 using the link! Thanks! Xmas shopping for my Dad and Father In-Law (x2) is complete.

kingpolaris says:

i can’t anywhere where this question is clearly answered . does the light itself work with previous magnetic charging options from olight including charging bases

tora737 says:

Which do you prefer? Cool or Natural?

C M says:

I use my earlier model as a weapon light. It slips onto the end of my hand guard on one of my rifles. I’ve taken it to the range and ran 100 rounds through it and it still works.

mursalot says:

Great video
I really wish these companies would stop using a red/green light as a charge indicator. Us colorblind folks don’t find it very useful

Mike Angelastro says:

I bought one! I bought a cheaper EDC flash light ($25) and it went through the wash and it doesn’t work. I have to replace it so for $48, not too bad.

SlainByBlind says:

they are quickly catching up and surpassing the competition

Jones says:

I love how Olight takes end user feedback and turns it into a product that everyone wants. Unlike some big name manufacturers with only eyes for government contracts, these guys do their research, push the limits and make it all extremely affordable. Olight has a very sound business model and is setting new standards for all the others that have been resting on their laurels for far too long.

Xbridgeman1975x says:

I ordered 2, Give one away for Xmas.

Salty Diarrhea says:

I want to love Olight but the one I had such acute problems that it was irritating and ultimately unreliable.

They’re awesome, but the lack of reliability and longevity for the price point is too discouraging for the average consumer.

And I can’t stand equipment I need to babysit and question its reliability when it’s most needed.

Ian Carpenter says:

Whelp… Sorry wallet.

jeremy burton says:

Already ordered one

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