Olight S2R Baton II 1,150 Lumen EDC Flashlight Review & Flash Sale 🔦

I go over the new Olight S2R Baton II 1,150 compact everyday carry flashlight, do a beam comparison, some drop testing, and discuss what I think of it overall.

Sale link: https://goo.gl/dnMBxX

If you live in the United Kingdom here’s the link for y’all: https://bit.ly/2CRThTL

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Acelr88 says:


GetMeThere1 says:

I’ve been running the old SR2 for quite awhile now, and I use it often throughout each day. It has served me very well except for one weakness (IMO): the on/off button sometimes shows a little fussiness — and even normally it requires a very “explicit” button press that requires me to “point” my index finger clearly into the button to depress it deeply. I’d like to see olight make a little more effort toward a better mechanical activation setup — even if it cost more.

Bulldog 71ss says:

4th olight vid I’ve watched this morning. Lol.

Brian Tayes says:

How do access the strobe mode?

Yaxez says:

Customised 18650? Well what other 18650s does it work with?

Steve austin says:

Nice review …I just don’t know if I should buy yet another Olight. But I know I don’t have as many as you do gunsngear so I’ll try not to feel bad if I do break down an buy this today.

Bob Haehn says:

Ima go broke buyin flashlights mr g!

freeze1617 says:


Anthony23Riv says:

Love olight. Always hop on their flash sales

Tom Simmo says:

Whats your favorite little tac light to date MGG?

Jay Frey says:


txstevet says:

Ordered thru the link!

Pat Hobbs says:

Ordered through link

Eric Burcham says:

Does it have a lock so not to be accidentally turned on in your pocket?

David Glatter says:

Preference between this Olight S2R II and the Streamlight ProTac 2L-X?

Cordel Gunderson says:

How do you feel about the light quality? A lot of people in the flashlight entheusiast community are bitching about the light being very blue, or as you put it, very white. Did you find that to be particularly problematic in your use of the light, or is it just not an issue with how you use it?

lentztu says:

I got one, I am blaming you….and LLOD 😉

weedXD38 says:

Thank you for the heads up!!! 🙂

z50 says:

Every time you do a flashlight review I wonder if you’re going to drop it over the railing into the water. . . .

Ann Lee says:

Why is everyone putting this on their channel….

mike rowe says:

Great timing, Im ordering it now.

DuffManSW says:

Thank you. Just snagged one.

GetMeThere1 says:

Ordered a couple on the sale — mentioned your name in the comments section of the checkout. Thanks!

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