Olight S2R Baton II Flashlight Review

The Olight S2R Baton II features a battery indicator located on the side switch so you always know when to charge. The S2R Baton II also features a lock out mode which prevents it from turning on in your pocket. The S2R also features a 9 minute and 3 minute timer which will turn the flashlight off.

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KD0LRG says:

How do you get the free shipping since it is one cent short of free shipping? Gives me 5.00 shipping option only. If I add more to my cart shipping is free, am I doing something wrong?

dont care says:

these flashlights are truly amazing

Hindsight says:

These are good torches, I am not a fan of the charging system they have though. I owned the S1 baton that died when it’s magnet attached it to a baking tray and I unknowingly pre heated it in the oven.

I then got the S2 baton which I still carry, but replaced it with the h2r nova for the headlamp option.
H2r is the only one I have had issues with when it had water look into the lens and mess stuff up.

Bobby Chaney says:

At least we know it’s drop proof!

Funny Funker says:

I just received my S1R Baton 2 and it’s literally the best light I’ve ever owned. I was skeptical about its claimed 1,000lm output but it blows my Maglite Magcharger, Surefire Fury, and Streamlight Strion out of the water.

minicoopertn says:

When it comes to the lockout mode I normally just turn the clip to cover the power button. This also has the advantage of making it easier to find the power button in the dark.

SkinnyMedic says:

FLASH SALE: Nov 9th Original price $69.99 VS sale price $48.99. Save $21 with free shipping! https://goo.gl/wBM5Cb

DesolateTree says:

The S1 baton has that lockout setting. I love carrying the S1, and in construction it’s great! It’s plenty bright, clip it on a hard hat instead of using a headlamp, and the magnet holds it secure to metal studs if you’re doing commercial or industrial work. My ONLY problem with it (with me actually), is it’s so small that it’s easy to forget it behind! I’ll stick it in the top of a panel while terminating wire, or clip it on some grid wire above ceiling and just leave it. I’ve left it at the jobsite overnight several times. With that though I’ve been thinking about getting this light for a little more run time, and hopefully so I can keep up with it easier.
(Edit) My one question on the s2r being, how strong is the magnet? the S1 was just strong enough to hold itself up, but if you had it on a flimsy stud it could easily fall. This one being longer and heavier, does it have a stronger magnet?

Mark Olsen says:

Do you have any inside word on if they are putting out a new version of their headlamp? (H2R) since they have revised both the S1R and S2R now?

chris bettis says:

Timer would be great for getting into your hammock at night. Hang it on your ridge line, set your timer and the lights go out for you… could be useful or convenient

Larry Lee says:

1 dam cent to get free shipping come on guys

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