Police Duty Flashlight Comparison – Stinger vs. LE-1+ vs. Lawman vs. Nightstick vs. 7060

Tactical Impulse LE-1+ vs. Streamlight Stinger HL DS vs. Stinger HPL vs. Surefire R1 Lawman vs. Pelican 7060 vs. Nightstick 9614XL.

We’ve reviewed 6 leading police flashlight models and compared their physical attributes and lighting performance. We hope the information helps you choose your next flashlight! Visit www.tacticalimpulse.com for additional videos and information.


Len Zielenski says:

On the run time tests, did you factor in that many lights intentionally do a thermal step-down ON PURPOSE? Or doesn’t that figure into your sales pitch?

Miatachanic says:

nickel metal hydride batteries arn’t made to be drained so its actually good to leave the flashlight on the charger, also the streamlight piggy back fast charge has reduced amps feature so it cant over charge the battery and stops when its full. also most tech has built in voltage regulators to prevent the problem of over charging and it reduces the amps accordingly

High Altitude Productions says:

I am a sucker for streamlight. Their craftsmanship is top notch. I just picked up the Streamlight pro-tac. It’s the perfect size for an everyday light.

George Grasser says:

I am assuming their absence that UltraFire/Cree and Police Security brands are trash in your opinion.

Hal Eloi says:

I use a Streamlight SL-20x old but in my army unit I wanted a good light, got it for ten bucks at swap meet. Got a LUXPro 280 Lm led light too, $14.00 at Lowes. Lowes has many good lights, go check em out always have sales fi u don’t want to spend 100 bux on a light.

AbsoluteZero509 says:

What is the warranty on the LE-1?

Tyler Rodriguez says:

What kind of candela is your light putting out?

Aaron Phillips says:

Functions :

6:15 – Surefire Lawman
7:45 – Pelican 7060
9:55 – Nightstick
11:15 – Streamlight Stinger HL
12:38 – Streamlight Stinger HPL
13:03 – LE-1+

Rico702Vegas says:

Wait I thought you said the criteria was 1 button?? Multiple lights with 2.. the hell.

gtafan1722 says:

great video. will there be any more of these?

Daniel Danrich says:

I’m sold

L8T4AD8MAN says:

Pelican FTW

Joe Kulnane says:

am I missing something??? What was the rundown of the nightstick flashlight. I don’t see it on the graph.

Connor Mcgovern says:

I wonder why Streamlight used an inferior Battery Technology for Duty/outdoor flashlight.

Dj McCollister says:

Does the light with the extender fit in holster?

PBS #007 says:

thanks for the info, very helpful the best i have seen

hispeed lowdrag says:

At forst, watching these comparions, i was excited about the flexibility of your tact.impluse le1+… That is until I went to ur website to buy it. The light does not come with a charger, really. I can see separately charging for accessories such as the traffic wand attachment, but the flashlight is useless without a charger… 140 for a flashlight, it should come with a charger. Not cool

Royal V. says:

Wow nice. I thought this was going to be an infomercial on a crappy light. I was wrong. What an amazing and well thought out design. I’m a believer

nicktesla45 says:

More Features means more shit that can break down !!………… No Thanks ! I’ll stick to my 3-C Maglite

Caburai Bushcraft says:

Nice video comparison. Have you heard of Brite Strike Tactical Blue Dot flashlight? Check it out. You are going to be impressed with it.

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