Storm of Ra Flashlight Review. Active Cooling, 6000 lumens, 635000 candela. Jesus.

Silent Thunder Ordnance’s actively cooled flashlight the Storm of Ra, has one of the most powerful beams of any production light yet. This beast of a torch puts out just over 6000 lumens, and 635,000 candela. Making it currently more powerful than the Acebeam K70 and the Thrunite TN42. The Storm is made in the USA in small batches, and built to order on Silent Thunder Ordnances website. This review covers the operation, tests the runtimes, and checks output levels. You’ll see nice night shots, and a big beamshot section featuring the K70, the Noctigon Meteor, the Brinyte B158, and Nitecore TM16GT.

Check out Silent Thunder Ordnances Website here:

Firmware manual and programming instructions here:

Buy Efest batteries here:


Thomas says:

I really enjoy your videos. One suggestion: please give prices (if only approximate). Thanks.

James Min says:

Why does it look like such a POS… put some finishing touching on it mofoz. That light output is pretty amazing though. Would be awesome for cop cars.

james palmer says:

I done something very very strangely similar with a cannon camera lens and my nitecore HC-30 flashlight.
So much so similar that im gonna stick a piece of tape over my camera lens on my phone lol

Christopher H says:


Thomas Milligan says:

No really Honey its for checking the house at night…from two towns over

manifest 73 says:

Throw a difuser on there you got a yourself a great lamp.

bendari says:

Now that’s one bad ass flashlight! Hey Santa I want a Silent Thunder flashlight . . . PLEASE! I’ve been real good this year!

40belowful says:

I bought the “eye of rah” and am impressed:)  cant imagine this. why not compare the “eye of rah” ?

AdventureSportFlashlights says:

I like that the active cooling means the output is sustainable. That’s a nice feature. I’d kinda like to see some kind of protection over the fan assembly in the back. The way the cells fit in that body is cool too.

TheRevDr says:

Throwy, throwyest, throwiest? Preferred spelling?

Ra, Ra, against the dying of the light.

Paul George says:


Tovarish Works says:

Was that a slight on me? Cuz I have bad spending habits XD

kenny thompson says:

Awesome video. Too bad not beach worthy . Like to see it on a foggy night . Hope you get the blf gt and compare the storm to it .

NI2 TEST says:

Great review, not for me, but the Idea of having that amount of lumens in projection lens actually looking good …

cyclist01222 says:

That fan got me thinking… put that bad boy on a drone for a hollowen UFO prank. Just like Close Encounters!

Gamma Rayburst says:

Can I bother you for your recommendation for a edc light with nichia 219 with the most flood? Thanks for your time

RedSquirrelEater says:

I like the idea of active cooling. But, seeing how it’s implemented on this light, makes me realize that good-old step-downs are a much better practical option. I’ll give credit to this company for coming up with much different designs than others. I don’t know how much of a market there is for lights they make, but maybe there is a niche appeal.

Rebuswind says:

Only if iron man need a signal light like batman…Advanced Knife Bro—giving neighbors and squirrels Insomnia since April 2013 (yup…chased down your first light review just for this line…) you know you can make their insomnia go away just simply show the run-time part of your review to them right? I was kidding.. just in case…you may feel sad…I love the run-time part…

Dinner-fork tongue says:

The beam looks like the beam from the headlamp in _Alien Isolation._ Then again, the whole Storm of Ra looks like it could fit in 1970s sci-fi, thanks to its looks. Very creative switch, I dig it.

Matt 24 says:

What would you say is the floodiest light you know?

santiago vindell says:

Artifact flashlight King!!

kaybi says:

I would have loved to see a comparison to the Lance of Ra, but overall, great video, as always.

Hey, what went on the other day? There was a notification for a live stream, but it never happened.

Stutterin` Bob says:

That looks like the same heat sink I used in a few computers when I did overclocking a few years ago.
Any vape store can sell you good batteries. Those efests can’t be trusted, they print higher ratings on the labels than the batteries really are.

Ail'enduril says:


supernova1976 says:

Damn that looks like a fun light , I want one and love that switch .

lowwkey91 says:

Is this a good backpacking light?

Barlo Tardy says:

I’ve been wondering how long it would take somebody to weaponize light…

Deliminator says:

Now that’s something that would help a lot here since hurricane Maria devastated our power grid. All those lights that I bought because of your reviews are paying off. The best of them all is the Olight S10R baton III because I can charge it in my Tucson’s USB port. I can also clip or to my cap and voila, hands free. Stick it to the bathroom vanity frame with the magnet and there you go. The others I have are brighter bla bla bit I need to charge the batteries at work where there Ida power generator. BTW it last longer than those using the 18650 or it may be my el cheapo charger? PS the good thing of this darkness is that I able to see how good every one is.

Steve Kluver says:

Leave it to you, to bring out a BIG DOG!

Wow . . .

That is pretty cool. I may have to get me one of these. I will say though. This is very old school looking. Right? I mean, I think this is pre-Captain Kirk old school looking. Like, Lost in Space, the original TV series old school >

I would go for this entry level option too. I think that thing will be even cooler, when I put a whole bunch of stickers all over it! : – )

Nice to have you back. We were starting to get a little worried about you. Someone mentioned a possible shin accident?

And speaking of being gone. Where the hell have I been? 20700? I thought I was the king of the cool kids, having some 20650 batteries here.
Oh, now that I think about it some more, though I have never seen a 20700 in the wild. Isn’t that a new “Tesla” sized battery, we heard about early this year, that would be coming?

heardistance says:

A handy helicopter light for your backpack. Or to impress your boyscout friends 😀

MinikuiOtoko says:

Jesus . . sounds like you’ve seen the light. Hallelumenjah.

Porki Chili says:

I think it’s very useful for catching escaped slaves and chaingangers

Levon says:

“Cuz’ the faaan”

Nick Shabazz says:

Great video, silly, awesome light.

Old Ben says:

That’s an awesome light…

David Thompson says:

after your last silent thunder review, they raised there prices. sad

- - says:

flashlight art from the future

liljack8421 says:

I think a bunch of lights you’ve reviewed would do good with some sort of built in fan. As always I thoroughly enjoy your light reviews. Thanks for this one but can I ask could you possibly in the future find a spot where you could really test the throw of some of these lights? That would be freakin’ AWESOME much love my friend.

qdp612 says:

What does one do with so much power.

wayne murphy says:

Talk Talk internet supplier here in the U.K sucks really bad, and I’m pissed off. Anyone got recommendations as to who I can switch to.

stereotonic says:

does this appeal to anyone besides flashlight nerds?

Shaked Tollman says:

“But my flashlight has turbo!” No, your flashlight’s company was just too lazy to name two medium modes so it’s just easier to say turbo haha

marshalllaw123 says:

That’s not a flashlight. That’s a fidget spinner for nerds with too much spare cash. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, I’m just sayin. There’s bound to be a carbon fiber version for even more $, amirite?

Dr. Tautology says:

Skookum as frig.

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