Streamlight ProTac 2L-X Dual Fuel Flashlight Review: Tactical EDC Perfection?

Many believe the new Streamlight ProTac 2L-X 500 lumen light may be the perfect every day carry light and I discuss why that may be while doing a beam comparison with the Surefire G2X Tactical and Streamlight ProTac HL lights.

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Heath Marcum says:

after watching this video and being a owner of a dozen streamlights. I went out and picked this model up. and everything he says in this video is dead on the money. what a awesome lil light this is. this isn’t as small as the popular olight s1 baton or similar lights. but this thing feels almost bomb proof, great lumens, good spill, perfect size for work, or duty and tactical. it feels really good in the hand and the knurling is just right. this will be my new work light, and put in EDC rotation. I paid a total of 59.00 that’s taxs and all and I feel I still got a decent price on it. I know they can be found a little cheaper if you shop around but I ran across this one and couldn’t pass it up. for those on the fence about buying it, you wont regret it!!


My EDC flashlight is a 345 lumen 1AA light I bought at Target for $20. I’m still not convinced why I need one on my carry gun though.

Ben Procaccini says:

Can you mount this to an ar 15? Meaning will it take recoil?

Seouljer13 says:

Picked one up because if this review and it is excellent!!! Thanks for the info. I’m very happy I got it!!

Chris Angelastro says:

Just picked one up. Thanks!

superswaglord1945 says:

love this light, but im a very interested observer in the lumen war. i cant wait for a similar sized 1500-2000 lumen light. (i think something from surefire just came out!)

TheBaxpin says:

Is this your EDC light now? If not, what is?

Brian cooke says:

Hey guy try the 16340 RCR123 batts from olight or fenix …thank me later and save money….only for your light that “only” take CR123

Chuck S says:

Made in America over made in commie china if you have the choice. SureFire is made in the USA and that means jobs here!

RolexDSSD says:

Great review!!! Can you get a hold of a olight baton 600 for review?

We Run Guns says:

Please consider a CALL TO ACTION. The BATFE is requesting consumer/ industry input on Bump Fire Stocks

Jay says:

Mike, while I love my 2L-X (and my 2L before it) I would highly recommend you check out FourSevens. The FourSevens Quark Click QK2L-X is a bit smaller then the Protac and emits an impressive 700L on high. It also feels like it’s built a bit better. The downside is it doesn’t have strobe, but it does have High, Low, and momentary on function.

Thats not to take anything away from the 2L-X, I love mine. I carry both lights depending the occasion, they’re my main EDC lights. Check out the FourSevens though…. You will be impressed. The QK2L-X feels so well built it’s one of my favorite lights.

If you’re interested I wouldn’t mind sending mine out to you for a review, although at the $50 or so it costs you wouldn’t be disappointed if you picked one up.

Walter O says:

Been eyeing on this product for some time now. Great review!

Ben Thaire says:

Yes, I got mine today ( and a PROTAC HLX ).

Odepro says:

like this EDC~~really good~~

Ricky Creason says:

Thank you so much for this review man! I’m now convinced that the Pro Tac 2L-X is going to be my final decision for a permanent EDC light. I’ve been looking at it for a while now among a ton of others and reviews just haven’t held my attention long enough to help in my decision. Thanks to this review though I’m finally going to pull the trigger on this light. I’m pretty excited about it and even though it’s only 500 Lumens I’m confident that is more than enough to ward someone off. Several of my good friends that are local law enforcement officers carry the 350 Lumen Pro Tac and that’s enough so I should be good to go. Thanks again for the video! I appreciate it and am now a subscriber.

David Each yet says:

I carry mine every single day (2L-X) — I forget it’s even there – I LOVE IT!!

Jay Ruben says:

I used to own that flashlight but I sold it because of the poor battery life and how expensive the batteries are. However surefire sales a big pack of the batteries the flashlight requires. Also they flashlight has proved to be dependable when I wore it on duty.

AP says:

Is this just like a larger, hotter version of the 1L-1AA?

WJP556 says:

Bought this today based off this video, and John’s endorsement as well. What an excellent EDC light. I’m very impressed with it especially at the price point. Thanks yet again for being an amazing source.

pma_ tac says:

Is it compatible with the flash light thyrm ring?

Danny Day says:

What do you think about the the
Surefire tactician……

NCtrail4R says:

Good video. Picked one up based on Lovell’s review and am really pleased with it. Hard to beat the value, reliability and versatility with the program options.

axWoundsurprise says:

Just replaced my Nitecore EA11 after a year of hard use for a Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA… I loved the Nitecore, just desired a clicky tailcap. My only complaint with my Stramlight is a lack of knurling on the body of the light like the 2L-X. Great review as always, and Merry Christmas!

Steven Peterson says:

what do you think of this compared to the Olight M1X?

The Triggerati says:

Do you like the 1L AA Streamlight?

JoeZero says:

Sold me. I got mine in the mail today!

G n' GF says:

I did not think I would need it. Lost my old pro-tac 2 a couple of days ago. Looked everywhere twice. New 2L-x is very bright and needed.

guitar hero says:

@ mrgunsngear. Do you think the Streamlight Pro Tac 2 L X is a good option for a light mounted accessory for my AR15? I have seen many videos on this flashlight but all talk about it as an EDC not as a rail accessory. Thanks

Andy Prariedog says:

I had a ProTac 2L but lost it. Does anyone know if this 2L-X have the same bezel/head diameter as the 2L? If I recall, it was .9 inches in diameter.

christian seely says:

Could this be mounted on a 556 AR?? Maybe with an Arisaka mount???

MichiganWildcat says:

strobe works good……………just gave me a seizer. LOL

The Eastern front says:

Dude, dont be gettin your candela all over my flashlight!!

Dante Arroyo says:

Haha nice just ordered one

The Patriotic Nobody says:

Hi Mr. G&G, hope you had a nice Christmas. Can you do a comparison between this light and the Fenix PD35 Tac?

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