Streamlight ProTac HL 5-X 3,500 Lumen Flashlight Review

Quick review of the candela and lumen monster that is the Streamlight HL 5-X flashlight powered by 2x 18650 or 4x CR123A batteries 🔦

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Ozarks Hillbilly says:

Oh man I’m a flashlight addict and was doing well in my recovery but …. I feel a relapse coming on!

CZ 1always says:

For the money, not sure if you can do better for the money.. thanks

RolexDSSD says:

Beast of a light. Great review!!!

Blulight 11 says:

WOW! Thanks……

cloudhidden says:

@3:40 Shut up and take my money.

John Ski says:

3,500 lumens you say… that’s cute…. … =D

treadhead44 says:

Can you charge those batteries in a regular charger or is it USB only?

TheOutdoorsman says:

When it comes to Big Daddy Unlimited, do you really see that good of deals across the board? I registered for a month to check it out, and a lot of it doesnt look all that much different in price from what Im seeing normal anywhere else. I did run across a bolt action Im interested in for about a $100 less, but thats about all Ive seen. Am I missing something? thanks

Mrgunsngear Channel says:

To see the best deals on this light:

Shane K says:

Damn, didn’t think it would be less than $200 but it’s less than $100

lerch400block says:

Wow. I don’t know why but I thought it would cost more.

cfltitan says:

I have one and LOVE it! It truly amazes people when I show them it at night.

B real says:

I love mine. Best flashlight I’ve ever had.


I was expecting the price to be considerably more.

gone rydin says:

Emisar D4 out performs for about 1/3 the cost.

Moonshield23 says:

I could actually use that at my factory job! lol

txcabbie03 says:

I had a suspect at work who didn’t feel like going to jail in the early hours. He was 6’05” and I am 5’07” and was by myself. I 100% believe this light in his face for a minute+ completely demoralized him and he gave up. Not a single punch thrown. I love this thing.

Jeremy Rhodes says:

Where is the lux numbers? Review is now invalid. lol

orion 2250 says:

Battery life is…DISMAL.carry many spares if you plan to actually use this light for any real work. These are killer badass..but they eat batteries like a crackhead…I want a 1k light for my Glock…3500 candela with A TLR-H1 form factor would earn you a kidney

billy wilder says:

I think you’re stretching the truth a little bit when he said he could tell if person Crosslake had a Glock 19 or another kind of Glock

aright2lucidity says:

If you choose the “red pill” then this is the truth. We are all slaves to a system called “the market”. We all work in a job that pays taxes that feeds this market. Who benefits from these taxes? The ‘World bankers’. The ‘world bankers’ is their real title (some call them the Illuminati, Freemasons ,etc, but in reality they are the ‘world bankers’ AKA the 1 percenters). They secretly control all of the worlds resources and economies. This system runs every western country. You, your neighbours, your town , your entire country borrows money at interest from these world bankers to stabilize your economy. The interest incurred is at such a high rate it is virtually impossible for your country to pay off. Hence why your leader( be it a president or prime minister) has one main priority, to reduce the deficit using any means necessary (war, new legislation, corporate greed) to pay back as much borrowed money as possible. This is why anyone who avoids taxes is labelled a fraud, and is tried and shamed publicly. Your country worries a lot about unemployment rates not because people are jobless, but because some people figure out working tax- less jobs is better than paying taxes to the government Yet somehow people are so ingrained into this system. So dependent on it, so much time and money invested in it , that they will fight tooth and nail to keep it running. Meanwhile the bankers run a separate program in your mind called ‘media’. This is done to help you accept their system. The ‘media’ provides sports, movies , celebrity news, gossip to keep your mind idle in hopes of making you passively and subconsciously accept their system. While keeping the masses divided by supplying you with ‘the news’. ‘The news’ is a mechanism whereby humans are kept divided on opinion and in trust. The more news you watch the more likely you are to lose faith in humanity. To lose trust and grow animosity towards other humans. This insures the masses will never unite…JFK signed executive order 11110 that abolished the Federal Reserve, a private central bank and returned the issuance of currency directly into the US treasury….6 months later he was dead in Dallas…Now they are running END GAME on you, are you ready for what they have in store..?

tedybear915 083 says:

It’s HUGE Mike.

Berg says:

So Streamlight is apparently going to be the first company to release a Light Saber, but well all wait for the HL version.

Robert Little says:

Thanks for reviews


Damn time to upgrade! I’ve been using the HL-4 for years and absolutely love it! I actually dropped it off the second story run in the Texas prison I used to work at and all it did was dent the bezel of the light.

synoptic problem says:

Looks like a tremendous flashlight at a reasonable price!

Machinshin says:

How come that Surefire and Streamlight etc, claims its so bright, when other companies at this moment is making lights that has output around 50-60 k lumen ?

The Richie says:

That light is awesome!! Thanks brother!!


I don’t understand 3500 for the 18650 but 2500 for the cr123..
why is there a difference I own this light but I don’t understand why there is a difference.
Currently using mine with 18650 orbitron batteries.

Sigelitedark says:

Bbbbuuut, bbbuuuutt it’s made in China/Japan/asia vs. Surefire donating to the enemy within because of…..merica and capitalism (gittin’ that gubmint contract no mattah waht!)

Gary H says:

You are saying 130 ft across the lake, but it looks more like 130 yards. So it is actually less than 50 yards?

planes45036 says:

I need this so bad! And the price is fantastic just like SL is known for. I have a protac 2l-x and have carried it for two years and wore the finish off of it and it still works like the day i bought it. Original 18650 as well!

I am Quite_The_Predicament says:

I am now considering getting this light and putting it on my AK just for the meme.

YorktownUSA says:

Awesome, but (being honest with myself) I have no need for such a powerful light.

golf-n-guns says:

Streamlight has taken so much of my money….here’s some more….

Not Getting Any Younger says:

I love Streamlight! That sucker is SO BRIGHT it will totally ruin your eye’s night-vision if used for close up work! I WANT ONE!!!

fomocore says:

Yep love that light

Caleb Davis says:

That light is insane

j-vtol says:

How far away is the fence again ?…

Henry 69 says:

I have one and it lights up the woods behind my house. Can easily see all the raccoons and opossi back there.

Jerry Johnson II says:

That is one awesome Streamlight. Thanks for showing this Cool flashlight Mrgunsngear.

ArmsDealer 619 says:

Just bought one off of Amazon last night and cant wait to get it. I was going to buy the Stinger HL as a primary duty light, but then I saw this and had to have it. Great review, keep up the good work!

Mike Angelastro says:

I need this flashlight!

Keeley Leonard says:

I am a LEO and I’ve had one of these lights for about 6 months and LOVE IT!! I found mine on Amazon as an open box deal. I also found two extra batteries as an open box deal. Both the light and batteries have been problem free.

Scott Strickland says:

How does it compare to the Olight Warrior X? I noticed the Warrior has about 26k more candela.

Ashish Ajnotiya says:


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