Streamlight TLR-7 and TLR-8 Flashlight Review

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Alric Wilhelm says:

Haha, thumbs up’d in the first twenty seconds. Great video. Thank you

jimmykief says:

Love these videos dude. Keep it up!

G Sligo says:

I hate you and don’t like your face. : )

Sergio V says:

Anyone know what eye pro he’s wearing?

Andrew Vertefeuille says:

John thank you! I have seriously looking into this light great review! and @mrgunsandgear are the best for quality and trustworthy reviews and opinions thanks

Rabbi Jesus says:

I’m a flash light fiend too. Love the series. Congrats on the garage door advertisements. That’s much more main stream.

FF Fister says:

Charisma level: 100

Game 7 Win says:

Loved the John wick press checks hahaha

mattbrash says:

Optics planet has the tlr 7 for $125 right now with free shipping…..great video,as always

AliasSLH says:

for edc no light on pistol, handheld for sure but no, a combat pistol sure a light is great but you still want a second light.

there is to many whatif items for a concealed carry pistol that distracts from everything.

yall go on about triggers when you need trigger control well adding a light or a laser means the same shit.

you don’t need it.

Elliott Butts says:

Great I just broke my big toe by dropping one of my pistols while trying to do the John Wick press check, thx.

iyn1911 says:

Does the light change your point of aim?

AcceleratorMagazine says:

You nailed it on the butterfly activation. I’ve wasted many a dollar of 123s cause the light was on in my bag or wherever. Tried rubber bands and different things to increase resistannce, nothing worked. I called Streamlight bout a year go and asked them if they owned the 123 battery makers and pretty much begged em to just add a safety. How hard could that be? Dude on the phone was pretty muchna Richardhhead and was not interested so I emailed as high over his head as I could reach. I nearly died in another country by comin up with a FN Five Seven on a night op and……no light. It was so humid our NVGs were useless and I didn’t need a laser pointin back at me. Luckily 40yrs of point shoulder got me thru, well that and and some backlight behind targets. Maybe somebody at Streamlight got the message but of course I was not the only one havin the problem. Maybe you could test the new 2200L light that uses four 123s or two rechargeable 18650s. I’m new to the channel but we sem to be on he same channel. Doubt you read many comments but if your up near Chattanooga get in touch. If you click on Shanna and my old pink Corverre you can reach my better half probly. Stuff in my head got me hangin close to mancave. You need/shud have more subs. Gd luck, sir.

0214Bub says:

Ha I saw Tomb Raider yesterday. Lara Croft rocks. Sad part is she didn’t get her pistols until the end of the movie. It’s really a fairly good movie for what it is a video game turned into a movie. The track record on video game movies has not been the best, but this is one of the better ones. My opinion is this one is kind of a Tomb Raider for the grown up crowd.

Essayons USA says:

Good video! The TLR-7 is looking pretty awesome, just debating whether or not I want to get all new holsters for one. I have had great luck with streamlight I’m the past.

Rebekah-Chris S-K says:

Haha made me laugh and informed me on cool guy stuff so win!!!! Just remember don’t cross your streams lol

Worldwide Bushcraft & Survival says:

Was that a nod to Arron Cowen from Sage Dynamics? Kudos for that.

Brody Gillean says:

Got mine yesterday tlr7 optics planet $114 shipped with the lucky coupon code

FAaST Purser says:

You didn’t end with “Train Hard, Train Smart”….Wait a second, did you touch my gun? Im all the way over here Mr Butaki

Tactical Training Group says:

Great information, hey John what is the most accurate reliable AR-15 upper? Looking for the best, money is no issue…

Ben Cantu says:

Keep it up man your awesome

Kordell Vasbinder says:

Love your videos! Just curious if you have or would be willing to do a video on some tips on how to use a light on your firearm. Thanks for sharing all the info!

Andrew Young says:

wifey bought me one for my birthday…glad to see this confirmation vid!

Dale Taylor Jr. says:

I’m currently carrying the sun (TLR-1HL) and am how considering the TLR-7 to save a little weight and be able to move to appendix. Thanks for the review John.

Layton Aschauer says:

15 seconds in and I’m hooked

PWR Hunter says:

Hey John. Any video’s on gun mounted light vs hand held light and pro cons in situations?

byingly says:

Dide, I had to do a double take on the press check! Cool little lights. May have to check it out, but I want to learn to use a red dot.
7 or 8. It’s like wondering if you need 4 wheel drive. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it…maybe.

dylan driskill says:

You have a strong dad personality John

jacob manalang says:

i think they knocked it out of the park with the tlr-7

Tom Bonnell says:

Great video! I’m not a bad ass like you. just a ccw guy trying to learn a litte more.

AndrewK87 says:

I have a poster of you smiling, with the quote, “I like to party” hanging on the ceiling above my bed. Sweet dreams!

Kyle Rainer says:

He looked like Reaper. Haha

Jacob S says:

great work thank you

Jonathan says:

I really enjoy your videos

Dark Coughlin says:

Did you practice that John wick check before the video like 10 times? lol had to get the perfect shot of it.

David Buchanan says:

As usual, great video. I really like your down to earth style and no chip on your shoulder. I also enjoy the humor and the fact you are a Christian, and it shows brother. Keep it up!

teedog427 says:

Thanks for your opinion and taking time for making this vid good stuff

Kyle Rainer says:

So this is a little bit smaller than the TLR4?

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