Surefire G2X MaxVision Flashlight Review

I drop test the Surefire G2X with MaxVision head on concrete multiple times and do a beam comparison with the Surefire G2X Defender. I also discuss the features of the light, it’s construction, and what I think of it overall.

Surefire G2X MaxVision light:

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Surefire tactician


Keith Gregory says:

Nice light!

Angelo Seghesio says:

Nice video,, thanks

Subb2kSurvivor says:

with the number of flashlights in your house you would have to have a room dedicated to just batteries. you are bananas about some flashlights.

TrackSol says:

G2x series vs Elzetta Bravo

Kelse says:

I don’t like dual mode flashlights. Edit: I see the G2X tactical model is a single mode output at 600 lumens. Probably going to be my next flashlight.

Pasole Soup says:

From all the flashlights you have reviewed, what is your favorite

Tyler Donohue says:

Any chance on a review for the new M600DF anytime soon?

Julio Englasis says:

streamlight and surefire needs to step there game up, the chinese flashlights are lapping them by leaps and bounds in technology.

jorges2000 says:

Cant have too many flashlights.

AZ Gunz says:

I’m wondering if the low/high output can be hacked to high output only like I did with my 6PX Pro.

CZ shooter90 says:

You’re the guy with the gun…getting tired of that commercial

Heath Marcum says:

I just picked up a g2x Le for 40.00 from and a streamlight HL 750 lumen from academy sports for 39.99 was last one they had, both great prices what is the odds of both being 40.00 lol

Renerator says:

Great Video! One question…..I bought a “Enjoy CommieFornia” t-shirt. I received the wrong size and I’m hoping you can tell me who the vendor is. I can’t remember who I bought it from. Thanks

animalmother556x45 says:

………I have been burned SO MANY times by Streamlight….nowhere near the same quality as Surefire. Glad I went with SF and never looked back…

tlee1982 says:

I bought one in OD green and I love it. Super handy since I work in a bar and general everyday use.

freeze1617 says:

The premium for surefire is to high and customer service sucks. If your a mall ninja its the way to go

TheProduct OfHipHop says:

I love my LE 400 lumens, bought my brother a Tactical 600 lumens.

Rus ridge says:

Good review. Great music.

Militaristics says:

the Raven Concealment ring clip add on makes this very easy to handle and carry. I have some older model G2X and the raven clip is a must have for most work related use.

dee lindsay says:

I just don’t like polymer in my flash light. Will put up with a little more weight to have all metal.
A on video as all ways.

Michael Herring says:

My first Surefire light didn’t even say Surefire, it had Laser Products. Every time I go to a conference where they are going to be there I bring my old light and they check it after trying to buy it. I carried that light for many years while on duty and it has been placed in retirement. My go to lights is Surefire and you cannot go wrong with Surefire products.

John Dilday says:

I have carried Surefire flashlights for over 20 years, first as a police officer, and for EDC now that I am retired. I used my lights so much that I would have gone broke if they were not rechargeable. I mainly carry a Surefire Peacekeeper, which I have a small belt holster for. It looks like the light you featured today, except that it has an aluminum body and uses the 18650 rechargeable batteries. I also have a R1 Lawman model, which uses the 18650 battery also, but plugs into a charger (ac or dc) but also has a stick that you can swap out that takes the CR123 batteries. It seems like anymore, Surefire has gone away from the rechargeable batteries. I have been interested in the rechargeable Olight flashlights that you have highlighted. Good review. Love the channel.

Dennis Marcus says:

Fantastic into music and as always the review is also great!!

Prisoner Alex says:

ive got two of those, excellent lights

weedXD38 says:

Awesome Review!!! Surefire is the way to go!!! Thanxs!!!

Don Garrett says:

Excellent review! Thanks Mike!

Robert Bradford says:

Does ANYONE make a reliable tailcap that startswith the hi output first..then low?

wild bill says:

I keep the g2x tactical in my car at all times. Been there for several years.

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