Surefire Tactician 800 Lumen Flashlight Review: Best Tactical EDC Light?

I do some beam comparisons with the Surefire Tactician EDC light, discus it’s features, the interface, and what I think of it overall.

Surefire Tactician Flashlight:

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Joe DeSimone says:

Thank you for this video! I replaced a LX2 Lumamax with the Tactician light because it had a less aggressive bezel, a less prominent activation switch/button, and it was significantly shorter in length. The Tactician was a near perfect choice, except that it didn’t give the option of reversing the pocket clip. I had several extras for the LX2 laying around and didn’t even think to see if they were compatible with the new style clip that came stock on the Tactician. After watching your video, I now have the perfect EDC light. Thanks again!

KingpinRable says:

Personally I think Surefire lights are way overpriced. I found a light that performs just as good for much less. You can purchase everything with the light, including rifle mount and the switch for about $ 120. The only difference is, light is made in Japan, but the quality of the light is outstanding. I’ll take Jetbeam over Surefire any day. If you ask why, I can buy 3 Jetbeam lights for a price of 1 Surefire light. However, great video.

Zach Cushing says:

I like my P3X Fury with the Intellibeam technology. I carry it in a holster on my belt and it works great.

Andy Prariedog says:

…..but does it take Glock mags? Nice light.

Michael Morris says:

No 18650 No by the light… it’s really just that simple.

Jonathan Dupuis says:

Is there a way to turn off the light, or lock it, so you cant ND the light by bumping it? Does any of the other lights in that video have that feature?

Thomas Akre says:

Que all the Yeager haters and people who don’t have any low light training. Time to whine about expensive things that are high quality and made in the US.

mtsEnrique says:

Got into a nerf war with my nephews. Ran through the house and turned off all the lights then blinded the hell out of them with my tactician. Cant say it’s the best self defense light but it’s useful for distracting teenagers when you shoot foam at them.

Standing On 2nd says:

Solid review sir.

lit sci says:

Two CR123 batteries in a light that size should now produce no less than 2,000 lumens.

Christopher Walken says:

I agree with you about the clip, I prefer bezel down. So I got an EDCL1-T.

Alan Jones says:

I’m torn between this light and the edcl2t. I have the older 500 lumen eb2 and carry it most times so I’m leaning towards it’s 1200 lumen monster update, but I do like the tactician too

James Breen says:

Yayyy. Been waiting for this. Love you. Smooches.

Lifter015 says:

I lose everything! Had preorderd a low serial# friggin fell out of pocket month after i got it. Its a great light, I used it in Sage Dynamics low light class in Arizona and it was perfect

Rick Anderson says:

Been using it since January and it is my personal choice for a EDC light. says:

Best patrol le/ mil flashlight?

Fightosaurus says:

You can buy flashlights with lower price tags, but when your life is on the line, do you want to take that chance? Surefire is built to last, and they’re an American company that stands firm behind their products and their customers.

G Lewis says:

Never thought a flashlight review could sound so much like director commentary on a porn shoot

Jester Avrgjoe says:

I know this is random, but:
How many lumens does it take to overload a pair of night vision goggles?

Trey Patsel says:

I used to love James Yeager but he is the biggest sellout now. Stream light 2lx all the way for edc

Mike Fredericks says:

What kind of watch is that?

Alaskan Ballistics says:

That’s a nice light!!! Good review.

miletello1 says:

Ha just the tip! Bezel up FTW!

mdfg+ says:

Is this light prone to failure if you over-lube it? 😉

Noel Richards says:

Excellent light, but while the pocket clip itself is really good, it’s orientation annoyed me to point that I removed it, also made my own lanyard from genuine military grade paracord without the clips & clamps. The clip never works for me with the weight of the head up, which pulls on my pocket, makes it collapse sideways. My favorite Surefire lights are the new Fury Dual Fuel at 1500 lumens 23k Candela on 18650, the EDCL2-T and the Aviator (red). I just got the M600 DF and it has wide spill and is warmer than the Fury. I definitely prefer it to the Streamlight 27.1k Candela weapon light.

Jose Alfonso Davila Rubert says:

Excelente herramienta gracias por compartir

rascalMatt17 says:

Went with the Steiner Mk5 for my 800 lumen light of choice. I like that the tail cap is protected on the Steiner. Makes it harder to have a negligent DC.

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

it runs bezel up so you can easily grab it and bring it out of your pocket and have it already in your hand, james has a video on it.

G Sligo says:

I own it. It’s great. I hit myself with it in a mirror about 8 feet away. Bad idea. You put this in someone’s face and they are blinded. I use shock cord, better. Fits in pocket, front or back like it’s not even there, unlike my other lights.

Internet User says:

I use OG YouTube now it’s awesome.. no more ads!! I have this light it’s good stuff.

Harley says:

Do I spot a Garmin Fenix 3 or 5 ? I love my F5….

Terry Waters says:

Takes two hands to go to constant on. That’s a fail I think.

jacob manalang says:

ooh i was waiting for this video since you hinted at it from the edc2l-t vid!

the tactician is my favorite light for edc. i like that round beam pattern without a tight hotspot.

i wanted to love the e2d but the crenelated bezel and tailcap, the mode switching, and it doesnt like rechargeable batteries kept it more of an emergency light than edc light for me.

i like that you tighten or loosen the head for the mode you want on the tactician. i do like the momentary/constant tailcap but sometimes i do want a clicky. no big deal, you can buy one. i kind of want to try the malkoff devices body for it.

so i like bezel down carry as well so i put the head and tailcap from the tactician on my e2d body and got what i wanted. couple days ago the 2 way pocket clip snagged and broke. surefire is sending me a new clip so i switched the head and tailcap back to the tactician body for now. that clip sure is sturdy but i dont like head up.

if you own both you could probably put the tactician head on the edc2l-t body for a slightly smaller light…or not. theyre both great. i like the tactician because its smaller overall size and i already had a body for it

MrMister says:

Do you happen to have the ACSS Cyclops Prism scope from PA? Dimitri has been quite on its release. Really looking forward to it!

rezdog187 says:

Olight or nothing

Larry Tew says:

Meh. Yeager designed?… meh. 800 lumens for the price of TWO Fenix or Surefire or O-Light or Nitecore 1,000+ lumens lights?… meh. Purposely designed NOT to use rechargeable 18650 batteries?… stupid.

Caleb Downing says:

I’ve had mine for a little while and really like it. The only thing I changed, or use differently from the factory, is​ the batteries. I used the 16650 rechargeable battery and simply love it. Great light, great review.

Ken Helmers says:

Thanks for the review & info 🙂

Keith Gregory says:

Nice light!

Lbsthapink says:

How many yards have you been able to positively id things at with the tactician?


I think I have the thurnite archer a1 v3

About as big as a AA battery and throws out about 600 lumens on highest and has a low mode for like 20 lumens. And only cost me $30. Pretty nice for a low budget light

On 2Wheels says:

Great upload. Thanks again!

freeze1617 says:

I like the button to be recessed. Push momentarily on, click permanent on.

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