The 32,000 lumen Imalent DX80 Flashlight Review & Full test of the brightest torch yet.

The Imalent DX80 outputs 32,000 lumens which makes it the brightest flashlight ever, by a long shot as of 2017. It uses 8 Cree XHP-70.2 LEDs to pump out more light that you’ll ever need. Light up whole buildings, monsters, aliens or sasquatch. Impress all your brights with Surefires, and Maglites- because this is brighter than any of those. Believe me a lot of people are saying it. In this review you’ll see comparisons to the 2nd brighest light ever the Acebeam X80- which held the world record in lumens production flashlights for a while- I guess. You’ll also see the Budget Light Forum Q8, the Nitecore TM16gt, the Imalent DT70, and the Acebeam X45- many of which put out over 10,000 lumens. Buy it at Gear Best:

Us Plug version: (12% off coupon: GB17LED)

EU Plug version: (coupon for EU only $217: GB11DX)

Make sure you get the right plug version for the country in which you live.


Iraya Marga says:

You make such nice, funny, delightful videos, that while I never in my life had cared much about knives or flashlights , now I already bought Armytek Wizard, BLF A6, Zebralight H600Fd, SanRenMu Land 9103 and 910, and few more. Actually, the best tools I ever bought in my 50+ years, and all just on impulse from watching your reviews. You truly can do magic with your camera. Thanks and cheers from Europe

N English says:

You should be the measure by which all other you tubers are judged. If that were made into reality, it would be clear that all other you tubers suck.

David Thompson says:


Yaxez says:

Love your flashlight reviews and humor, but could you do beamshots of something a little more exciting than bushes?

marshalllaw123 says:

When you shined it under your chin, I went “in the year two thousaaaaaaand!” Then you winced for comedic effect (and to avoid blindness), and all was right with the world for a moment.

Snared says:

1:35 “The Imalent is much more comfortable to hold”

Ummm EXCUSE ME? *adjusts glasses* [Flashlight that hasn’t been released yet] is clearly WAY more comfortable to hold bro. Stop using such superlative language in your reviews please. Disgusting.

D. Knibb says:

Gee whiz! My brightest flashlight is a Nitecore TM06s, 4k lumens. I use that very few times at work while doing an inspection in unlit area or when on vacation. I cant imagine having a 32k lumen flashlight in my arsenal. Holy cow! Of course there is a use for such a beast but i have no use for such a lumen riddled behemoth. Thx as always for your witty informative reviews. I can always count on you to do a full product review. I appreciate you dude.

SnarkyPosters says:

But… muh laptop pulls!

And blue *TrustFires* are the only batteries I *trust* to start Fires!

TookErrrJerbs says:

The next version of this flashlight should be bright enough to bleach shadows onto concrete.

Marcin Ornowski says:

My next EDC light!

tnprime says:

…. or street vendor 5000mah vape batteries….

Austin Leeds says:

Well, this was highly enlightening!

All right, I’ll see myself out.

vxgas says:

over 7000lm for 1.5hr is a bit impressive. any other smaller flashlight can do that?

Michael Yip says:

I paid $216.95 from BG & same price for US/EU plug!

BensarT [MC AS1N] says:

The brightest torch in the world has a iq of 200


Imalent are my favourite manufacturer lately, especially as my X80 has a fault. Can’t wait to see if Imalent crack 50,000 lumens next year!!! I measured 32,114 on the DX80 (34,000 for a millisecond at turn on) so quite consistent units. I can’t help thinking Thrunite are due a big lumen monster to take the flood king title.

Mitchell Delmar says:

Great for crowd dispersal, no doubt. Extremely well-conducted review, replete with wry delivery (which is really why I watch your videos). I’m hoping you branch out into producing shorts on social commentary. You’d be a hit (I think). Rock on.

ThisSpotRules! says:

Nice white out fx! Did I miss the part about purchasing additional battery packs to swap out while recharging? Was that switch a touch sensor or e-switch? Could not tell with the hand model’s demo!

Jay Starr says:

1:40 _Aluwhateum?_

Just Kidding

Steve Kluver says:

Bro. Another fantastic job!
I stopped the video at the 08:26 mark, and left it there for about 5 minutes. Staring. Wow, we sure have we come a long way the past couple of years. A very impressive lineup. I predict, that this time next year. At least one of them will have a fan in it ; – )

It’s also an especially beautiful time of year, for your shots at the 11:50 mark. Just gorgeous.
Thank you.

Silent Thunder Ordnance says:

Sort of a brute force way to achieve 100Kcd, but still not bad for a steroidal soup can that wants to be a tank shell when it grows up. At what distance did you grab those candela numbers?

porkbap55 says:

A beat it thumbs up bro a gloved thumb for the review mice one

mythrol says:

When you said “The light comes with a light” for a split second I thought you were going to pull out some Keychain light that they tossed in the box. I was disappointed when I realized that wasn’t the case.

Patrick Koch says:

Holy hell, I would have named this thing Jesus.

Josef Stalin says:

The voice of god himself is contained within this light

Le goût des lames says:

Impressive !

DirtRoadRider # says:

One the best youtube channels. Always great to see a new video by ya.

Og Smalls says:

Idk. Great light but the quality issues are a thing to consider

CVN71 OU812 says:

I got strobed hard once, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Tom Joad says:

Be great to have the x80 in neutral white.

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors says:

I love intense youtube commenters. I really need to make a guide for everyone so we can all comment with such intensity.

Fitz Mouse says:

This comment adds to your engagement. Much lumens, many wow. Sorry. Best I got. Work has been gnarly.

Did you grab the red g-10 pm2 in m390? Don’t tell my wife I did.

Paul George says:

Great video as always and dont care what anyone else thinks i like the humor. So like everyone else wondering who will be the one to have to trump this light. At some point they are going to have to start using active cooling though.

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