The 5000 lumen Manker MK34 Flashlight Review. With Nichia Emitters and Low Moonlight Mode

The Manker MK34 is a High Lumen, compact flashlight- similar to the 9000 lumen Olight X7 and the 7000 lumen Noctigon Meteor. It’s one of the brightest flashlights available and is about the same size as the Meteor. In this Manker MK34 review I cover runtimes, test the output, show you how to operate the light. Then there’s a beamshot section where I compare other flashlights with high outputs, and talk about the difference between floody and throwy flashlights. You’ll not find a better more comprehensive review on this light on Youtube. This entire video was shot on the Voigtlander 10.5mm .95 for the Micro 4/3 (MFT) mount. Other lights seen in this video are the Nitecore TM16GT, The Olight X7 Marauder, the Noctigon Meteor, the Zebralight SC600, and the Olight R50 Seeker. If you like this light, buy it at and use the following coupon code for a discount: AKB

The light:

The light with battery bundle:


Jeff Alfresco says:

Big Congrats on the 10k subs, well deserved. Always look forward to watching your vids. All the best Bro.

John Mitrano says:

Do you prefer the Nichia B or C ?

AdventureSportFlashlights says:

Aluminum tank LOL! Congrats on the new camera lens.

Aiden7332 says:

How many minutes it works in turbo mode

1911love says:

Love your content! Keep up the amazing work.

wayne murphy says:

That’s what I call people from Manchester . A manker

Bigwingrider1800 says:

looks like a battery suck for a 9000 lum..

beefysuperdude says:

Playstation? Man, I don’t know if I can trust someone who doesn’t play Xbox. *throws away Benchmade 940*

Daffa Wiratama says:

so you 39 years old, huh ?

Larry Everson says:

Lots of info straight to the point and love the sarcasm keep up the good work!

Old Ben says:

I bought this light a couple months back after the E14. Yes, I hate that I can’t just use any 18650 I have.. Thanks for the review

Sn says:

Nice video! 🙂 Congrats on 10k subscribers, im sure there will be many more in the future:)

wayne murphy says:

you’re good at this, keep doing it

Slapping Socialists says:

“Flashlight librettos.” You’re no tenor.

The Opinionator says:

You have the best flashlight reviews on youtube,the runtime section and beamshot sections are extremely helpful

Steven Schultz says:

what is the stepped down lumen from max that runs 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours depending on batteries?

Andrew Andrew says:

Nice light! On on another light,can I ask you which batts you went with for The Noctigon? Thanks

batman8995 says:

Thanks for the great review. I ordered both the MK34 and Olight H2R (also saw your excellent review on that one) from your goinggear link and used your 10% coupon code. Btw, do you like the Noctigon Meteor M43 more or Manker MK34?

dbtrackz33 says:

What is your Instagram? You are EASILY my favorite flashlight reviewer online. Thanks

- - says:

Manker would have been better off describing lockout as “One Click, Two Click, Three Click, Red Fish, Blue Fish”. It is actually just One Click, pause, Two Clicks, pause, Three Clicks

- - says:

woot woot!

Norte Lumens says:


Stassa23 says:

What’s your favorite edc sized light either keychain sized or drop in the pocket size. As of now I’ve been using the lumintop IYP 365

Clemence Ronald says:

Wake up!

UrbanGear says:

Manker has the worst UI by far. It’s as if they pay someone to purposely make it the least intuitive as possible. Great review by the way. Keep it up. (That’s what she said)

beak beak says:

We want mhanlen! never forget..

Steve Kluver says:

Thanks Man! These are great videos that you do. I really appreciate the humor too.
I am out shopping for my next flashlight tonight, and wanted to watch a few videos again. After this video, I think I’ll try the HaikeLite MT07 Buffalo next. Not that this Manker MK34 doesn’t look nice. It does, but the HaikeLite MT07 Buffalo will fit me, and into my collection better at this point. Thanks again!

Ronan Rogers says:

I guess your Theosaurus didn’t have the word Thesaurus

Chase Kerns says:

It really shows how much you love Surefire, lol.

wayne murphy says:

its not the gear so much that makes your videes good to watch, it’s just you pal, you know your stuff and I think you are honest and generally non biased.

Evil Bastard says:

I heard that Nichias get way too hot, way too fast. I’ve never had that issue with XP-L.

Luke Carter says:

Dang that Manker lilooks bad ass in the moonlight comparison shot. Nice work!

Scaffman says:

What a great informal video as a geek u address my all my questions in 1 10/10

Luke Carter says:

You got me seriously considering the Manker because of the moonlight mode. I would buy that light just for the cool ass moonlight. I can picture turning it on moonlight and placing it by my bed like an expensive nightlight. Tks bro

killerddt says:

Very nice video

Stacy Keen says:

I was just watching the DQG Tiny review and I was thinking, “I really like his reviews… he should do some more”. Bam -uploaded 3 hours ago… and it’s the light that is NEXT on my buy list. Must be some weird planetary alignment tonight.

JiRahb likestheinternet says:

omg omg finally something i can use in my house instead of turning the light on

Ilja Sara says:

That’s what I feel now. It started right after I saw that Voigtländer…

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