The Best Flashlights I’ve Ever Used, Rofis R-Series Review!!

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Max Spettmann says:

Cool video thanks! Is the pocket clip reversible for bezel down?

Lag_ says:

I saw these before but first time seeing them on Amazon, much more attractive to buy knowing that.

DropForgedSurvival says:

They do seem cool. Id have to test one in hand personally. I am still very much an olight guy.

Joseph Kasperek says:

Awesome set of lights and that swivel head is nice and don’t sell yourself short Ben, I think you are one of the best reviewers out there today. But watch out I will be doing some soon………………lol

dailydR1ver says:

Living survival Will the R1 fit an 18350?

Jones Chan says:

Wow, a strange flashlight, never seen. looks very useful

Darren Yoder says:

No price points??

Surago says:

I wish they had a package deal with all three, one headlamp, one charger to cut down on cost. I’d buy them right now.

hellomoto123ish says:

Have you used nebo? You should grab some and compare them to this. The one I would see being the closest is the crykt and the big crykt. The redline v is also a great light.

Carlos Sepulveda says:

Cool… love that swiveling…

Chandler Hughes says:


David Hill says:

I love you and your reviews. I hate the font…

Stephen O'shea says:

Awesome one torch option! Very similar to olight s series, apart from swivel head. I’ve got the h1r, s2r, s1a, s10riii, R50 as well as many other options so not rushing out for these but nice to see more inovation.

TheTranq says:

Do you know if they ever do flash sales like Olight?

This comment is irrelevant ⬇️ says:

Lost my Olight SR1 at work and have been hesitant to rebuy even though it was my favorite edc ever, glad I held-out, thanks for the review

Retofel says:

Can you please stop making those great reviews for all that stuff? I don’t have any money left 🙂

Canadian Prepper says:

The only light I bought last year was a rofis I still respect Olight though, who they copy alot.

El Rabbit's Tactical, Reviewsl says:

nice flashlights ! I’ll have to check them bad boys out. tfs


A new brand to me.
Great review as always.

spaceminions says:

I gotta say man, these are definitely not performance monsters; they’re also a bit more expensive than mine. However the swivel and charging are nice if that’s what you need, and the ability to run more kinds of battery is useful for some people. I can dig it, for sure. Since I brought it up, I should explain what I like about mine. My lights are cheaper, have generally better firmware (smooth graduations instead of a handful of discrete levels, thermal based turbo instead of timed, for instance), ~3500 lumens at turn on out of a small 18350 or 18650 (two different lengths tubes) or ~7000 at turn on out of a fairly cheap 4×18650 light or more out of more expensive ones. They also often have less green beams and better CRI which is a measure of color quality. (5000k at cri 100 would be close to sunlight). In fact, my small 3500 lumen one (which I should mention has to turn down its brightness to stay cool; it can’t run indefinitely) has 90 cri.

FuccDissShit says:

I’ll wait for V2

TheTranq says:

Awesome lights Ben. Gonna have to get one soon I love the swivel head

Irish Zombie Nation says:

Damn you Ben! You just made me spend another $80! LOL! Great review as always.

Dalton Schell says:

I like the touch of humility in the intro. Plus we all know nutnfancy is the best gear reviewer. I mean how can he not be with movie length reviews that people actually take the time to watch. But I definitely put you top 10 gear guys

jonNH123 says:

Awesome! I bought my first Rofis like 8 years ago. I STILL have it and still performs like a champ. So jazzed you found these!

Ricky Johnson says:

These are crazy similar to olight baton lights. Even the turbo modes are similar. I love the swivel feature. Might have to check them out! Great review.

ravenous369 says:

How easy is it to twist the head of the flashlight? I own a Rofis Tr20 and it takes quite a bit of force to swivel it.

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