The Brightest Flashlight! Olight SR90 Intimidator Review


Episode 3 – The Brightest Flashlight! Olight SR90 Intimidator Review

4Sevens XM18 Review-

The Olight SR90 Intimidator is one hefty flashlight. Slamming out 2,200 lumens of light, this flashlight is sure to get the job done. With three operating modes, the SR90 has a low, high and strobe mode which is likely to induce seizures in the weak!

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doubleu dee says:

that lights a joke, ive got one thats 5 inches right now, that puts out what that one does…hope you dont make your living doing jokes

K. Erwin Thomas says:

That’s an awesome flashlight, but $300 bucks? no thank you….

Samuel alexander Jackson says:

I have loads of gadgets but I don’t show them on YouTube

MrTacotime says:

Jeff is autistic

d34n1097 says:

That thing has nothing on my 4500 lumen 50w LED light cannon. I might not have a strobe mode on it, but it’s not an important feature when you have FOUR AND A HALF THOUSAND LUMENS!!! I’m also planning on doing a 100w, 200w and 300w version because a measly 50 ain’t EVER enough!!

John Doe says:

Man its 2017. Redo this video and take that flashlight outside and show us what it can do.

Rob Heine says:

I use my streamlight tlr2 hl. Its too bright for my eyes at 800 lumens. The change from bright to dark will leave you blind


DUDE,,show it outside in the dark,,bad video

doubleu dee says:


Fred Pennington says:

Your flash light is so powerful it might start paper on fire.

Dave Smith says:

Jesus u love the sound off your own voice

adventure gaming hq says:

-This Comment Is Crossed Out-

MrTacotime says:

Hes a fag

Orange Username says:

Why so many dislikes

Fiesty Taquito says:

Foursevens xm18 is a metric fuckton brighter and puts out 15000 lumens

bruce lee says:

cool video fuck the haters

Wench says:

this is all you chatting shit when we just wanna see some dark room being fkin lit like some fat 4×4 bassline

علي راشد says:

كيف بدي اشتري واحد للاردن

R. Hughes says:

SUPER LED LAMP….. Ahahaha!

John Luis says:

awesome review. You have fantastic energy, great editing, sub’d… looking forward to watching more of your videos

Matthew McDonald says:

Great videos. I just subscribed

J Martin says:

Yak yak yak.. All we wanna see is the light Jeff. Show us the light Jeff… Like a shepherd on a reeeeeally dark night!

rudi b says:

I like your toys behind you!

Foxy the pirate says:

You should have had a anti seizure Warning someone Chould have been hurt

Blythe Willden says:

would soaking your feet in hot water help when the meth is coming out the skin in painful crtsyals and the feet are hurting?

BigKahuna says:

You talk so much about the flashlight and then you don’t show yourself using it outdoors at night, you just show it inside a lit room, really? Maybe that’s what flashlights are made for.

Robert Sherry says:

For almost the same price I bought a Fenix RC40 that has a max of 6,000 lumens, charger is built in, has 5 brightness levels, great throw, not to much flood.. The draw backs. Needs a special battery (I bought an extra one). Run time is short at 6,000 lumens (60 min I think) but gets better as you go down to one of the lower settings. In other words, the less lumens the longer the battery life. Also came in a case, but not a nice silver one, just high impact plastic that has a molded carrying area for the light and accesories. When I have used this in front of a police officer I know, he is amazed at how bright it is “It’s brighter then my flood light” is just one of his comments.. So if you want to carry around your own personal sun (I’ve turned it on full during a clear day and I can still see the light on the ground, or whatever I point it at) which tells me it’s brighter then the sun at my location. So buy a used light that is much less powerful online or buy a new flashlight and have any amount of light you would probably ever need. It also has a strobe and SOS function. Just saying.. Thanks..

rekaksky says:

hahaha @00:11 i like the way you hold (edited) that lamp 🙂

Madcow Computer says:

Olight SR90 lm… still too low.
You have not tested the AceBeam X65 12000lm, AceBeam K70, Thrunite Tn42 & IMALENT DT70 16000LM Yet !!!

Dan theman says:

the Trunite TN42 is just as Bright and a Hell lot cheaper $180

Rick Piano says:

So does this thing work in the dark.i guess I’ll never know because there was no demonstration

looneyflight says:

watching in 2017 where you can get 10000LM for 60$

Bass 'n'Bluegill says:

Edison did not invent the lightbulb, He just improved the design of what eventually turned into today’s lightbulbs.


I own this flashlight. It is awesome.

huetubesux says:

Intimidator? Make it vibrate, then sell it in an adult store… Haha…

Barney Grumble says:

i would knock him out and shit in his mouth real shit

Thomas o'Malley says:

just show the goddamn light

Mr.Anime252 says:

give me that flash light if i ever end up in a horror game, i’ll just blind the shit out of my killer

mehdi Jillabi says:

dude you cant make jokes

Mike Tison says:

Fucking teeth are annoying AF!

Mr Gt says:

I wanted to say I use my smartphone but yeah…

thekeyboard warrior says:

you made the video more about you not the flashlight.. fucking douche

Crimea ball says:

shine it on ventablack

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