The Nitecore TUP Flashlight: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very interesting, very futuristic little light from Nitecore, the TUP.

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Lupică says:

I love Nitecore. Their Nu25 is incredible. You get 5hrs at 190lum. A high CRI flood, and a red light and it’s a head lamp. I have found non-headlamps flash lights to be utterly useless when you actually need a light. You can’t even pick up dog feces with a flashlight which makes it worthless. Let alone of you actually have to change a tire or something. Now I use them when working on dirt bikes at night even though my garage has good light. Makes it easy to see when adjusting valves and such. Although I don’t like non-headlamps I can appreciate that display!

Josh311 says:

“well, not quite” I’m dying over here!

Andrew Sheehan says:

So many dirty puns…… lol

L3001USPSA says:

Nick, you forgot to mention the glass breaker 😉

13irishsailors says:

Sorry but I didn’t understand any of your communist measurements. Maybe my freedom was a little to loud? It’s hard to keep my freedom quiet because I have soooo much of it!! Lol jk Nick thanks for the review!

yogililly1 says:

Not just a another black flashlight…. Available in gray, pics seen appears to be similar in color of Spyderco Chaparral FRN

DanRC ** says:

$70 for THAT? they must be on crack.
Most people could find a FAR superior torch for around $10 – $15

mozezfreek777 says:

I edc the nitecore 10k lumen tiny monster. I keep the high on 1000 so it doesn’t get too hot and drops to 300 lumen.

Brandon Boelter says:

review the rovy von aurora . you can thank me later.

thejackofclubs says:

my favorite flashlight is still the rofis t20.

C2welder says:

Over complicated flashlight.

MobiuSphere says:

I am a big fan of a separate mode button on my flashlights, and all my multimode lights have it. It really simplifies the interface.

Allen Aviation says:

Nick what would be a good upgrade to my streamlight microstream? I’ve carried it every day for a few years and it saves my butt at times but I’d like to try a chargeable light with a replaceable battery that’s also tiny like mine. I could go a bit bigger but not by much! THANKS!

John Counts says:

Suck it! imperial measurements. Lol

DizzyMAC 227 says:


Klaatu58 says:

Flashlights are cool but wish you’d stick to knives. They’re more in your wheelhouse.

Teamhonn says:

Seems kind of chunky and complicated to just carry in your pocket. Maybe in a get home bag it would be ok

mph seti says:

The METRIC SYSTEM?! My car gets four hundred furlongs to the hogshead and that’s the way I likes it!

Patrick Voet says:

To many engineers and not enough designers in the team.

Chris Weathers says:

“This might be right up (TUP) your alley.” Threw a pun in right at the end!

Logan babcock says:

Features are one thing, but if you focus solely on them, rather than make something that’s usable, it becomes less of a tool, and more of an annoyance.

The streamlight stylus pro is all anyone needs. on, off. nothing more, nothing less. Not really plugging it, but in comparison, it’s so much better.

Victor W says:


mph seti says:

I’d love to see a “best budget flashlight” video from you, Mr. Shabazz. By “budget” I mean <$30. Personally, I'm really tired of all these $60+ flashlights...

david marshall says:

Thing looks like a beeper from the ’80s.

Madman6505 says:

I’m all for innovation, but I think Nitecore would be more successful if they asked people what they wanted, instead of gambling on weird designs and questionable features.

Dean Albertson says:

Nick, I got that key chain flashlight you reviewed a while ago, and it has come in handy on many occasions. Thanks.

The Internet says:


crownglock says:

$86!!! No way… My NC TIP was only $17…

Brian F says:

Holy Crap Batman ,
I can barely remember my name most days , never mind all those settings …

Dario Duran says:

Hey Nick when are you going to get your hands on the cold steel American lawman

Wgg Wfg says:

Demo mode is quite useless unless you could set the time then that would have been neat

JS Krawz says:

Do you have any experience with MECARMY? Their ILLUMINEX lights look interesting…

Lets Bouncetrudeau2018 says:

My Olights are looking better every day it seems

Arbitrary Alias says:

I can see why someone might like the way the TUP fits in their hand if they we’re using it for going on a walk at night or maybe wanted to use it as a headlamp. But at that price point there are so many excellent options. Most people would be much happier with a traditional Fenix, or cheaper alternative. I’m also partial to 18650s.

Andrew mclinden says:

Why did you use imperial and not Delica units? Now I have no idea how big it is…

Update: I did the research and here are the results. This light is .371 X .1415 X .144 open delicas OR .23715 X .6216 X .242 closed delicas.

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