The Peak ‘Eiger’ Flashlight: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at an interesting light from Peak LED Solutions, , with some nice good peaks and some deep ugly valleys, the Eiger.


Drumdudeck says:

I bought one 4 years ago and agree with your assessment 100%. After owning many flashlights I say skip it.

Mari MS says:

Remove the QTC. It makes it better to use but a single mode

mark moore says:

Another good review by Nick Shitthebedz

Clinton Lewis says:

Good that it takes triple a battery and not ones thats hard to find.

John Spann says:

I’ve had the same experience with mine. They do have good customer service, though.

OcOmega Shadow says:

Really nice edc flashlight reviews!!!

JS Krawz says:

Rather have an Olight I3T EOS… $20…

Clinton Lewis says:

I prefer bigger lights.

John Arshad says:

nick.. you should look into emissar d4, titanium version.. nichia emitter

Han Liu says:

Omg I’ve been waiting for this review for years!

James Yuschik says:

Check out the klarus mi7ti

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

You know you’ve made it on the youtube when you get dislikes for no reason.

Cain Kopczynskie says:

Id like to see a best single battery light comparison

John 47 says:

$20 for an aftermarket clip? I don’t think so.

ElliotDrinksWater says:

Have you done a review for the Prometheus Beta QR?

Colin Maisonpierre says:

what’s the light at 10:23

Cole Constantinoff says:

Good review Nick! I bought this with the momentary button a few months ago and I agree with everything you said! I definitely have buyers remorse, I really want to love this light but…

Tucker Salley says:

Nick what’s you opinion on the Fischer Space Pen for field notes? Or what is your favorite pen for field notes?


Eagtac TI is my favourite edc also….. nichia version of course.

Matt Baker says:

Eiger Sanction great Clint Eastwood flick

Prestonscott536 says:

I’m looking at th olight I3T in copper, any thoughts?

TheKeystoneKid says:

The best EDC light for the money IMO is the Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA. So many shining examples of good lights out there, it’s easy for sub-par lights like this one to fade out quickly in people’s minds.

Precogvision says:

Hey Nick,
Great review and I agree with a lot of your sentiments. I have an aluminum model that doesn’t see much use for many of the reasons you pointed out. A few considerations and points if I may add for those considering purchasing the flashlight:
– The Eiger uses something called a QTC pill. The more pressure you apply, the more electricity is conducted hence the often finicky output. It’s worth noting that QTC allows for whisper low output, something that many other lights don’t have.
– I believe that the Prometheus clip gets in the way of the plunger, preventing you from accessing full output. I would probably go with one or the other given the choice.
– I’m a bit surprised by the difference in outputs between the Hi-CRI model and Cool White! But if you use a 10440 Li-Ion you can essentially more than double the brightness. This is pretty unique to QTC, as well, because it allows for such a varied voltage range like you said.
– One of the main selling point of this flashlight is actually its durability and reliability. There’s very little that can go wrong, and the QTC pill is easily replaceable.
– On that note, the electronics are also potted (sealed in epoxy) making the flashlight much more resistant to shock.
TL;DR The price on this flashlight is what it is for a reason. The potting, QTC, and choice of customization are unique to a flashlight of this size. It’s a bombproof AAA flashlight that appeals to a lot of flashlight geeks for the aforementioned. With that said, this flashlight probably isn’t for you if you don’t like QTC’s inherent foibles.

Teamhonn says:

Are there any small flash lights that have a lock off button? Nothing like looking down and seeing my pocket on. I use the Streamlight Microstream. Don’t care about having different light levels and such. I just want to turn it on, found what I have dropped generally the beer opener. Thanks.

Patrick L says:

For easy EDC, just get a Thrunite Ti3. $20.00 gets you 130 lumens max, three intensity levels including firefly, and your choice of cool white or neutral. Very reliable and if you lose it, no big deal. If you want to carry an additional light, say something for more tactical or “murdery” situations, then consider the Elzetta brand for their reliability.

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