The Thrunite Catapult 6 Flashlight: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to do a quicker review, looking at the Thrunite TC20’s very throwy brother, the Catapult 6.


pendulousphallus says:

The battery is a big sticking point for me. Unless you can pick up those batteries at the gas station or the hardware store, you have to remember to keep this charged up completely to use it for it’s intended purpose. Industry folks will not find this to be an issue, and I can see any police station or firehall filled with a half dozen or so of these continually charging in some supply closet. For most other folks, this is just another (very small) thing to have to remember to be on top of.

Rechargeable flashlights and batteries are great in terms of affordability and environmental impact. The option to throw something disposable as a power source is good design. Even the best rechargeable battery doesn’t have an infinite shelf life. Its charge will decrease over time (even when powered off) and its capacity will decrease with use. Tinfoil hat preppers won’t be sold because of this. Folks picking it up to throw in their closet until a power outage when it’s needed won’t be sold because of this.

Options are good. This clips your wings in terms of options. That’s a shame because the battery barrel is user accessible.

Brian Miller says:

Little guy…haha


Crummy kinds of batteries for us working people in the field who need to change batteries on the fly. I will stick with on the shelf batteries thanks.

dbmeed says:

Emisar D1S comparison when?

Nasohi says:

Very big torch

Jameson Cross says:

Did you try to switch heads of the flashlights? Looks like you could.

Tony Canniffe says:

Very, very big torch.

yogililly1 says:

Raccon in a tree…

Reminded me of Jerry Clower, Coon huntin story. Even has a flashlight in the story.

William Maurer says:

I own both of these Thrunite lights and they are both excellent flashlights. I will never buy another flashlight that isn’t usb rechargeable. The TC20 is my favorite too. I bought the Catapult 6 as a search & rescue light if ever needed. I don’t expect to have to buy another battery for either of these two flashlights (or have to dispose of any more batteries either).

MobiuSphere says:

“Catapult” is an absolutely fantastic name for a throwy flashlight! Kudos to Thrunite’s marketing department

mhacknix says:

Big torch

Dean Albertson says:

I prefer flashlights that take regular batteries, such as D, C, or AA.

Grayson Varchetto says:

It’s really too bad that the trebuchet is the superior siege weapon

Le Lemon says:

Should be named “the overcompensator 9000”

Jonny Parker says:

26650s are the way forward .

RN Mike says:

I don’t know Nick, it might be great for the grunion runs here in San Diego!

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