The Thrunite Neutron 2C Rechargeable Flashlight: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at an excellent, small, versatile, and USB-rechargeable light, the Thrunite Neutron 2C.

If you want to buy one (and support the channel), here’s an Amazon Link:


Michael Hernandez says:

Hey Nick, two things I wanted to point out for your review. First, at 5:23, you note the switch has a light on it, commenting “it’s fine I guess.” It sounds like you don’t know that the light in the switch functions as a voltage indicator for the battery. The light will change colors to give the user some indication about how much charge the battery has left. Second, and this one is time sensitive, the manufacturer has a coupon code (“2017XMAS”) that’s good through jan 5 for 20%, which makes this light an even better deal. Keep up the good work and happy new year!

Wyatt Skwermin says:

Please review the ZT 0850 with blue carbon fiber scales!! Please!! I really wanna hear your take on its design and functionality!! Love your videos nick keep it up!!!

OldPackMule says:

“If you are a mole person the .5 lumens will do it for you “. LOL.

Yeahman696 says:

Do a giveaway!!!!

J xcellent says:

Happy New Year Nick! I recently picked up the Emisar D4 3000+ lumens for $40 bucks. Turbo mode makes for a great hand warmer.


Great review, just bought one off the back of your recommendation, oh, and a TN42 while I was at it, so if you do a TN42 review any time please say its a gem or you’ll ruin me haha!

TheFlacker99 (Flak) says:

I need a flashlight that has:
-zoom function
-Multiple modes
-2 switches for mode and on/off (or memory function with 1 switch)
-18650 compatibility
Anyone know of a light with those features?

Jarrod Davis says:

That is nice. Olight m2r is my favorite. Double the price though.

Zak Wilson says:

A 3.7V “CR123” is actually an RCR123/16340 Li-ion, which you won’t find in a grocery store. This can also use an 18350 in the short configuration, which has a capacity up to 1100 mAh. That’s a lot more than a 16340, though still only about a third of the best 18650s.

Light quality is a bit of a weakness across Thrunite’s whole model line. Somebody should tell them about the Nichia 219C LED. You lose a couple lumens relative to an XP-L, but it’s so worth it.

franko3115 says:

Happy New Years @nickshabazz look forward to 2018 vids.

1GuysDumbOpinion says:

The only good flashlight I have is the mini maglite. Maybe it’s time to upgrade.

Landrew0 says:

You sounded a little surprised that they sent it to you after you said you would give it an honest review. I’m surprised that every reviewer doesn’t make that claim, because it’s the only credible stance to take in any review.

Maybe I’m not as cynical, but I’m only interested in honest reviews. I won’t name the channel, but one reviewer said: “I’m going to promote these products, because I have to make a living.” No excuse in my opinion.

TheMawsJawz TM says:

I am a mole person and I appreciate the firefly mode very much.

The final verdict tells only so much. It’s the final pun(s) that really tells you what you need to know.

RN Mike says:

P.S. Happy New Year!

JS Krawz says:

Man… I love everything about this light… Except… The light pattern!… Ugh… Good price… Good features… Love that you can convert it to a smaller light… I bet other manufacturers will copy that… Love the recharging port… It’s amazing how far flashlights have come in such a short period of time… Used to be that a MagLite with 4 Dcell batteries putting out around 250 lumens was the bomb not too long ago… Now my Olight S1 mini puts out 500 lumens and can easily fit in the coin pocket of my jeans… Progress I guess…

David Mayle says:

Very nice. Happy New Year.

C MJ says:

I had a TC12 that I loved, but it broke the first time I dropped it from a height of only three feet. I have done the same to my Olite and my other flash lights and they all work. So I don’t really trust these.

Alexander Binz says:

What was the name of the small silver light you used in size comparison? I can’t understand your accent sometimes, and with names it gets weird

Tony Hutton says:

Happy New Year Nick… 🙂

jacob manalang says:

finally a deep carry pocket clip! even though its not a rear clicky this is good

commandZee says:

Happy New Year!!!

Andy Richardson says:

Did you have the neutral or cool white version? With you on the charging – only getting chargeable lights now, especially for other people.

mickthepope says:

Hmmm, now that I’m thinking about my comment, it was probably one of your previous videos that pointed out this shortcoming regarding a black finish for flashlights. I guess it’s really true that “what goes around, comes around” heeeeee.

RN Mike says:

Good light, but I have to say I still prefer the Olight, it’s durability and it’s charger. More expensive, buy worth it IMHO. Thanks for the review Nick.

Stoney Lonsome says:

I really like this light- the ability to use different battery sizes is a really good idea- but they should’ve taken it a bit further I think. Make it use at least three different sizes- like the 14500 which is in between the two it already uses in length but also 3.7 V. I hate having to own all these different batteries and chargers and stuff- it gets old quickly. Especially when you’re in a tight and your buddies batteries won’t fit your light.

Le Lemon says:

Im not even interested in flashlights… I just love your voice

Tamás Horváth says:

Happy new year Nick 😀

mickthepope says:

A black finish on lights is the most common finish, but seems like the worst choice for a tool that is often used in the dark. Probably a question of production cost. Would like to see, at least, a part of the exterior that has a luminous quality so that if you put it down when off it can been seen.

Ekybob says:

You light up my life Nick! Happy New Year, random jackass.

Mitchell Swartzendruber says:

Happy New year Nick.

Darkfeign says:

Micro USB in 2018… c’mon manufacturers.

Stutterin` Bob says:

How many Microsoft programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
None, they declare darkness to be the new standard.

Lothar VonPittinsberg says:

Nick, I suggest you try turning off any auto-contrast settings on your camera for light reviews. When you are turning on all the lights to give a sense of the difference, you can see the background change. Otherwise, lovely review as ever.

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